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NFL Predictions- Week 5

Let us not speak of last weeks disaster and move forwardÖ.

Ravens (+4.5) over COLTS- Iím still not completely sold on Baltimore being able to keep this up with no production from the offense, but the Colts should be no better than 1-3 right now if not for miracles. Indy will probably find a way to win, but I just cant see them being a strong favorite over anybody right now. Colts 16 Ravens 13

Panthers (+1.5) over BUCCANEERS- Expect a big defensive struggle between two of the best in the NFC on that side of the football. How the Bucs react to the return of Jeff Garcia, who has rubbed everyone the wrong way this year, will be interesting and could make the difference in the outcome of the game. John Fox has always had Jon Grudenís number and hasnít lost in Tampa since 2002. Expect the streak to continue. Panthers 20 Bucs 17

JETS (-5.5) over Bengals- For whatever reason the Bengals simply donít know how to win and the Jets have been itching to get back on the field after their 56 point explosion against the Cardinals. Mangini is 2-0 after the bye in his career, it will be 3-0 after this game. Jets 34 Bengals 23

Bears (-2.5) over FALCONS- Atlanta has put up a good fight this year and Matt Ryan is showing very good skills for a rookie, but the Bears are playing outstanding football and are a different level of opponent for Atlanta to be competitive with right now. Bears 31 Falcons 13

VIKINGS (-12.5) over Lions- Detroit never wins in Minnesota, so lets eliminate any thought of an upset this week. The only question is can the Vikings offense find a way to win by 13 points? Considering the Lions have yet to hold a team below 30 this year Iíd say they can. Expect a big day from Adrian Peterson looking to make up for his non performance against New Orleans. Vikings 33 Lions 10

Dolphins (+2.5) over TEXANS- Call it what you will- smoke and mirrors, game management, incredible coaching- whatever it is Miami is getting the job done and has to be considered a contender in the AFC East. Houston has imploded these last two weeks losing two heartbreakers they should have won. They know the season is over and could be in for a huge letdown this week. Dolphins 27 Texans 19

Raiders (+7.5) over SAINTS- The Raiders stink and are in the middle of one of the craziest ownership sagas in the history of sports, but can the Saints put anyone away? The Raiders have been competitive in all but one game this season and unless they just cant handle the coaching change there is no reason to think they can not at least stay close against the Saints terrible defense. Saints 30 Raiders 24

REDSKINS (-13.5) over Rams- Even with a new coach that the team will play much harder for, unless he brought in five new offensive linemen and eleven new defenders how much better can they really be? 13.5 is a huge number, but until proven otherwise, keep picking against the Rams. Redskins 34 Rams 13

Jaguars (+3.5) over BRONCOS- After the early season explosions, Denver is slowly settling into the same lousy home favorite role they played last season. Jaguars desperately need a win and will play hard. They may not get the W, but should be within 3. Broncos 27 Jaguars 24

CARDINALS (+5.5) over Cowboys This has all the makings of a classic shootout where the last team with the ball wins the game. Arizona made a huge statement last week and would like to get a monster lead in the West with a win this week. Dallas has sort of misfired these last few weeks and its just a matter of time before a TO meltdown. Cards upset the Cowboys this week. Cardinals 31 Cowboys 28

SEAHAWKS (-2.5) over Packers- Packers defense is not playing well and their QB is nowhere near 100%. Seahawks are a much better home team and should show some improvement now that their Wrs have a game under their belts. Seahawks 35 Packers 24

Patriots (+5.5) over CHARGERS - I hate taking New England this week, but I just can not trust the Chargers to give any serious amount of points right now. They are allowing teams to hang around far too long and until they move away from LT they will continue to underperform. This is a must win for them and they should win, but I cant expect a blowout anymore. Chargers 24 Patriots 22

Giants (-7.5) Over BROWNS- Expect the Brady Quinn era to begin in the 3rd quarter this week. New York may want to show off to the national audience and there is nothing the Brownies can do to stop them. Giants 37 Browns 7