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Lito Sheppard

Position: Cornerback

CB Lito Sheppard was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Jets on February 28, 2009. Sheppard had three years remaining on his contract. The Jets negotiated an extension with Sheppard in which the team will pay Sheppard an option bonus of 10 million dollars in 2010 or allow him to become a free agent. Sheppard will earn an extra $1.55 million in base pay if he reaches a playtime incentive in which he must play in 39% of the defensive snaps. Sheppard's base salaries are $3,000,000(2009), $1,150,000(2010), $2,050,000(2011), $2,950,000(2012), and $3,850,000(2013).We are estimating an extra 1 million is available in workout bonuses.

Sheppard participated in more than 39% of the 2009 defensive snaps to earn his escalator. His new base salaries are $2,700,000(2010), $3,600,000(2011), $4,500,000(2012), and $5,400,000(2013).

All cap figures are presented assuming the team picks up the Sheppard option bonus.

Year Salary Cap Number Dead Money if Cut Cap Savings if Cut