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NFL Predictions- Week 3

Not too good last week as we are starting to see the changes from year to year take place. 9-7 straight up and 7-9 ATS. Yearly record now stands at 21-11 and 15-17, respectively. Right now the major bright spots look to be the Jets, Saints, and 49'ers compared to last season. You should be very worried about Tampa, who has fallen off a cliff compared to last year, Jacksonville, and, once again, the Chargers. Onto week 3....

RAVENS (-13.5) over Browns- The Mangini era is off to an awful start for the Brownies and there looks to be little relief in sight. Ravens are playing excellent on offense and look like the best team in the AFC North. Ravens 37 Browns 10

Redskins (-6.5) over LIONS- Alot of people are pegging this as an upset chance and there could be a slight chance of it based on how rotten the Redskins offense is, but this is a team that always plays better away from home. Detroit just stinks regardless of where they play. Redskins 28 Lions 16

TEXANS (-3.5) over Jaguars- The Jaguars are exactly the same team as they were in 2008 so there is little question as to how they should play. Their season is already teetering on the brink and they should have let Jack Del Rio go last season. The question here is what is the real Texans team? Based on last years numbers they should win by around a touchdown. Texans 26 Jaguars 20

49'ers (+6.5) over VIKINGS- Based on how the games have gone this year the 49ers should win this game outright. Taking last year into account this is basically a game that is decided by the flip of a coin. Vikings win it very close, but dont be stunned if San Francisco pulls it out. Vikings 17 49'ers 16

Falcons (+4.5) over PATRIOTS- This is a very tight game to call. Atlanta has not played away from home just yet, so it is uncertain how well they will do away, but right now they are clearly playing better than the Patriots. Like the Vikings game this is a toss up, but lets take the underdog here. Falcons 20 Patriots 19

JETS (-2.5) over Titans- Titans need this game in the worst way, but he Jets are playing tremendous defense and were a great home team in 2008 statistically while the Titans were closer to average on the road. If the Titans dont win the oddsmakers will not give them this respect again. Jets 24 Titans 9

EAGLES (-9.5) over Chiefs- The Eagles have laid some duds in the past at home and that is what we have to assume was the case this past week. Philadelphia will likely have an early hook with Kevin Kolb if they dont get off to a fast start. Eagles should romp and if they do not its a big problem. Eagles 33 Chiefs 13

Packers (-6.5) over RAMS- Green Bay had a little hiccup last week, but they just have too much offensive firepower to lose to a team like the Rams. Packers 27 Rams 17

BUCCANEERS (+6.5) over Giants - Giants have a habit of playing down to teams and maybe it happens here as this is a tough one to call. Based on last years numbers this should be a very close game, but this is obviously not the same team as last year. We have three losses with them so far, but this is the last week we'll use last years numbers and maybe the last week for Byron Leftwich who is just awful. Giants 24 Bucs 20

Saints (-5.5) over BILLS- If the Saints of last week show up this is a non competitive game. If the Saints of 2008 show up this is right down to the wire. Saints should have just a little too much for the Bills who often struggle on offense. Saints 26 Bills 20

SEAHAWKS (+2.5) over Bears- Another game that looks to be close. Seattle has always been a very strong home team and that looks to be no different this season. Bears played above their norms last week, but not have to prove they can do it away from home. Seahawks 20 Bears 17

Steelers (-4.5) over BENGALS- Finally a glimmer of hope for the Bengals last week, but it will be hard to see the Steelers play poorly for the second week in a row. If they do that Super Bowl hangover could be in full effect. Steelers 23 Bengals 7

Broncos (+1.5) over RAIDERS- Hard to picture the Raiders being favored even against a Denver team that doesnt look great and has had troubles in the Black Hole, but that is where they stand this week. Raiders have to be very worried about their QB who looks like he is on the train to Bustville. Broncos 20 Raiders 10

Dolphins (+6.5) over CHARGERS- San Diego looks to be back to their old tricks with the early season poor play. By every measure they should win a close game this week unless they are able to exert their will the way they do at the end of every year. Chargers 27 Dolphins 23

CARDINALS (-2.5) over Colts- The big question is was that game against the 49'ers a hangover game or are the Jaguars simply that bad? Cardinals should be too strong at home to lose this game to a Colts teams whose offense is no longer the same offense of years past. Cardinals 28 Colts 23

COWBOYS (-9.5) over Panthers- Panthers need this game in the worst way, but are just overmatched whenever they leave home and right now just look overmatched period. Id Dallas was to lose it would be chaos for Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips could feel the heat. Cowboys 34 Panthers 20