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NFL Predictions- Week 10

Seasonal records are now at 81-48 and 62-67.

Bears (+3.5) over 49'ERS- Two teams trending downward with the loser likely seeing an end to their playoff hopes. 49'ers have the slight edge here due to being home. 49'ers 24 Bears 23

DOLPHINS (-9.5) over Buccaneers - Tampa got their win out of the way last week and probably won’t even show up for this game. Even if they do show up, the Dolphins are wrecking teams at home. AS long as the Dolphins did not give up after the loss to New England they should win in a walk. Dolphins 40 Buccaneers 14

VIKINGS (-16.5) Over Lions- Huge number but the closest Detroit has been on the road this year is within 12 points so it is not unreasonable to pick Minnesota. Vikings continue winning against a cakewalk schedule. Vikings 41 Lions 13

JETS (-6.5) over Jaguars- At this point everyone should be nervous about taking the Jets as a favorite since they usually play down to their opposition, but a loss here destroys their hopes. Jaguars are not very good despite the 4-4 record. Jets 24 Jaguars 14

Saints (-13.5) over RAMS- Maybe the Rams cooked something up off a bye week. Maybe the Saints don’t take this seriously. But the Rams right now are being outscored at home by nearly a 28 point margin. This should not even be close. Saints 48 Rams 7

Broncos (-6.5) over REDSKINS- Denver has not played very well of late, but the Redskins are a disaster. If Denver does not cover this spread it may mean a good sign for the Chargers in having a chance at the division. Broncos 16 Redskins 7

Bengals (+6.5) over STEELERS- This would be a huge win for Cincinnati if they were to pull this one off. It would give them a gigantic lead in the division and probably make them the official “shocker” story of the season. Steelers are getting too much respect with the points, but should win a close game. Steelers 23 Bengals 20

Falcons (-1.5) over PANTHERS- Atlanta is tough to figure sometimes and Carolina has been playing better of late, but it is hard to imagine the Panthers winning this game. Atlanta has not done much away from their building but to their credit they have played very tough opponents. Carolina just loses at home. Falcons 31 Panthers 21

Bills (+6.5) over TITANS- I’m still not a believer in Vince Young and this Titan team, though Chris Johnson versus the Bills run defense is quite appealing. Close game and give the slim advantage to the home team. Titans 23 Bills 19

Chiefs (+1.5) over RAIDERS- What TV markets are stuck watching this game? Chiefs 16 Raiders 14

Cowboys (-2.5) over PACKERS- Dallas looks to have turned the season around while the Packers are fading fast. They won’t play as bad as they did last week, but it won’t be enough to beat this Cowboy team. Cowboys 26 Packers 17

CARDINALS (-8.5) over Seahawks- Arizona normally would not cover a spread like this at home, but Seattle is so bad on the road that this should be the first strong home performance for Arizona all season. Cardinals 28 Seahawks 14

Eagles (+2.5) over CHARGERS- San Diego was kind of lucky to win last week when the Giants decided to give them hope, but they will not be so lucky this week. Philadelphia lost a tough game but bounces back nicely with a win. Eagles 23 Chargers 21

Patriots (+2.5) over COLTS- The annual Colts/Pats match is always interesting. Despite all the Brady and Manning hype that will go into this game, the game itself will be more of a defensive battle between the two teams. Patriots eek it out. Patriots 17 Colts 16

Ravens (-10.5) over Browns- Browns fans are lucky---this game might be blacked out in Cleveland. The rest of the country not going to get such good luck. Game over by the 1st quarter. Ravens 31 Browns 13