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NFL Predictions- Week 2

Most games played relatively close to form last week. SU we went 12-4, but a not so good 8-8 ATS with some late points from Washington and Green Bay that kept us out of the win column. The teams that saw drastic departures from last season were Carolina, Houston, Miami, and Arizona. All four teams should be very worried if they fall off again this week and right now those are the four likely teams to completely tail off. On the positive side was the performance of the Jets and Broncos defenses and the Vikings and Raiders offenses. I’d throw the Cowboys and Eagles in there, but those games were more about their opponents playing poorly than them really bucking the trends they set last season. Teams hoping to play better that saw some silver lining that saw no changes were the Bengals, where the return of Carson Palmer saw them do worse than they did with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Lions, who got zero from Matt Stafford, and Rams who were worse with the new coach. Onto week 2.…

Vikings (-9.5 ) over LIONS- New QB, same results for both teams. Vikings should romp. Vikings 39 Lions 13

TITANS (-6.5) over Texans- Last week was a nightmare for Houston and they now are playing on the road where they are just an awful team. A loss here could really hurt their season, but that looks to be what should happen. Titans should have won in Pittsburgh last week and will be well rested. Titans 31 Texans 16.

JETS (+5.5) over Patriots- Both the Jets offense and defense opened some eyes last week while the Patriots did not look that strong, but you cant read too much into week one. A very even matchup based on last years number. A Jets win would begin to drastically change the odds makers opinion of the team. Patriots 28 Jets 24

Raiders (+3.5) over CHIEFS- Kansas City moved the ball surprisingly well in Baltimore but are a terrible football team and they have lost their home field. Oakland is miserable as well, but did play well last year away from home. Raiders outright. Raiders 27 Chiefs 23

REDSKINS (-9.5) over Rams- Washington may be terrible on offense, but the Rams are just terrible. Easily the worst team in the NFL and the only team on paper that could go 0-16. The line worries me and so does the fact that the Redskins suck at home, but the numbers say this is one they should win by double digits. Redskins 24 Rams 10

PACKERS (-9.5) over Bengals- Carson Palmer did not help the team one bit when it came to scoring points and they will be facing a much tougher team in a tough venue on Sunday. Packers caught some breaks last week but are clearly the better team here. Packers 28 Bengals 16

FALCONS (-6.5) over Panthers- You do not want to over-react to one week, but last Sunday was an awful sign for the Panthers who always seem to have trouble stringing back to back winning years together. If they get blown out again you might be able to kiss the season goodbye. Falcons 31 Panthers 23

Cardinals (+3.5) over JAGUARS- A must win for Arizona who laid an egg against the 49ers. You have to give the 49ers some credit, but Kurt Warner looked terrible and the Super Bowl hangover question looms. Should be a close game, but the Jaguars never seem to win close games especially at home. Cardinals 27 Jaguars 24

EAGLES (-2.5) over Saints- For the Saints to be taken seriously they are going to have to win or be close to winning this game. As impressive as they were last week it was against the Lions and the Saints defense continued to show no signs of life. Even without McNabb the Eagles are deadly at home. Eagles 34 Saints 21

BUCCANEERS (+4.5) over Bills- This has all the makings of a miserable game. The Bills handed New England a victory on Monday and are probably one game away from a TO explosion. The Bucs played Dallas very well until mistakes caught up with them and they fell apart. Very important game for the Bills, but the numbers say they lose straight up. Buccaneers 17 Bills 14

49’ERS (-1.5) over Seahawks- Everyone is saying the Seahawks are back, but all they did was beat up the hapless Rams. If you played the Rams every week you would be 16-0. Niners are simply the better team and they can put themselves in a great spot at 2-0. 49’ers 28 Seahawks 20

CHARGERS (-4.5) over Ravens- Tough call on this game, especially since the Chargers are awful to start the year and as a favorite. They should have too much firepower for Baltimore, but that is assuming San Diego shows up to play for four quarters. Chargers 29 Ravens 24

Browns (+3.5) over BRONCOS- Possibly the worst game of the week as the former Belichick assistants go at it. Should be very close to the spread, with Denver getting the nod due to being at home. Broncos 23 Browns 20.

Steelers (-2.5) over Bears- A terrible matchup for Chicago who lost their defensive leader for the season. Jay Cutler looked awful in his Bear debut and he matches up against a brutal defense this week. Steelers 26 Bears 19

Giants (+2.5) over COWBOYS- Dallas plans on having 110,000 people watching them Sunday night in their new stadium. There is a good chance they watch them lose. Dallas was much more productive at home than on the road, but the Giants were extremely productive away from home. Giants 27 Cowboys 26

DOLPHINS (+3.5) over Colts- Extremely important game for Miami who were dreadful against Atlanta. They should be able to keep this within a field goal. Colts 20 Dolphins 17