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NFL Predictions- Week 12

And so the season of struggles continues. I couldn’t even catch a break on the Steelers game last week to at least go better than 8-8. Definitely been one of those years....

STEELERS (-11.5) over Bengals - The line is very steep for a Steeler team lost on offense right now, but Pittsburgh has been playing some very tough teams of late, something the Bengals most certainly are not. Steelers 26 Bengals 9

BROWNS (-3.5) over Texans - Tough game to call as both teams feature defense that just melt down in the fourth quarter. If the Browns’ WRs could catch a football they might have a chance at the playoffs. Houston cant handle back to back road games. Browns 33 Texans 26

Jets (+5.5) over TITANS - Jets can do just enough to hand around and have a shot at the victory late in the game. Titans 24 Jets 19

Vikings (+2.5) over JAGUARS - Jaguars season is done. They put everything they had into last week and lost by 10. Minnesota isn’t a strong team away from home, but the Jaguars are a pitiful home team and have been for 2 of the last 3 years. Vikings stay tied for the top in the North. Vikings 27 Jaguars 22

CHIEFS (+5.5) over Bills - Talk about a bad football game. Buffalo has fallen off a cliff after a 5-1 start and the Chiefs began falling off a cliff the moment Herman Edwards signed his name on a contract to coach them. KC should have covered last week and should do enough against a bad Bills offense to stay within 6.
Bills 24 Chiefs 20

RAVENS (-1.5) over Eagles - Both teams come off really bad showings and both need the wins to keep their playoff chances alive. A loss for Philadelphia would be devastating, but it takes them so long to get going some weeks that the Ravens may be far in front off turnovers by the time the Eagles figure out what to do. Ravens 20 Eagles 13

Patriots (+1.5) over Dolphins - Probably the biggest game of the week and this would just about eliminate the Patriots from the playoffs if they were to lose. Miami usually does just enough to get by at home, but that will not be enough against a veteran team that knows what is on the line this week. Patriots 17 Dolphins 14

Buccaneers (-8.5) over Lions - I just do not like the Lions at home this year. They are being outscored by nearly 3 TDs a game at home and show signs of life. Only way they compete is if Tampa just completely overlooks them, which they will not do. Tampa is starting to feel neglected by the media again and will look for an impressive showing to open their eyes this week. Bucs 30 Lions 13

Bears (-7.5) over RAMS - I am stunned at the no show the Bears pulled in Green Bay last week, but that can not happen again versus a team that gave up three weeks ago. St. Louis is a joke and by far the worst team in the NFL. That Jim Haslett for 2009 coach of the Rams movement looks to be dead and buried now.
Bears 34 Rams 13

49’ers (+10.5) over COWBOYS - Everyone wants to jump back on the Cowboys bandwagon after eeking one out against the Redskins last week and that has made for way too big of a line. Dallas hasn’t come close to covering this kind of game at home with or without Romo in some time and San Francisco should put up enough fight to hang around. Cowboys 28 49’ers 21

Raiders (+9.5) over BRONCOS- We all know how bad the Raiders are and how good the Denver offense can be when Jay Cutler is firing, but Denver is just never a strong home favorite, so Ill take my chances that Oakland can do something on offense to keep it within 10. Broncos 27 Raiders 19

FALCONS (-1.5) over Panthers- Atlanta may have tripped up last week looking ahead to this weeks huge contest against the Panthers. Carolina has been a miserable team away from their own building offensively and they may have a hard time keeping the Falcons pass attack at bay. Tough game to call. Falcons 23 Panthers 17

CARDINALS (+3.5) over Giants - Great football game. If the Giants can pressure Warner the game is likely over before it began, but if not the Giants are in for a big surprise. Arizona has probably been looking forward to this game for some time and I think can pull off the upset this week. Different result if they meet in the cold in January, but this week its.... Cardinals 30 Giants 24

Redskins (-3.5) over SEAHAWKS - Seattle does try each and every week, but they just don’t have the weapons to compete with teams trying to get into the playoffs. Washington desperately needs to win this game. Redskins 23 Seahawks 16

CHARGERS (-2.5) over Colts - The biggest mystery in the world is how has Norv Turner lasted this long? What a terrible coach. The Colts are rounding into form, but I cant get overly excited about beating the Pats and Texans. Steelers were a quality win, but a trip to SD is a different animal, especially for a team that never matches up well against the Chargers. Chargers 33 Colts 24

Packers (+2.5) over SAINTS - If the Saints cant win this game at home the season is probably done for them. Green Bay could be in for a letdown off their drubbing of the Bears last week, but with a nationally televised game they should come out firing and compete in a shootout. Could go either way. Saints 29 Packers 28