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NFL Predictions- 2010 Week 15
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2010 NFL Predictions- Week 15

11-5 in both categories last week to bring the records to 118-90 and 97-111 before the win on Thursday.

CHARGERS (-8.5) over 49'ers- If San Diego does not stub its toe and wins the division they will be a really tough out in the playoffs. Chargers 30 49'ers 10

Saints (+2.5) over RAVENS- New Orleans is nothing like last years team but could win a game in the playoffs. Ravens are wildly overrated, even at home. Saints 23 Ravens 21

Cardinals (+2.5) over PANTHERS- How is Carolina favored over anybody? Maybe the feeling is Arizona lets down after a win. I cant even believe the children of the players want to watch this game. Cardinals 23 Panther 17

Browns (+1.5) over BENGALS- Very tough game to call, but the Bengals always seem to get in their own way and the Browns take advantage of those situations pretty well. Browns 21 Bengals 20.

Redskins (+6.5) over COWBOYS- Maybe I'll regret this, but how much more ineffective can Rex Grossman be than Donovan McNabb? When the Eagles are willing to cut ties with a player it's almost a guarantee that they are finished. Dallas' defense allows the Skins to get a cover here. Cowboys 29 Redskins 24

Jaguars (+5.5) over COLTS- Jets fans will be pulling for Jacksonville but this will be a tough game for them to win outright. Indianapolis has so many flaws and the Jaguars always play well against them, but Indy is still a tough home out. Colts 27 Jaguars 24

Bills (+5.5) over DOLPHINS- This game is going to be close. Miami has no offense, specifically at home. The winner will be decided by who plays up to their norms. If Miami plays at their low level they will lose the game. If the Bills play at their low defensive level Miami will put up a bunch of points and win. Either way the points are the way to go. Lets go with the Bills. Bills 24 Dolphins 14

Eagles (+2.5) over GIANTS- This looks to be a very close game, but the Giants have not played great in the new stadium and the Eagles do seem to have their number. New York is the more mistake prone team which should make the difference. Eagles 30 Giants 27

RAMS (-1.5) over Chiefs- This is a huge game for the Chiefs. If they lose odds are they will not make the playoffs. Win and they have a good chance. Rams are a good story and deserve to win the awful West. Rams 23 Chiefs 19

Lions (+6.5) over Buccaneers- Forget Tampa's record. They are a terrible home team and are being outscored by nearly 6 points a game on their home turf. The Lions never win on the road, but at the very least should be a live dog again this week. Buccaneers 21 Lions 20

TITANS (-1.5) over Texans- Had Tennessee managed the clock better at the end of last weeks game they would have at least had a chance to knock off the Colts. One of these weeks they should actually win a game and why not break their 6 game losing streak by beating the equally disappointing Texans? Titans 29 Texans 23

SEAHAWKS (+6.5) over Falcons- This is a game I hate to pick because the numbers say Seattle should cover the game, but they never play anywhere near the numbers at home. They either win by 20 or lose by 20. That's makes me afraid because they sure are not beating Atlanta by 20. Maybe the Falcons take a breather after a big stretch of road games. Falcons 26 Seahawks 20

RAIDERS (-6.5) over Broncos- Well that coaching changed sure helped, didn't it? Raiders keep their slim chances alive with a win over the Tebow led Broncos. Raiders 28 Broncos 16

STEELERS (-6.5) over Jets- I hate doing this but the Steelers defense at home is hold teams to 8 points below their seasonal road averages. That does not bode well for an offense that is sputtering right now. Steelers 26 Jets 16

Packers (+9.5) over PATRIOTS- This game sure has lost a lot of its luster with QB Aaron Rodgers most likely out for Green Bay, but its not like they were productive on the road with him anyway. Their defense might be the best in the NFL which means they should be able to keep this close enough. Patriots 24 Packers 17

Bears (-1.5) over VIKINGS- Vikings have no QB and now have to go play out in weather that Chicago should be better prepared to play in, though that did not look like the case last week. Bears caught a big break with the Packers injuries and a win here should clinch things for the Bears. Bears 17 Vikings 10

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