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Kris Jenkins

Position: Defensive Tackle

Kris Jenkins was traded to the New York Jets from the Carolina Panthers on March 1, 2008. The Jets gave Jenkins a new 5 year 30.25 million dollar contract with 9.5 million in guarantees. The deal includes a 4.5 million dollar signing bonus, $500,000 per year in workout bonuses, and a potential $250,000 per year in bonus incentives tied to his weight. Jenkins will be weighed 10 times per seaon and paid $25,000 each time he makes weight. Jenkins will receive a 3.5 million dollar roster bonus in 2008 is also due an estimated 6 million in other bonus money over the course of the contract, estimated at 4 million in 2009 and 1 million in the last two years of the deal. Jenkins yearly salaries are $750,000(2008), $750,000(2009), $2,250,000(2010) $3,750,000(2011) and $5,000,000(2012).

Year Salary Cap Number Dead Money if Cut Cap Savings if Cut