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Midseason Review-Defense

Run Defense

Despite what seemed like some problems with the running game, the overall performance of the Jets in this category is far better than average. Even with the loss of NT Kris Jenkins the run defense is proving to be a stopper. The Jets have improved significantly over last season in stopping the big run plays. Much of that has to be credited to having a healthy David Harris and the additions of Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard. CB Darrelle Revis has also been outstanding in run support. Last year at this time the Jets let up 40% more than average runs over 20+/att and 35% more runs over 40+ when adjusted for attempts. This year the Jets are holding teams 26% below in the 20 category and have yet to give up a run over 40 yards. That is very impressive. The only concerning area for the Jets in this regard is the number of 1st downs they are giving up on the ground. Based on how well the run defense plays this should not happen, yet teams are running for more first downs than they normally do. This was a problem last year as well and may be indicative of problems along the defensive line.

Statistical Breakdown:

Att Yards Yards/carry TD 1st 20+ 40+
Jets 26.88 108.13 4.02 0.50 6.38 0.50 0.00
Opposition 30.29 130.70 4.32 1.16 6.96 0.76 0.18
Differential -11.29% -17.28% -6.75% -56.78% -8.41% -34.61% -100.00%

TD/Att 1st/Att 20+/Att 40+/Att
Jets 0.019 0.237 0.019 0.000
Opposition 0.038 0.230 0.025 0.006
Differential -51.28% 3.24% -26.30% -100.00%

Pass defense

Everyone knows that Darrelle Revis has become one of the top two corners in the NFL, but that did not stop the Jets from having all kinds of problems in the secondary in 2008. They brought in Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland to replace the Dwight Lowery’s and Drew Coleman’s of the world, but neither signing has been very healthy which has caused the Jets to basically use the same secondary players in coverage that they had last season. Despite that fact the pass defense is tremendously improved from last season and all the credit has to go to the scheme that the Jets are using. Despite low sack totals (25% below average per attempt) every other category is up across the board. YPC, where the Jets were average last year, is now firmly above average. YPA and Comp % where the Jets were a disaster in 2008, are now tremendous as they are holding teams to 22% below their average YPA and nearly 14% below their average completion percentage. The Jets do not give up big plays, 1st downs, or touchdowns through the air. Defensively this is the category which has seen the Jets go from one of the worst defenses in the NFL to one of the better defenses in the NFL. If there was one concerning spot it is the lack of interceptions by the defense where the Jets are trending slightly below average. Much of this blame has to go on the safeties who are usually asked to make plays in this defense and have not done so. Kerry Rhodes’ zero interceptions has to be improved upon in the second half of the year.

Statistical breakdown

Comp Attempts Yards TD INT 1st 20+ 40+ Sacks
Jets 17.50 32.38 165.25 0.63 0.88 8.50 1.88 0.25 1.75
Opposition 19.52 31.20 203.86 1.33 0.92 10.59 2.35 0.49 2.26
Differential 10.39% 3.78% -18.94% -53.13% -5.05% -19.72% 20.31% -49.00% -22.39%

Comp % Yds/Comp Yds/Att TD/Att INT/Att Sack/Att
Jets 54.05 9.44 5.10 0.019 0.027 0.054
Opposition 62.60 10.44 6.53 0.043 0.030 0.072
Differential -13.65% -9.54% -21.89% -54.83% -8.51% -25.22%


When you put this all together you have to be impressed by the Jets defense. The Jets are facing some of the best teams in the NFL at converting 3rd downs (41% average conversion) and have held them to 36% conversion, a 12% improvement. The team has yet to allow a 4th down conversion. The Jets need to be more active in stripping the football as teams do not put the ball on the ground when facing the Jets. When they do fumble the ball the Jets players are doing a good job recovering the ball, but they simply do not get enough chances. The Ravens defense thrived off turnovers and this is not a great category for NY right now. All told this is a defense that is statistically a superior playoff caliber defense with the potential to carry a team deep into the playoffs if the rest of the team can cut down on the mistakes and stop giving teams free points.

Statistical Breakdown:

Plays 3rd Made 3rd Att 3rd Conv% 4th Made 4th Att 4th Conv%
Jets 61.00 4.88 13.50 36.11 0.00 1.00 0.00
Opposition 63.75 5.63 13.73 41.00 0.61 1.12 54.39
Differential -4.31% -13.37% -1.64% -11.92% -100.00% -10.52% -100.00%

TOPG Fum Fum Lost
Jets 29:20 1.88 0.50
Opposition 31:05 1.60 0.88
Differential -5.46% -22.26% 13.33

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