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NFL Predictions- Week 8

There is nothing left to say at this point. The stench coming from my picks each week is unbearable. I was almost tempted to pick the games and then go opposite every one of my selections since Iíve been so bad this year. Iíd be thrilled with a 500 week just to stop the bleeding. Itís definitely a good thing I donít bet as Iíd be down a fortune this year. Maybe things begin to balance out soon....

EAGLES (-8.5) over Falcons- When Atlanta loses they lose big and when the Eagles win they win big, so the points might not mean a ton in this game. Falcons have had trouble away from home and this is a game the Eagles must have to keep pace in the NFC East. Eagles 24 Falcons 10

PANTHERS (-4.5) over Cardinals- Interesting matchup between two of the better teams in the conference. Carolina completely shut down the Saints last weekend and have been an extremely good team at home while the Cardinals have had their problems away from Arizona. Panthers 33 Cardinals 17

Bills (-1.5) over DOLPHINS- This could be the final hurrah for the Dolphins in the AFC East as a loss would be crushing to their chances. Miami has been very good in spots where nobody expects them to win, but maybe the Bills are not as much of a fraud as I have thought. Bills close it out late. Bills 21 Dolphins 14

JETS (-12.5) over Chiefs- A terrible spot for the Chiefs who should be walking into a death trap in the Meadowlands on Sunday. The Jets may not be a good team, but the Chiefs often look like they do not even belong in the NFL. Jets 38 Chiefs 6

RAVENS (-6.5) over Raiders- Baltimore playing at home always equals bonus points for the team. It will be hard to imagine Oakland playing turnover free football two weeks in a row. Perfect game for the Ravens to run all day and hide their young QB. Ravens 23 Raiders 9

PATRIOTS (-6.5) over Rams- St. Louis is playing better football, but it will still take more for me to be convinced that a change in coach somehow fixed a team that has so many holes on the roster. They will give an effort, but Belichick will counter them at every turn. Patriots have to guard against a letdown this week.
Patriots 27 Rams 14

SAINTS (+3.5) over Chargers- Figuring the Chargers out gets tougher and tougher every week, but right now they simply do not play well away from home. New Orleans does not play well outside of New Orleans, but should be desperate this week as they are in danger of putting playoff hopes on life support early in the season for the second straight year. Saints bounce back from their disappointment last week and win outright.
Saints 27 Chargers 20

Buccaneers (+3.5) over COWBOYS- Itís hard to imagine but you can make a case that the Bucs are the best team in the NFC right now. They play great defense and the offense finds a way to get the job done every week. Dallas looks totally lost and Wade Phillips is not the coach to come up with answers. Itís not crazy to think he wonít last the season. Bucs with the minor upset. Bucs 27 Cowboys 24

LIONS (+7.5) over Redskins- Very tough game to predict. Redskins usually seem to put up more points away from home, but 7.5 is a tough number for them to cover against anyone. For the last few years they seem to always win by less than 7. Detroit has shown some signs of life since the Jon Kitna era ended, so maybe they cover. Redskins 24 Lions 17

Browns (+7.5) Over JAGUARS- You have to give Cleveland some credit. For a bad team that could have quit, they keep playing hard for their coach at least on defense. Jacksonville has underachieved all year, but should win a close one to move to 4-3. Jaguars 23 Lions 19

Bengals (+9.5) over TEXANS- Houston lets me down every week so odds are that means they will actually cover this time since I am finally picking against them. The Bengals are no good, but were right in their game against the Steelers last week before imploding in the 4th quarter and we all know Houston plays no defense leaving the backdoor wide open for a cover or the possible win. Texans 28 Bengals 20

STEELERS (-2.5) over Giants- The featured game of the week is either going to be a very close contest between two good teams or a blowout for the Steelers. NY did not play well last week and if not for a late safety would not have covered the game. That team has always gone in cycles for Tom Coughlin and right now looks to be a down cycle. Pittsburgh is always a terror at home. Steelers 23 Giants 17

49íERS (-4.5) over Seahawks- San Francisco has to cover one of these weeks donít they? Seahawks are terrible and if the new coaching staff can limit the 49íers turnovers they might be able to win a few games before the season is all over and done with. 49íers 28 Seahawks 14

TITANS (-3.5) over Colts- The Colts sure fooled me with that win against the Ravens. It is impossible to predict them week by week and they have all the makings of a 0.500 team this year. Tennessee is just playing lights out on defense and is wearing teams out with their ground game. It is hard to see them 7-0, but it is equally hard to see them losing on their home turf to this Colts team. Titans 23 Colts 13