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NFL Predictions- Week 13

Hey a winning record last week. Not by much, but at least there have been a few signs of life lately...

Titans (-12.5) over LIONS- The Lions are just dreadful. They signed Daunt Culpepper just in the hopes of not finishing 0-16, but right now that is where they are headed. Titans off a bad loss to the Jets last week will come out ready to put on a show. Titans 37 Lions 6

Seahawks (+12.5) over COWBOYS- Dallas put it together last week in routing the 49íers, but I still need to see it consistently to think they can cover these spreads. Seattle has been much more competitive away from home than they were early in the season and wonít quit. Cowboys 31 Seahawks 21

EAGLES (+3.5) over Cardinals - Could be a great game between two teams looking they are moving in opposite directions. Eagles are probably eliminated, but Andy Reid and especially Donovan McNabb are playing for their futures in Philly while the Cardinals could lose out and still make the playoffs. Eagles give it one last hurrah after being embarrassed the last two weeks and win on Thursday. Eagles 28 Cardinals 23

PACKERS (-3.5) over Panthers - Carolina has looked very mortal of late and their play has really trailed off and the QB position is almost a non-factor for them yet again. Green Bay needs the win to keep hope alive in the North and will be too strong at home for the Panthers. Packers 29 Panthers 16

BROWNS (+4.5) over Colts - After some big time wins it could be time for the Colts to take it easy when they travel to take on the not so good Cleveland Browns. While the Browns have not played very well they have a tendency to keep things somewhat close and the Colts are simply not blowing teams out this season. Iíll take my chances they win a close one again. Colts 26 Browns 23

Ravens (-6.5) over BENGALS - Baltimore loves to stick it in the face of their division rivals and there is none worse than the Bengals. Ravens pull away in the second half to put the hammer down on the Bengals.
Ravens 26 Bengals 10

BILLS (-6.5) over 49íers - Real tough game to call. If the 49íers had a QB they wouldnít be that bad, but their QBís all make mistakes at crucial times. This is a long trip and Buffalo can be a nasty place to play making this a likely wipeout for them. Bills played very well in Kansas City, but have really struggled these past few weekends and 6.5 seems high for them, but they desperately need this one to keep their slim chances alive.
Bills 29 49íers 19

Giants (-3.5) over REDSKINS - The Giants are just a difference class of team than the Redskins. Redskins try to get teams to play down to their level, but nobody gets the Giants to do that. Washington year of mediocre home performances continues. Giants 31 Redskins 17

JETS (-7.5) over Broncos - Denver has lost to Kansas City and Oakland this year and is just struggling to find any consistency while the Jets are on a major roll. Jets 39 Broncos 17

BUCCANEERS (-3.5) over Saints - If New Orleans has any playoff dreams this is a game they must win, but they have been so bad away from home and Tampa is so good at home its hard to see it happening. Tampas defense completely shuts the Saints down in a revenge game from early this year. Buccaneers 28 Saints 13

DOLPHINS (-7.5) over Rams - Just how bad is St. Louis? I am not sure if there is a bigger group of quitters in the NFL and even the home fans have turned on this squad. Miami puts up a big win to stay in the hunt. Dolphins 30 Rams 13

Falcons (+4.5) over CHARGERS - Everyone keeps on waiting for the Chargers to explode, but the team doesnít look like it cares anymore and it is no secret that their star runner isnít a star anymore. That has really hurt Phillip Rivers who is struggling with his confidence right now. Atlanta is flying high off their win last week and could pull off the upset here if they donít have a letdown game. Chargers 23 Falcons 21

Chiefs (+2.5) over Raiders - This might be the worst game of the year featuring two of the worst teams and worst coaches in the NFL. After their stunning upset of the Broncos last week expect the Raiders to lay down for a Herman Edwards team desperate to get a second win. Chiefs 17 Raiders 14

Steelers (+0.5) over PATRIOTS - Fascinating game that has major playoff implications down the line. Pittsburgh has had well over a week to get healthy while New England had a tough game for 3 Ĺ quarters down in Miami last week. That may make the difference. Steelers are dominant on the road defensively and this is the game that will stamp whether or not Matt Cassel is for real or something made up by playing two inferior defensive schemes the previous two weeks. Steelers 22 Patriots 19

Bears (+3.5) over VIKINGS - There is an excellent chance that this game decides who is going to win the NFC North and I like the chances the Bears have this week. They stubbed their toe badly in Green Bay, but that may have been from Kyle Orton playing a week too early, and will not repeat that performance in Minnesota. Chicago will dare the Vikings to throw the football and they simply can not do it. Bears 16 Vikings 10

Jaguars (+3.5) over TEXANS - Jacksonville isnít good, but is not as bad as their record indicates. They have actually been much better away from home posting a 3-2 record compared to only being 1-5 in Jacksonville, the second time in three years they have had that type of split. Houston might win, but if they do it is hard to see it being by more than three. Jaguars 27 Texans 24