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NFL Predictions- Week 10

Iím already 0-1 on the Browns after they blew it so that may be a bad sign. Real quick this week since Im pretty busy.

TEXANS (-0.5) over Ravens- Strictly a home play.

Bills (+3.5) over PATRIOTS- NE eeks it out, but Buffalo needs this too badly to not be competitive.

Packers (+2.5) over VIKINGS - GB is playing much better football and Vikes donít have the juice to score with them.

Jaguars (-6.5) over LIONS- Detroit had its big game last week against the Bears. Jags wont mess around after last weeks cluster.

FALCONS(-0.5) over Saints- Tough game, but the Saints have been awful on the road this year while the Falcons are winning big at home.

JETS(-7.5) over Rams- If the same Jets team shows up this week itís a 2 TD win.

Seahawks (+9.5) over DOLPHINS- Hate the Seahawks and like Miami, but not as a 9.5 point favorite. Too many points for me.

Titans (-3.5) over BEARS Tennessee is the flat out better team especially with Grossman back at QB for Chicago.

Panthers (-8.5) over RAIDERS- How did the Jets ever lose to the Raiders? How?

STEELERS (-3.5) over Colts- Even with the injuries Pittsburgh is in a different class than the Colts.

CHARGERS (-14.5) over Chiefs- Chargers may score 40 in this one.

EAGLES (-2.5) over Giants- Philly may or may not be better, but they need this game much more than NY.

CARDINALS (-9.5) over 49íers- Something tells me Mike Singletary will be pulling his pants down again this week at the half.