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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Packers
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Packers

Something tells me this is not going to be very pretty for the offense….

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+PA%
Sanchez 42.11 16.00 6.74 0.00 5.26 5.26 10.53
Packers 58.80 10.20 6.00 3.20 4.00 8.80 8.40
Differential -28.39% 56.90% 12.36% -100.00% 31.58% -40.19% 25.31%

Analysis: From an accuracy standpoint this was a major step back for Sanchez from the Broncos level right back to the Vikings level. Both the Vikings game and this Packers game were played under adverse conditions and that could be a bad sign for the team as the weather begin to turn towards winter. Sanchez was victimized by a number of drops to go along with some bad passes. The interceptions were very strange calls that could have easily been ruled completions to the Jets on another day. Sanchez’ YPC was 56.9% above the average and his 20+ yard passes were 25% above the norm. The 20+ category is one that Sanchez is doing well in this year, but it seems like the Jets are too reliant on those plays. To average 16 yards per completion and have 0 points to show for it shows the fundamental problems with Sanchez’ game right now. Nobody is calling for the return of the Chad Pennington style offense, but you have to have an ability to use other parts of the field. This is essentially turning into the Derek Anderson fluke year offense in Cleveland where its just bomb, bomb, bomb, and nothing else positive. Sanchez did show some decent poise in the pocket and was pretty well protected, resulting in the Packers registering 41% less sacks than normal.


Edwards 1 32 32.0 32
Packers(WR 1) 5.29 73.7 13.9 24.7
Differential -81.10% -56.59% 129.66% 29.50%

Analysis:The first bad game for Edwards since week 1. For whatever reason the Jets never looked his way, with only 4 pass attempts coming to him, and missing him wide open in the middle of the field. Either Edwards played poorly or the Jets simply chose not to go his way. Either way, when your number 1 is 81% below the normal amount of catches and 57% below the normal amount of yards the opposition gives up you likely will not win.

Holmes 3 43 14.3 18
Packers (WR 2) 3.1 43.4 13.8 24.9
Differential -4.46% -0.99% 3.63% -27.59%

Analysis: The Jets expected more from Holmes than to simply be an average number 2 in the offense, but that is exactly what he is right now. The Jets felt they had two number 1 receivers with he and Edwards on the field at the same time, but Holmes is consistently putting up average or slightly below average number 2 statistics. He had a critical drop that hurt the team this week. He has to improve.

Cotchery 4 89 22.3 49
Packers (WR3) 2.3 22.4 9.8 10.7
Differential 74.67% 296.79% 127.16% 357.52%

Analysis: This is a very hard game to rate because statistically this is the best game of the year for Cotchery as he shattered the standards of a 3 against this defense, but he was targeted so many times and dropped so many passes that its tough to call this an “A game”. Cotchery ran a great route on his 49 yard reception, but he had 9 incompletions on the day which just reaffirms my thought that there is no chemistry between he and Sanchez. With such a poor success rate Im not sure why they continue to look at him so often.

Keller 2 45 22.5 40
Packers (TE1) 4.0 46 11.5 20.3
Differential -50.00% -2.17% 95.65% 97.14%

Analysis: Keller had the one big reception to end the day with respectable numbers, but he was a bit underutilized on the day. Had the officials made the proper call on the Charles Woodson interception his numbers would have been better , but it would have been nice to see a few more passes go his way rather than to Cotchery.

Jets RB’s 6 47 7.8 12
Packers (RB‘s) 4.4 35.9 8.1 16.3
Differential 35.44% 31.07% -3.23% -26.34%

Analysis: Other than the fact that the Jets continue to fall well below the longest play norms, this was a better day than usual for their runners. The Jets did run a few designed screens and hopefully they will realize that this can be a bigger part of the game in the future for them.

Rushing Offense

Tomlinson 16 54 3.4 8
Packers (RB1) 15.7 70.3 3.84 12.1
Differential 1.85% -10.43% -12.06% -34.10%

Analysis: Essentially the same type of effort that was shown against the Broncos except in this game Tomlinson could not break the big scoring run to inflate the line and cement the game. This is two poor games in a row for LT and one more dud and the questions are going to begin to show up about whether or not he is already wearing down. This was the first time he did not look fast on the field getting tripped up on plays where it looked like he may have had daylight.
Greene 6 22 3.7 8
Packers (RB2) 5.0 21.29 4.3 6.6
Differential 20.00% 3.33% -13.89% 21.77%

Analysis:Greene has almost become an afterthought in the offense getting pure backup attempts, not exactly the sign of a team that wants to commit to a big running attack. The YPC are again a negative with Greene who cant seem to get his motor completely going in spot duty. The Jets need to figure out what they did last year with him that sprung him on so many crucial runs, because its just not working right now and they are going to need him down the stretch.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Rodgers 44.12 11.33 5.00 0.00 0.00 2.94 2.94
2010 Rodgers 63.83 12.27 7.83 5.11 3.83 5.96 10.64
Differential -30.88% -36.18% -7.66% -100.00% -100.00% -50.63% -72.35%

Analysis: Again a huge performance by the defense in terms of holding guys way below their normal completion percentage. The Jets are nearly always hitting in the -30% category against the opposition and this game was no different. The clear improvement here came in holding Rodgers to 72% below his big play average and nearly 8% below his YPC average. This is why the Packers offense was held to 6 meaningful points and why they never had any consistent offensive drives. Prior to this game the completions were always way down, but the big plays made up for it. The is the second week in a row without an interception, which really hurts them team in a game where the offensive struggles. Sacks were also a problem again, this week registering 50% below average. The Jets are in desperate need of a pass rusher. Calvin Pace, Shaun Ellis, and Jason Taylor all going cold at the same time is a problem.


Jennings 6 81 13.50 30
2010 Jennings 3.7 55.7 15.0/td> 29.3
Differential 61.50% 45.40% -10.00% 2.42%

Analysis:While Jennings 81 yards represented a 45% improvement over his usual numbers, he never really did significant damage as shown by his YPR being down by 10%. He never did anything exceptional down the field and once the Jets switched coverage schemes to not allow him to mismatch against Drew Coleman he really did nothing.

Driver 0 0 0.0 0
2010 Driver 4 43.9 11.0 21.3
Differential -100% -100% -100% -100%

Analysis: Driver was clearly hurting and eventually disappeared from the game. He was held catchless for the second time in two weeks.

Other Receiver 5 55 11.0 19
2010 OR 5.14 66.9 13.0 24.9
Differential -2.78% -17.74% -15.38% -23.57%

Analysis: Jordy Nelson did play well on the day, but James Jones, who ran his mouth before the game, did not have a catch. Overall the Jets kept these guys in front of them rather than allowing them to break deep like they usually do. 15% below average in YPC is a very good number.

Tight Ends 1 5 5.0 5
2010 TEs 2.1 27 12.6 25
Differential -53.33% -81.48% -60.32% -80.00%

Analysis:Another strong game against the tight end position for the Jets as they seem to have their early season problems far behind them. The use of Dwight Lowery and Brodney Pool has been a big upgrade over the Kyle Wilson and Eric Smith from early in the year.

RBs 2 17 8.5 13
2010 RB’s 3.4 26.6 7.8 14.5
Differential -41.67% -36.02% 9.68% -10.78%

Analysis: A good effort to hold the runners to 42% below their usual catch rate. This has been the strongest part of the Jets pass defense all season and this week was no exception.

Run Defense

Jackson 15 55 3.67 27
2010 Jackson 11.43 51.86 4.54 21.14
Differential 31.25% 6.06% -19.19% 27.72%

Analysis:The most important number here was the 19% below average YPA. Jackson’s big run was a meaningless run with almost no time on the clock at the end of the first half. If you take that number out that average falls to below 50%. A very solid job up front by the Jets, in particular Bart Scott and David Harris who were all over Jackson/

Final Thoughts

It was a tale of two units. You had a very strong defensive effort with no effort from the offense. This was the first game since the Raven game where the big play could not bail the Jets out and the average or below average play by most of the players was obvious by the 0 on the scoreboard. The Jets definitely have some issues on offense that they have to sort out, but if the defense has turned a corner and this type of game becomes the norm the Jet can win games while the offense figures things out. The big thing is that the Jets have to find a way to get Sanchez to complete more passes to keep the chains moving. The offense will not survive on a 30 yard pass here and a 40 yard pass there.

Final Grades:

Defensive Line: A-
Corners: A-
Safeties: B+
Linebackers: B+
Jerricho Cotchery: B
Offensive Line: C
Dustin Keller: C
Santonio Holmes: C-
Braylon Edwards: D
Shonn Greene: D
LaDainian Tomlinson: D
Mark Sanchez: D

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