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NFL Predictions- Week 7

Much like the stock market Iím in a terrible tailspin right now when it comes to these picks. 2 weeks ago was bad and last week was worse. Im hoping I have hit rock bottom as this is the worst stretch I have ever had guessing the outcomes of these games. Im not sure if its possible to go 0-16, but I wouldnt bet against that with the way my luck is going.

DOLPHINS (-2.5) over Ravens- Was that a glimpse of the real Colts or the real Ravens last week? Something tells me it was the real Ravens pulling their usual no-shows away from home. Miami lost a heartbreaker and will need to win this week to keep pace with the rest of their division. Dolphins 16 Ravens 7

COWBOYS (-6.5) over Rams- Dallas is reeling, but there is no reason why they should lose to a Rams team that is probably still celebrating their first win of the season last week. Dallas has too many weapons and can bring too much pressure to not cover this one. Cowboys 31 Rams 13

BEARS (-2.5) over Vikings- You can probably say both teams were caught looking ahead last week, causing the Bears to lose and the Vikings to nearly lose to the Lions. Chicago is the better team right now on both sides of the football and they should win a tough game as long as they protect the football. Bears 20 Vikings 14

PANTHERS (-2.5) over Saints- I don't know what happenned to Carolina last week, but I think taking the home team in the South is looking to be a better and better pick every week. New Orleans needs to start winning on the road if they want to stay in the race. Panthers 27 Saints 20

Steelers (-9.5) over Bengals- Without Carson Palmer the Bengals are just a dreadful team to watch. 9.5 is a huge number for Pittsburgh to cover away from home, but with a week to get healthy this is the perfect time to win big on the road against a team that just canít do anything on offense with Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Steelers 20 Bengals 10

Chargers (-0.5) over BILLS- Tough game to call. Every time you think San Diego turns a corner they go and struggle against teams like the Raiders and the Dolphins. Chargers have had problems away from home and the Bills are a very good home team, but something tells me the Bills are a fraud at 4-1. A win here puts the Chargers in a spot to run away with the West. Chargers 28 Bills 24

49ers (+10.5) over GIANTS- There is no way the Giants flub another game like they did last week in Cleveland. San Francisco just doesnít have the depth to play for 4 quarters, but they should be able to find a way to just hang on and get a backdoor cover. Giants 31 49ers 23

CHIEFS (+7.5) Over Titans- Both teams have had a week off to prepare, but 7.5 is a steep cover for the Titans on the road. Kansas City typically plays decent at home and even during the week off there is a good chance the Titans focused more on the Colts, who they play next week, rather than the Chiefs. Titans 16 Chiefs 9

TEXANS (-8.5) over Lions- The one thing Houston can do is score points. They play no defense at all, but they sure find ways to score. Detroit never wins on the road and basically threw in the towel in trading Roy Williams as they finally look towards the future. I had them at 2 wins going into the season and even that looks like a stretch now. Texans 30 Lions 19

Browns (+6.5) over REDSKINS- Maybe a bit of an overreaction to last week, but Washington just doesnt excite me as a near TD home favorite right now. The Browns are acting like they just won the Super Bowl and they may be in for a letdown, but Washington will usually let a mediocre team hang around until the end. Redskins 19 Browns 16

Colts (-1.5) over PACKERS- Green Bay just is not good. They may be 3-3, but the defense is playing poorly and the offense is struggling. Did the Texans awake a sleeping giant in Indianapolis? Colts are always a stronger road favorite and I like their chances here. Colts 30 Packers 21

Jets (-2.5) over RAIDERS- The line kind of scares me and maybe Oakland gives a better effort after a no show, but on paper there is no reason this game should be within a field goal. Jets 31 Raiders 18

BUCCANEERS(-10.5) over Seahawks- For a team that canít seem to settle on a QB, the Bucs sure play pretty well. They annihilated the Panthers last week to take control of the NFC South and you could make a case that they are the best team in the NFC because of their defense. Without Matt Hasslebeck you can make a case that the Seahawks are the worst team in the NFC because of their offense. Seattle hasnt even been remotely close to an opponent away from home and the Bucs are playing with some swagger right now.
Buccaneers 33 Seahawks 3

Broncos (+3.5) over PATRIOTS- New England has stunk at home in 2 games this season and is going to be exploited defensively by teams that can throw the football down the field. If New England canít move the ball on this team people are going to openly question why Bill Belichick did not bring in someone else when Brady went down. The bottom line is Belichick never beats a Mike Shannahan team and this will be the worst NE team Shannahan has ever faced. Broncos 26 Patriots 20