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NFL Predictions- Week 9

Week 7 was simply a 1 week fluke as the picks were right back to stinking up the place in Week 8. Seasonal records are now at 73-43 and 55-61.

Redskins (+10.5) over FALCONS- Would be a stunner to see the Falcons lose, but Washington, for all their problems, typically plays much tougher on the road than they do at home. Falcons 20 Redskins 13

Cardinals (+2.5) over BEARS- Very tough game to call because both teams are so inconsistent. Cardinals have been unstoppable on the road this year and will pull off the upset. Cardinals 24 Bears 19

BENGALS (+2.5) over Ravens- The question now is if the Ravens defense found the magical formula last week and is back to being dominant or if it will be back to the same old stuff against Cincy. Lets see it for another week before being sold on the D. Bengals eek out a close one. Bengals 27 Ravens 24

Texans (+9.5) over COLTS- Seems like a very high line for an Indy team that does not win by double digits at home. Houston has played well away from home this year and needs this game to keep their season strong and it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the Texans win outright. Colts 24 Texans 20

Chiefs (+6.5) over JAGUARS- Jacksonville got creamed by the Titans last week and simply does not play enough defense to cover this kind of spread. They should win the game, but will be the worst 4 win team in the NFL. Jaguars 27 Chiefs 23

PATRIOTS (-10.5) over Dolphins- Miami got their own Miracle in the Meadowlands last week in winning a game where they were dominated for 55 minutes, but they will face a much smarter team this week that won’t let that happen. New England should be eager to beat these guys up. Patriots 27 Dolphins 10

Packers (-9.5) over Buccaneers- Maybe Tampa figured something out after a bye week, but we have all seen this story before. The Packers kill these kinds of teams. Packers 30 Bucs 9

Panthers (+14.5) over SAINTS- That point spread has to make some folks nervous and the number say the Saints should win, but it will be tough to cover. Panthers have won a few games now and wont roll over and play dead. Saints 33 Panthers 20

SEAHAWKS (-10.5) over Lions- It will be hard to imagine a Detroit team that has been outscored on the road by an average of 26 points will be able to keep in close in a stadium like this one. Seahawks 37 Lions 7

Chargers (-4.5) over GIANTS- Very hard to use the numbers for New York right now because they have been so bad these last few weeks, but even if the Giants played at a good level this game should be close. If NY continues the trend they will lose badly, but otherwise will win a squeaker. Giants 27 Chargers 24

49’ERS (-3.5) over Titans- The Titans got their one win out of the way and it is time to go back to their usual losing ways. The “running the table” talk looks to be way premature if you look at how bad they have been this season. 49’ers 30 Titans 10

EAGLES (-3.5) over Cowboys- You never know when the Eagles will put up a stinker, but Dallas has shown no ability to play at this kind of level. Eagles pummeled these guys last year, yet Dallas does not seem motivated by that fact. Hard to see them winning. Eagles 35 Cowboys 27

BRONCOS (+2.5) over Steelers- Denver has to prove that last week was just a fluke by beating up the Steelers this week. This has all the makings of a dramatic low scoring slugfest. Broncos 17 Steelers 14