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New York Jets Playoff Scenarios- Week 16 Edition

The plan is to update the playoff race every week. I believe every scenario is accurate, but just send me a note if there are any corrections or additions.

It basically comes down to week 17 for the Jets. Whether or not the Dolphins win or lose next week makes no difference. At worst they will be one game behind New York with one game to play. If Miami wins they jump the Jets. If they lose the Jets finish ahead of Miami. At this point in time the Jets will be alive when Week 17 kicks off no matter what. If New England loses to Arizona the Jets will control their own destiny when their own game kicks off against Miami even if the team loses this week in Seattle. If the Jets lose to Seattle, it is possible that they could be eliminated from the playoffs by the time they actually take the field against the Dolphins. The Jets will be the 3 seed if they win the AFC East at 11-5. If they won it at 10-6 they need one more Denver loss to earn the 3 seed.

The Jets only way to beat the Indianapolis Colts for the wildcard would be for the Colts to lose out and the Jets to win a strength of victory tiebreaker. Right now the Colts hold a slight edge with a 0.464 win % vs. 0.448 for the Jets. Baltimore losing to the Steelers makes them a possibility. When it comes to SOV the Jets hold a big edge as the Ravens are only at 0.378

Here are the divisional tiebreakers:

1. Jets go 2-0 to finish 11-5

Clinch the division

2. Jets go 1-1, beating Miami and losing to Seattle to finish 10-6:

Clinch division if New England loses to either Arizona or Buffalo.

Here are the wildcard tiebreakers:

1. Jets go 1-1, beating Seattle and losing to Miami to finish 10-6:

A New England loss to Buffalo AND a Baltimore loss to Dallas AND Jacksonville

2. Jets go 1-1, beating Miami and losing to Seattle to finish 10-6:

A Baltimore loss to Jacksonville OR
A Baltimore loss to Dallas AND the strength of victory tiebreaker OR ,
Indianapolis to lose to Jacksonville and Tennessee AND the strength of victory tiebreaker

Results the Jets want in week 16:

Dallas over Baltimore
Arizona over New England
Jacksonville over Indianapolis
Buffalo over Denver