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NFL Predictions- Week 15

12-4 last week both with and without the spread. Season records are 135-73 straight up and 103-105 ATS.

Colts (-6.5) over JAGUARS- Unless the Colts pull their guys early this will be a hard matchup for the very inconsistent Jaguars. Colts 28 Jaguars 13

SAINTS (-7.5) over Cowboys- Roy Williams promised a win for Dallas, but the Cowboys are reeling and going into one of the toughest places in the NFL to play in. Everytime the Saints have faced a “challenge” team they have turned it up a notch and Dallas gets that same treatment. Saints 34 Cowboys 17

BILLS (+7.5) over Patriots- If the Pats can not go on the road and beat the Bills they wont win the AFC East. They are the better team, but Buffalo played them tough early and should hang around just long enough to make them sweat. Patriots 20 Bills 16

TEXANS (-10.5) over Rams- The type of team the Texans will feast on just like how they did Seattle last week. Texans steamroll them early. Texans 27 Rams 10

49’ers (+8.5) over EAGLES- Not surprising if this turns into a letdown game for Philly who has lost to teams like this before, but either way the 49’ers should be no more than 1 score down. Eagles 26 49’ers 20.

TITANS (-3.5) over Dolphins- If Miami can pull this game off they could get to 10 wins. It would be a miracle if they did so. Titans are dominating teams at home. Titans 30 Dolphins 17

Cardinals (-10.5) over LIONS- Cards laid an egg last week, but the Lions should be just what they need to get back to their winning ways. Cardinals 29 Lions 13

JETS (-4.5) over Falcons- Unless the Jets offense can not punch the ball in the end zone they should be able to win a close contest. Jets 23 Falcons 17

RAVENS (-10.5) over Bears- Is the bloom off the Jay Cutler rose or what? This season can not end fast enough for the Bears. Baltimore stays alive in the race for another week. Ravens 31 Bears 7

Browns (+2.5) over CHIEFS- Everyone seemed to think Matt Cassel was a flash in the pan except for the Chiefs this past offseason who are now paying the price for it. Cleveland wins back to back games. Browns 20 Chiefs 17

Raiders (+13.5) over BRONCOS- Broncos take games like this way too lightly and are laying too many points, even to a team with basically no QB this week. Broncos 21 Raiders 10

Packers (+0.5) over STEELERS- The Steelers have lost back to back weeks to the Raiders and the Browns. That is sick. Packers could make some noise come playoff time. Packers 28 Steelers 19

Seahawks (-7.5) over Buccaneers- How bad must you be to be a 7.5 point dog to the Seahawks, who are terrible. Tampa may want to consider blowing it up even more this offseason. Seahawks 24 Buccaneers 9

Bengals (+6.5) over Chargers- Bengals are a grief stricken team which may affect the result this week, but normally they have enough to stay in this game. Chargers 26 Bengals 21

PANTHERS (+7.5) over Vikings- Brett Favre equals ratings, which is the only reason this dud I being put on national TV. Carolina will at least give it their all which should be enough to cover the spread. Vikings 24 Panthers 20

REDSKINS (+3.5) over Giants- Giants season may have ended in a wild loss to the Eagles last week. Give the Redskins credit as they have played well down the stretch and will potentially spoil the Giants year this week. Redskins 23 Giants 21