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NFL Predictions- 2010 Week 10
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2010 NFL Predictions- Week 10

Updated the rest of the games after a win on Thursday night. At least I wont go winless on the week. Last week we went 11-2 straight up and 7-6 ATS. Season records are now 76-54 and 61-69 not counting the Falcons game.

FALCONS (-1.5) over Ravens- Atlanta let me down last week when they allowed the Bucs to get back into the game but they are an extremely good home team that will be matching up against a Ravens team that is not getting the job done, specifically on offense. The AFC is the better conference, but the Ravens are not an elite team, despite what most people believe about them. Falcons 23 Ravens 16

BEARS (+1.5) over Vikings- My head says Minnesota since they are the more talented team and Jay Cutler is so mistake prone, but the numbers say otherwise. Vikings are being outscored by 7 points a game away from home and have yet to win. Chicago at the very least stays within a field goal every week. Until the Vikings prove they can win close away from home go with Chicago. Bears 20 Vikings 19

Lions (+2.5) over BILLS- This is a line based solely on the fact that the Lions never win away from home and have the Lions name attached to them. The Bills play hard and have lost each of their last three games by a field goal, but they don't have the firepower to match up this week. Lions 28 Bills 20

Jets (-3.5) over BROWNS- The Jets have overcome sloppy play in two of the last three weeks and the Browns are no better than the other teams they have beaten so you know the Jets have a good shot regardless of how bad they play. If they play for 60 minutes it wont even be close. Jets 21 Browns 16

COLTS (-7.5) over Bengals- We have seen this story this year before. The Colts lose on the road and then win by double digits at home the following week. No reason to think that should change this week, though the Bengals do have a habit of making late runs to possibly screw up the point spread. Colts 34 Bengals 14

Texans (+1.5) over JAGUARS- A super important game for the Texans who are in danger of falling far behind in the playoff chance in a year where everything banks on them making it. Strange situation here where both teams play awful at home and good on the road, meaning Houston should have the big upper hand. Texans 33 Jaguars 17

Titans (-0.5) over DOLPHINS- I guess there is just no respect for the Titans this week, who are basically pick em against a bad Miami team that never wins at home. Maybe Chad Pennington makes the difference, but unless he makes a huge change to the team expect this to be a blowout. Titans 31 Dolphins 16

Carolina (+6.5) over Buccaneers- Raheem Morris finally admits that his Bucs are not the best team in the NFC. After this game maybe he admits they are one of the worst. Panthers in an upset. Panthers 19 Buccaneers 16

Chiefs (-0.5) over BRONCOS- The Chiefs have not looked as good in the last two games as they did early in the year, but Denver looks like a team that has given up. They had the bye week to think things over, but do they even care at this point? Probably not. Chiefs 27 Broncos 19

CARDINALS (-3.5) over Seahawks- Seattle can't be as bad as they have looked the last two weeks can they? Maybe. Pure home/away pick here. Cardinals 34 Seahawks 16

Cowboys (+14.5) over GIANTS- Well they finally got Wade out in Dallas, but will it make that big of a difference? Doubtful, but this point spread is gigantic for a divisional game against a team that has not won any home game by 15 points. Giants 24 Cowboys 13

49'ERS (-5.5) over Rams- If San Francisco has any dreams of getting back into the hunt in the awful AFC West they have to win this game. Rams still struggling too much on the road to see them winning here. 49'ers 21 Rams 10

STEELERS (-4.5) over Patriots- Major dud last week by the Patriots and now they face a very tough team at home. Patriots definitely have a chance, but it won't be easy. Steelers defense should be too much. Steelers 23 Patriots 16

Eagles (-3.5) over REDSKINS- Washington was lucky to win the last time and has all kinds of internal problems with QB Donovan McNabb being sent to the bench in their last game. Eagles had a big win last week and it will translate to another win this week. Eagles 26 Redskins 20

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