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NFL Predictions- Week 14

More mediocre picks last week. Weird season to say the least. Onto week 14...

Raiders (+9.5) over CHARGERS- This is more of an anti-Charger pick than pro Raider selection. San Diego has quit on the season and the team needs to choose between an aging unhappy running back and a terrible head coach that just do not mesh at all. Maybe this is the week the Chargers get a blowout win, but Ill keep going against them. Chargers 24 Raiders 16

SAINTS (-2.5) over Falcons- The Saints saw their little chance at the playoffs go away last weekend and could be in for a letdown, but the team wants to make a push for Drew Brees to somehow win an MVP award and plays the roll of spoiler this weekend. Saints 29 Falcons 17

Browns (+13.5) over TITANS- The Browns have no quarterback, a lame duck coach, no defense, and receivers who have the worst hands in the league, but Iíll still stick with them to keep it close again this week. I donít think the Titans have it in them to blowout two teams in a row. Titans 24 Browns 13

COLTS (-13.5) over Bengals- I hate laying this many points down for Indy, but they are home and the Bengals have yet to be any closer than 17 down in any of their recent defeats as they have packed it up for the season. Indy big. Colts 29 Bengals 7

PACKERS (-5.5) over TEXANS - While it does not look good, the Packers season is not yet over while the Texans year has been over since week 3. One thing Green Bay can do is score and if the defense can slow down a decent Texan rushing attack the Pack should be able to win by more than 6. Packers 33 Texans 21

Jaguars (+6.5) over BEARS - The Jaguars pulled a no show on Monday, but hopefully put up some effort this week. Chicago is sliding badly and has not resembled anything close to the team that was playing well early this season. They will win, but it seems like a field goal type of game. Bears 23 Jaguars 20

Vikings (-9.5) over LIONS- Rod Marinelli guaranteed his team wonít be 0-16. Well I bet he guaranteed they wouldnít be 0-12 too. I guess Detroit will win one of these last few games, but right now they are being outscored by 23 points a game at home and the closest they have been to a win was 8 points. Vikings 40 Lions 16

GIANTS (-7.5) over Eagles- I hate passing up this many points for the Eagles, but the Giants are just clicking each and every week and would love to rub it in the faces of their rivals. Philly was dominated by the Giants on their home field and are much worse when they travel which points to another Giants victory. Giants 31 Eagles 19

RAVENS (-5.5) over Redskins - If Washington never beat the Cowboys Im not sure anyone would have even paid this team notice. The offense is so bad it is hard to see them scoring much on the Ravens defense. Unless Baltimore is looking ahead to a Steelers game the Redskins are in for a long day. Ravens 23 Redskins 7

Chiefs (+8.5) over BRONCOS - Denver played a great game in NY last week, but this is just way too big of a line for them to cover even against the hapless Chiefs who beat them up early in the year. Kansas City could have a letdown this week, but should still be able to manage the cover. Broncos 27 Chiefs 21

Dolphins (+1.5) over BILLS- Incredibly hard game to figure out. Buffalo has fallen completely apart and donít get the help of the cold weather they play in the dome in Canada. A Miami loss would be devastating to their chances of winning the division or making a run at the wildcard. It wouldnít stun me if they lost, but Iíll snag the points and say the Dolphins pull out a close one. Dolphins 19 Bills 17

Jets (-3.5) over 49íERS- Had the Jets beaten the Broncos last week they would have been favored by at least 6.5 this week. I donít expect this team to take another week off and let the 49íers knock them off. If the Jets take the week off it could be a bad omen for their playoff dreams. Jets 31 49íers 23

STEELERS (-2.5) over Cowboys - This is the first real test for the supposed return of the Super Bowl favorites from early in the year. Pittsburgh is the best team in the AFC and will be favored to reach the Super Bowl come January. Dallas wouldnít be that even if they played in the AFC. Steelers defend their home turf. Steelers 23 Cowboys 16

CARDINALS (-13.5) over Rams- After two weeks of disappointing play the Cards will welcome the punching bags known as the Rams into their stadium with open arms. This has the makings of a slaughter as the Cards clinch the division for the first time in their franchise history. Cardinals 37 Rams 14

Patriots (-4.5) over SEAHAWKS- The Seahawks try, they just donít have any talent. Their lack of ability to score any points on Dallas despite numerous opportunities shows you just how much work they need. New England canít beat a good football team to save their lives, but they will feast on a team like this. Patriots 26 Seahawks 16

PANTHERS (-2.5) over Buccaneers- Tampa wraps this up with a win, but Carolina has been so good in their home stadium it will not be an easy task. Tough physical game that the Panthers playmakers put away late. Panthers 23 Buccaneers 13