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NFL Predictions- Week 7

The system wasn’t working great thus far and fell apart last week with a 7-7 and 5-9 record. The yearly record is now 57-33 and a woeful 42-48 ATS. Can it get worse? Read onward…

Packers (-6.5) over BROWNS- Browns have played better of late and Eric Mangini has taken himself out of the midseason firing discussions, but its hard to see the Browns scoring enough to beat Green Bay. Packers 27 Browns 10.

49’ers (+3.5) over TEXANS- Who can figure the Texans out? Certainly not me. For them to win they would need to put together back to back good efforts for the first time in over a year. 49’ers need to avoid another big loss and right the ship, which they should do off the bye week. 49’ers 27 Texans 21.

Chargers (-4.5) over CHIEFS- Well the Chiefs got their win and maybe their players will begin to guarantee playoffs. A loss by San Diego might guarantee Norv Turner getting the boot. Chargers problem is they play no defense at all, but Kansas City does not have the offense to take advantage of that fact. Chargers 30 Chiefs 21

Vikings (+4.5) over STEELERS- I still don’t believe in Minnesota who has played a weak schedule and should have two losses, but the Steelers have been underwhelming this year as well. Steelers are the better team, but this has all the makings of the field goal win for them and not more than that. Certainly not a shocker if they lose. Steelers 24 Vikings 21.

Colts (-13.5) over RAMS- Maybe the Colts call off the dogs and let the Rams cover, but this has the makings of a disaster if you are a fan of St. Louis. Colts 35 Rams 6

Patriots (-14.5) over BUCCANEERS- Everyone is going to go all crazy because New England beat up the Titans last week, but now they have to prove they can do it away from home where the Pats are 0-2 and have looked mediocre, especially offensively. Luckily for them they play Tampa Bay to pad the stats. Patriots 35 Buccaneers 9

Bills (+6.5) over PANTHERS- Hard to believe Carolina is this big a favorite against anyone. Could be a field day for DeAngelo Williams, but if he can not get off it will be a long day for Carolina. Bills with the upset. Bills 20 Panthers 16

Jets (-6.5) over RAIDERS- Like the Panthers I’m not really sure how the Jets merit being such a big favorite off a terrible stretch of games, but this is the Raiders who likely got their good performance out of the way last week. Jets 19 Raiders 3

Bears (+1.5) over BENGALS- This outcome likely depends on the Bears team that shows up. If it’s the one that scores touchdowns they should win, but if it’s the team that has to settle they will lose the game. Ill bet on the Bears this week. Bears 24 Bengals 17

Falcons (+3.5) over COWBOYS- Unless there is a Monday night hangover it seems pretty clear that Atlanta is the better team. Cowboys are just a mess right now under Wade Phillips. Falcons 24 Cowboys 17

Saints (-6.5) over DOLPHINS- Wildcat or no Wildcat this is a different class of team. Dolphins only have a chance if the Saints take a complete letdown game make its way onto the field. Its possible since they did that with the Bills earlier this year, but odds are they win going away. Saints 37 Dolphins 23

Cardinals (+6.5) over GIANTS - Arizona has actually played extremely well on the road in their two games this year and the defense has been well above expectations. Giants were smacked around last week by the Saints and will try to recapture momentum, but their defense is tremendously overrated. Its been the offense carrying this team for almost a full year now, which should allow Arizona to hang around and possibly cover. Giants 27 Cardinals 23

Eagles (-7.5) over REDSKINS- Is there any saving Washington now? They just have no offense at all and this is an Eagle team that will be out for blood on national TV after last weeks embarrassment in Oakland. Not even competitive. Eagles 24 Redskins 7