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NFL Predictions- 2010 Week 2
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2010 NFL Predictions- Week 2

A “stellar” start to the season last week as I went a disastrous 7-9 and an even worse 5-11 ATS. Still using last years rankings as a basis for the predictions, so we will see if things start moving back to form or new patterns are already emerging.

PANTHERS (-2.5) over Buccaneers- A tough game to call since Carolina was a bad home team last year and Tampa was not awful on the road. Carolina has questions at QB this week, but they were in last weeks game until they ran out of gas so they should win here. Panthers 20 Bucs 16

BENGALS (+1.5) over Ravens- Baltimore was lucky to win the game last week and should have been blown out if their opponent had decent offensive play. Bengals were run out of Foxboro, but they are a totally different team at home. Bengals outright in a minor upset. Bengals 17 Ravens 15

Chiefs (+1.5) over Browns- Kansas City used a great home field to stun the Chargers in week 1 but wont have that advantage on the road. Luckily for them they are playing the Eric Mangini Browns who threw a game away last week in Tampa. A loss this week and Mangini might not last the season. Chiefs 21 Browns 19

FALCONS (-6.5) over Cardinals- Arizona is just hard to base on last year because they lost the great QB and replaced him with a journeyman. Last year the Cardinals would have won a game like this but I have to guess now it wont be close. Falcons 24 Cardinals 10

PACKERS (-13.5) over Bills- It is a ridiculous early season line, but the word on the street is that the Bills are that bad. Packers should have no trouble winning, it is just a question on if they cover or not. Packers 27 Bills 13

COWBOYS (-7.5) over Bears- Who knows what happened to Dallas last week. The offensive line is bad but there was no reason to lose to the Redskins and once again they have nobody to blame but Wade Phillips. Chicago was the same garbage team as last year and if things do not get better the Jay Cutler bandwagon is going to grow pretty small. Cowboys big. Cowboys 30 Bears 9

Eagles (-4.5) over LIONS- Detroit just can not catch a break and now it looks like their promising young QB is going to be an injury prone player that can never stay healthy. Now they turn to Shaun Hill, a move that likely carries no positives. Eagles 31 Lions 14

Steelers (+5.5) over TITANS-Dennis Dixon led the Steelers to a surprising victory in a score that was similar to what a Roethlisberger led team would have accomplished. Maybe the downgrade isn't as bad as I thought, at least short term. Titans should win, but its a lot of points to cover by. Titans 23 Steelers 20

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Dolphins- Last year the Vikings averaged more than 17 points per game than their opponents at home. Miami stunk on the road. As long as Brett Favre has the rusty arm oiled up this has the makings of a wipeout. Vikings 30 Dolphins 13

RAIDERS (-3.5) over Rams- You know its bad when you are more than a 3 point dog to the Oakland Raiders. St. Louis did show some good things last week, but it will be much harder to do it on the road. Raiders 14 Rams 9

BRONCOS (-3.5) over Seahawks- Is Seattle really good or are the 49'ers that bad? I guess this week will tell. Denver we know is a bad team, but it is a hard place to play, especially for a team that is probably still basking in the glow of last weeks upset win. Broncos 27 Seahawks 14

Texans (-3.5) over REDSKINS- Gotta give credit to the Redskins defense last week, but they had no business winning that football game. Dononvan McNabb looked like he had not played with the team and should improve now that he got serious game action, but it wont be enough to combat the high scoring Texans. Only worry for Houston is if they have a major letdown, but Washington should be in the same boat. Texans 23 Redskins 13

CHARGERS (-7.5) over Jaguars- San Diego can not be as bad as they looked last week. If they come up lame again the only person to blame is Norv Turner whose teams seem to always start slow. The Jaguars won against a bad Broncos team last week. Can they repeat? I doubt it. Chargers 31 Jaguars 14

JETS (+1.5) over Patriots- New England was a dominant home team in 2009. On the road? Far from it. It is funny to see everyone jumping on the Patriots bandwagon after they simply did exactly what they did last year at home. This is the week they prove if there is a difference. Defensively the Jets looked very good only giving up 10 points to the Ravens Jets 20 Patriots 14

Giants (+5.5) over COLTS- The stats indicated to almost always pick against the Colts at home last year so Ill go with that again this season. If WR Hakeem Nicks can duplicate his huge performance the Giants have a good chance to win a track meet type of game. Colts 35 Giants 31

49'ERS (+4.5) over Saints- Couple of things to look for in this game. Were the 49ers simply looking ahead last week or are they really overrated. Is there a hangover to the Saints offense or was last week just signs of a team not really in full football mode. San Francisco was a different team at home last year and should make a big difference this week, allowing the game to stay close. Saints 24 49'ers 20

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