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NFL Predictions- Week 1

Nothing to do with the Jets or even remotely having to do with the cap, but just to have a little fun Iím going to throw out my predictions for each week of the season, using the betting lines as set by Sportsline early each week.

Giants(-3.5) over Redskins- The loss of Umenyiora hurts the Giants, but Washington is learning yet another new system, have looked lost in the preseason, and was not a good road team in 2007. The SB Winners have typically rode the wave of emotion on the Thursday openers to handily win against their opponents.
Giants 24 Redskins 13

Saints (-3.5) over Buccaneers- New Orleans has had to practice all week in Indianapolis, but has too much firepower for the Bucs who have struggled especially offensively away from home. Tampa QB Jeff Garcia is still rounding into shape and the team is likely a week away from really being ready for the season.
Saints 23 Buccaneers 10

Jets (-2.5) over Dolphins- Should be a very close physical game. Favre has not done well opening week for some time and the Jets will need to find a running game to close this one out, but superior talent and depth should see them eek it out. Jets 20 Miami 16

Bengals(-1.5) over Ravens- I hate going against the Ravens at home, but Joe Flacco is getting the start and the Ravens are all banged up. The defense likely had their last hurrah in 2006 and its hard to see the Ravens having the ability to score enough to even be close. Bengals 27 Baltimore 13

Falcons (+3.5) over Lions- Atlanta may be bad, but Detroit should never be favored on the road, no matter who the opponent is. Detroit should be able to exploit the miserable Falcons secondary, but Atlanta should be able t o at least keep it close against a Lions defense that would give up 20 points to a Pop Warner team. Lions may win the game, but 3.5 is asking too much for them to cover and I like the upset. Falcons 27 Lions 20

Eagles (-7.5) over Rams- The line is a tad bit high, but Philadelphia wants to get off to a fast start to erase last years disappointment and the Rams just donít like to play away from home. If the Rams can keep it close early and force Steven Jackson on Philly all day they may be able to keep this close, but if not this has blowout written all over it. Eagles 29 Rams 13

Seahawks(-0.5) over Bills- Tough game to call. Buffalo is not a very talented team, but they do often play well at home and for two years running have played better than their talent level indicates they should be playing. The Bills defense is going to give up alot of yards to Hasslebeck, the question is will they also give up alot of points?
Seahawks 17 Bills 16

Jaguars (-2.5) over Titans- These two teams like to play some close physical games and both teams have questions especially about their offense. Its hard to imagine Lendale White getting on track against the Jaguars defense and if he cant dominate the game Vince Young is going to have to do something special, and last year the magic was gone. Jaguars pull ahead late. Jaguars 24 Titans 16

Patriots (-16.5) over Chiefs- Yes the Patriots are really old at linebacker. Yes the Patriots have no secondary. Yes Tom Brady is nursing a busted foot. But does any of that really matter when you are playing Kansas City? Patriots want to send a message that the Giants game was a fluke last year and that all of the headlines being thrown at the Cowboys and Jets mean nothing. Chiefs do keep teams out of the end zone, but this has the makings of a massacre. Patriots 34 Chiefs 9

Steelers (-6.5) over Texans- Houston is an up and coming team with alot of promise on both sides of the ball, but he Steelers are just a totally different class of team in their building. With no threat of a running game it would take an out of this world performance by Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson to steal this one.
Steelers 27 Texans 17

Panthers (+9.5) over Chargers- Carolina, if Jake Delhomme is healthy, is not as bad as people may think on offense. Even with Steve Smith out they have some players on offense and the defense is adequate and features some excellent linebackers. San Diego is still getting healthy and will likely take a few weeks before they should be counted on to cover 9.5. Chargers 23 Panthers 17

Cowboys (-5.5) over Browns- Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL and love the idea that everyone will be watching them at 4:00PM on Sunday. No way will Terrell Owens allow himself to be upstaged by Braylon Edwards in this one. Browns have to prove last year wasnt a fluke, which is probably exactly what their season was. Cowboys 33 Browns 21

49ers (+2.5) over Cardinals- Arizona should win this game, but neither team plays much in the way of defense which is going to allow the 49ers a chance. If the 49ers have picked up enough of Martzí offense we know they can at least score points. Cardinals 26 49ers 24

Bears (+9.5) over Colts- I just dont think this is the same Colts offense that you could count on to score 30 points a game, which is what the 9.5 line seems to favor. Chicago doesnt offer much on offense, but can slow down the Colts offense and as long as Devin Hester is able to return kicks they have the ability to score enough points to cover. Colts 21 Bears 14

Vikings (2.5) over Packers- The Vikings may be coming into this game a little too confident about themselves which is always a worry for a letdown, but the defense really has the makings of one for the ages. Aaron Rodgers is going to have to stand up to Jarred Allens pass rush and complete a ton of passes to win this week Packers will be wondering about Favre after this game. Vikings 27 Packers 13.

Raiders (2.5) over Broncos- Both teams really want this game badly to erase some dismal memories which is going to make for a close game. Denver is seemingly never prepared to start a season which always makes them ripe for an upset. Until their defense proves it can stop the run, Oakland can keep Jay Cutler off the field and have a chance to win late. Broncos 16 Oakland 14