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NFL Predictions- 2010 Week 13
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2010 NFL Predictions- Week 13

Wow was last week bad. 6-10 SU and 5-11 ATS to bring the records to 97-79 and 60-96. Its been a rough year.

Texans (+7.5) over EAGLES- Two higher scoring teams should make for a fun Thursday night game. Texans usually keep most games, especially on the road within a score while the Eagles home differential is less than 3 this year. Philly does from time to time blow teams out, but more often than not its close. Eagles 31 Texans 27

Saints (-6.5) over BENGALS- Normally the Bengals would at least get the advantage of having extra time to prepare than their opponent, but they don’t even get that lucky this time around. Saints have been playing much better, though they allowed Dallas to nearly take the game last week, but Cincy looks to have packed it in for the year. Saints 28 Bengals 17

Bears (-3.5) over LIONS- This is a very hard game to call because it looks like the Lions are falling apart and are now down to Drew Stanton at QB. Stanton is horrible though one would think the Lions paa rush will make this hard on Jay Cutler. Bears 24 Lions 13

PACKERS (-9.5) over 49’ers- Packers will be out for blood after last weeks hard loss to the Falcons and will take it out on a San Francisco team that just lost their best offensive player. Packers big. Packers 31 49’ers 10

CHIEFS (-8.5) over Broncos- It is a wild situation in Denver right now with the coach and ownership. Clearly he is not going to last past this season and one more embarrassing moment and he might go sooner. Chiefs are out for revenge in this game. Chiefs 29 Broncos 9

Browns (+4.5) over DOLPHINS- Not only have the Dolphins been a bad home team this year, but with the Jets on deck you know they are looking ahead. Cleveland at the least in competitive and if you overlook them they will win. Browns 21 Dolphins 19

Bills (+6.5) over VIKINGS- The Bills play so hard every week and just cant get those wins that they should and you wonder if one week they just have a no show game, but they have to know if they show up this week they should win. Minnesota’s quick winning streak ends at 1. Bills 21 Vikings 19

Redskins (+7.5) over GIANTS- Giants just are not playing good football and the Redskins are going to at least try to get back into the divisional race with a win. It is hard to see them losing by 7 and it would not be a surprise if they win outright. Giants 21 Redskins 19

TITANS (-2.5) over Jaguars- Kerry Collins should get the start which should put the team back on track with an actual pro QB behind center. Jacksonville is better than most thought they would be, but they still are not a great team by any means. Titans 24 Jaguars 20

CHARGERS (-12.5) over Raiders- San Diego is the best team in the NFL right now. Whether that continues in the playoffs is another matter entirely, but for right now they are going to put a hurting on teams.

CARDINALS (+2.5) over Rams- Arizona looked like they gave up last week, but that cant continue. There is still too much talent on that team to be that bad at home. Rams are an improving team, but I just think this will be a tough one for them after such a hard game last week. Cardinals 24 Rams 21

COLTS (-5.5) over Cowboys- Indianapolis is beat up and looked awful last week, but Dallas is not the class of team that can do that to Peyton Manning. Expect a workmanlike win for Manning this week. Colts 24 Cowboys 16

SEAHAWKS (-5.5) over Panthers- Seattle either wins big or loses big. Carolina is a bad team so expect the big win. Seattle 30 Panthers 13

Falcons (-2.5) over BUCCANEERS- You know Tampa will play hard, but Atlanta is a different class of team. The only thing that could have Atlanta losing this game is if there is a hangover from the Packers win last week. Falcons 26 Buccaneers 16

Steelers (+2.5) over RAVENS- I think both teams are kind of floundering right now despite the good records. The Ravens no longer have the home field they have had in the past and they will probably make a mistake to lose the game. Steelers 23 Ravens 20

Jets (+3.5) over PATRIOTS- Super hard game to call as the stats basically say this is a dead even 24-24 type of game. This is aJets site so we will predict them to win, but either way they should be within 3. Jets 26 Patriots 24 RSS Subscription Twitter