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NFL Predictions- 2010 Week 4
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2010 NFL Predictions- Week 4

Right back in the dumper last week with a 9-7 record SU and 7-9 ATS. I've moved on to using this years stats from this point forward. Current record is 28-20 SU and 21-27 ATS.

FALCONS (-6.5) over 49'ers- Nobody can really explain what is going on with San Francisco right now, but they are hideous on the road. Could Atlanta have a letdown week after a win against the Saints? Possible, but they have been a strong home team for some time now so its probably safe to predict a big win here. Falcons 36 49'ers 7

Jets (-5.5) over BILLS- Buffalo has gotten off to a terrible start. They have no offense and no defense, while the Jets look to have both this season. Should not be close. Jets 33 Bills 10

BROWNS (+3.5) over Bengals- The Bengals gave every opportunity to the Panthers last week to win that game but Carolina just continued to shoot themselves in the foot at every chance. Browns have been in every game this season and have a good chance to win this one outright. Browns 23 Bengals 21

PACKERS (-14.5) over Lions- Give the Lions credit for at least being a game opponent this year. They are onto their backup QB, but the team certainly has not quit and is trying hard to start the franchise on the road to recovery. That said, Green Bay is just an offensive powerhouse and its unlikely the Lions can keep up. Packers 31 Lions 16

SAINTS (-13.5) over Panthers- Do the Saints look like the same team as last season? No, but the Panthers look like last years Rams. If the Saints do not win this game going away then the Super Bowl jinx is likely going to really bring the New Orleans season down. Saints 26 Panthers 10

STEELERS (-1.5) over Ravens- Despite a 2-1 record Baltimore has really struggled this season. They easily could be 0-3. To their credit they found ways to win those games, but right now are struggling with an offensive identity as QB Joe Flacco does not look to be completely at ease this year. Pittsburgh's defense is dominant right now and the Ravens may have problems just getting onto the board. Steelers 20 Ravens 6

Seahawks (-0.5) over RAMS- A hard game to really measure because Seattle has been a Jekyll and Hyde team with the home away splits. Seattle is a better team and has played better this season, but it would not be a stunner if they lost this game. Seahawks 19 Rams 16

TITANS (-6.5) over Broncos- Denver is simply a bad football team. They have nothing of merit to throw out there and their star rookie, Tim Tebow, is progressing very slowly. Tennessee is an opportunistic team with no QB. The question will be if they can win with Vince Young when they play real teams. Titans 24 Broncos 13

Colts (-7.5) over JAGUARS- Jacksonville usually plays the Colts tough, but they look like a team that has already given up. They should have fired the coach last year, but instead they will soon be allowing the coach to insert Trent Edwards into the starting role. Its going to be a long season. Colt 34 Jaguars 10

RAIDERS (+3.5) over Texans- Texans defense is so bad that this game actually looks to be very close if Houston plays to their norms from this season. Houston should win, the question is by how much. Oakland plays much more inspired when Bruce Gradkowski is at the helm. Texans 31 Raiders 28

EAGLES (-6.5) over Redskins- Interesting to see how Donovan McNabb is received in Philly. I think it could be brutal as the fans have been waiting to boo him for years now. The bloom is certainly off the Redskins rose while the Eagles are flying high behind QB Mike Vick. Eagles have too much for Washington. Eagles 27 Redskins 19

CHARGERS (-8.5) over Cardinals- San Diego is home and that is really all that needs to be said about this game. Chargers 30 Cardinals 16

Bears (+3.5) over GIANTS- Maybe the odds makers know something nobody else does because I cant understand how the Giants can be favored. They are so mistake prone and play so sloppy that it is impossible to predict them to win. Maybe the Giants turn things around and the early season magic runs out for Chicago, but statistically this is the Bears game. Bears 28 Giants 17

DOLPHINS (+0.5) over Patriots- Tough game to call and the numbers do not really point in any direction so Ill rely on last years splits and give Miami the nod because they are home. Last year Miami was strong at home while the Pats were weak on the road. Dolphins 27 Patriots 24

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