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Post Game Thoughts- Jets vs Bills

Pretenders. There is no other way to describe this group of guys. They just lost to Dick Jauron, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the awful Buffalo Bills at home. A team that had given up on the coach and the season just came into our building and took away any good memories we had about this season. There are no excuses for that. The Jets talk too much from the coach on down and for the third week in a row they got shut up.


I donít think I have ever seen a worse game by a QB than what we saw from Mark Sanchez. He could not handle the cold. He could not throw through the wind. His pocket presence was miserable taking big losses when the team could not afford to do so. The mechanics were terrible and his body language was so bad coming off the field. He looked like a high schooler out there. The crowd was turning bad on him and that is one of the problems about raising expectations and having a rookie play the game. Unless things improve he is going to get an earful the next two home games after which point there may not be much of a crowd to watch the games. I donít know what the deal is with Dustin Keller. He was another one with awful body language. Sanchez was trying to force the ball to him and he and Keller were just never on the same page. This is becoming a nightmare second season for the young tight end. Braylon Edwards did not have the greatest stat line, but the guy is a freak out there. He probably saved Sanchez from at least two more interceptions. Stellar games for Thomas Jones and Leon Washington. Best running game I have ever seen by a Jets tandem. Not only did the two guys find the opening but they were able to make moves to kick the safety and break big gainers. It is hard to believe a team could run for 300 yards and lose but they did. The penalties by the linemen were killer. You had offsides calls and again Brick was the culprit one time. Alan Faneca missed a few blocks. Ben Hartsock had the most costly penalty of the game when a holding call completely changed a game that the Jets looked to have won. A lot of fans were upset when the preseason folks said the Jets line as around 10th in the NFL. After six games its hard to argue that fact. They are not consistent enough or smart enough to be any better than that.


Right now the Jets have to hope that whatever injury Kris Jenkins suffered is not season ending. He was slowly walking around on his own and was able to get into the locker room without a cart, but this would be a devastating blow. From the way they were working on the knee it looked like at least a meniscus tear which can not be good since usually that is accompanied by something worse. You cant blame the Jets defense too much for today, but they gave up 16 points to the second worse offense in the NFL who was forced to use their backup QB early in the game. I think after six games we can say the Jets have a good but not a great defense. It is clear from watching them play that they only have three players that truly stand out as really above average talent- Kris Jenkins, David Harris, and Darrelle Revis. They really need to find an individual pass rusher. Vernon Gholston is likely never filling that role. Teams are figuring out ways to scheme around the defense and the team is going to have to cook up something different especially if Jenkins is out in the future. The purpose of the defense is to create turnovers and they just are not doing that at all. Revis did an excellent job on TO today. Owens is a total diva and looks done. Every time there was a break in the action he had a guy come off the sidelines and put a jacket on him. I understand it was cold on the field, but that was ridiculous. Kerry Rhodes continue to basically make no impact at all and Lito Sheppard did not distinguish himself in his return. He missed a few tackles today. Again, you donít want to put much blame on these guys but they clearly are not playing great football.

Special Teams

An absolute nightmare. Iím not even sure where to start. The Jets return game has become a non factor. I donít know if this is due to the new rules or the fact that Leon is getting more workload in the offense, but this is no longer an advantage for the Jets. If it really is simply due to the extra work Leon gets then they should sign Justin Miller and let him return kickoffs. Still that was the least of the Jets concerns today.

I said two weeks ago they should have cut Steve Weatherford. The guy is a bum. I understand it was tough to kick in the wind today, but twice he could not get his coverage crew there in time. He flubbed the snap on the potential game winning kick and had nothing to do with the ball when he quickly decided it was time to throw a pass. The penalties on this side of the ball were beyond awful. Every time there was a punt I swear there was a hold. You want to find a roster spot for Miller look no further than James Ihedigbo who I believe was thrown out of the game for throwing a punch at a guy without a helmet. You like him, how about Ahmad Carroll who looked like a revolving door on some of those kick coverages. Even on one of the field goal attempts they had to call an extra time out due to the Jets having 12 guys on the field to block a chip shot kick. Jay Feely got into the act and got rushed to end the half and finally missed a kick. Just a total failure at every level.


I donít want to hear any more from Rex Ryan and his big mouth. I donít want to hear about how Joe Flacco was awful and the Baltimore Ravens won. I donít want to hear about how his Ravens defenses make the other team remember who they played on Monday morning. There are the New York Jets. These are not the Baltimore Ravens and you were never the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. The last two weeks he has looked over his head as head coach of this team. Wasted time outs and strange play calls. He just about hung Feely out to dry at the end of the first half with the way they managed the clock. I donít understand the logic in blowing a time out just to call a play on 4th down that gets you a delay of game and makes your kicker have to kick from 5 yards back. I donít get how you challenge a play towards the end of the game that is going to maybe net you 10 yards at best but likely will not be overturned. When you make a decision that you are going on a 4th and 4 because of where you are on the field how do you not just call two runs? It made no sense. Worst of all he never seemed to get the team to refocus following that Miami loss. This was a totally undisciplined group out there today with tons of mental errors at every step.

And lets not let ďSchottyĒ off the hook here. The guy basically calls all the plays and when you realize your QB can not play you can not allow him to continue to throw the ball. Not when you are running for 300 yards. This wasnít that the Jets could not run and were forced to pass. This was the Jets running at will, but Schottenheimer still wanting to throw the ball despite having 1 WR and suspect pass protectionThe tried to attack deep on a team that only protects deep. . It was just lunacy. Even after the Hartsock penalty a 50 yard kick into the wind would have been tough. The way the running game was going why not just try one more run. Odds are you will pick up at least 6 with the Bills in a zone on a 3rd and 13. Worse of all I donít think I ever saw a coach go over to Sanchez when he was just shot and talking to him or the offense to try to pick them up.


What an awful football game. That was worse than the 2007 season ender against the Chiefs. If the Bills were a good football team they would have won by 30 points. The Jets were given every opportunity to win the game and found every possible way to lose the game. With a trip out West I donít even know how they recover. Maybe the trip into the warmth does wonders for Sanchez, but there is little to be hopeful about. The Jets have pretty much put themselves in the spot where everyone thought they would be at the start of the season and they no longer look like a playoff team.

When people looked back on the Eric Mangini era they said the worst thing that could have happened to the team was the 2006 season which changed the project from rebuilding to compete now and saw the Jets make some moves which saw the team take a step back in 2007. I think the same thing happened here with the first three wins of the season. Expectations changed and its bad for the team. The team morale is now in the gutter and fan morale is way low. It is going to be very hard for Sanchez to put the criticism out of his head and play football. Fans would have expected lousy play from him and mediocre results if those first three did not happen. If the Jets were 3-3 with wins against the Titans, Dolphins, and Bills thee would be an entirely different feel to the season than what there is today. But the fact is they were 3-0 with a win against the Patriots and they expected and told us to expect to win the division. It looks like a pipe dream.

The Jets better regroup fast for the game next week. A loss to Oakland would pretty much be a season ender. You can lose, as the Eagles did today, by going into Oakland overconfident. The Jets clearly do not have the talent to take anyone lightly. If Miami did not serve as a wakeup all it is hard to believe that this game did. Watching certain players walk off the field tonight you got the idea that this was not a together group. It looked like there was going to be a lot of pointing fingers once they got into the locker room. They better get that out of their systems before next week. If they donít expect another gut wrenching loss to a team the Jets should beat. Go Jets!