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Kyle Wilson

Position: Cornerback

The New York Jets signed CB Kyle Wilson, the teams first round draft choice in the 2010 NFL Draft, to a 5 year contract worth a potential 12.99 million dollars on July 31, 2010. The contract contains 7.12 million in guaranteed money. Wilson received a $1,112,000 signing bonus and received a $708,000 roster bonus in 2010. Wilson will receive an option bonus worth $3,500,000 in 2011. If Wilson plays in 35% of the defensive snaps in 2010 or 45% in the following year he will earn a bonus of $1,070,000. Base salaries are $320,000(2010), $410,000(2011), $567,000(2012), $813,000(2013), and $1,065,000 (2014).

We are estimating that Wilson earned the playing time bonus of $1,070,000 in 2011 which will be paid in the 2012 League Year.

Year Salary Cap Number Dead Money if Cut Cap Savings if Cut