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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Broncos
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Broncos

Moving onto the Broncos….

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+PA%
Sanchez 55.67 11.65 6.60 3.33 6.67 6.67 13.33
Broncos 61.84 11.37 7.03 5.26 1.97 3.29 10.53
Differential -8.37% 2.42% -6.16% -36.67% 237.78% 102.67% 26.67%

Analysis: If you look beyond the interceptions there were actually some positives this week which were improvements over the Vikings game. Sanchez improved on his accuracy (from -31% to -8.4%) and big plays (from -64.4% to 26.67%) in the game indicating a better use of the field from the QB. However, Sanchez allowed 6.67% of his pass attempts to be picked off by a defense that averages just under 2% a game and that number could have been far worse had the opposition held onto a few early passes. The sack rate was extremely high, but one of the two sacks was caused by Sanchez holding the ball too long, which is becoming a slight problem when the Jets call long pass plays. As the team heads into the bye week the one negative of the start for the QB is going to be the inaccuracy as Sanchez has only had one game this year that came close to being a positive with 5 negative starts, most in double digits. As long as the passes don’t begin getting intercepted at an alarming rate its something the team can deal with, but you hope this improves as the season wears on.


Edwards 4 46 11.5 32
Broncos(WR 1) 2.60 29.2 11.2 16.8
Differential 53.85% 57.53% 2.40% 91.04%

Analysis:Edwards did another solid job as he comes up with a positive grade for the 5th week in a row. Edwards got open far more than the usual number 1 WR’s do against the Broncos with nearly 54% more catches than the norm. His big 32 yard reception was a big difference maker against a normally stout Champ Bailey.

Holmes 3 41 13.67 19
Broncos (WR 2) 4 47 11.75 22
Differential -28.57% -39.28% -14.99% -14.73%

Analysis: Though Holmes was involved in that last play of the game, this was overall a disappointing game. Holmes posted a poor catch number and yards per reception. He could not get open deep down the field against a team that has given up a few big pass plays to the secondary receiver this year. Holmes is still adjusting and its pretty evident by the results.

Cotchery 4 18 4.5 8
Broncos (WR3) 2.2 25.6 11.6 15.6
Differential 81.82% -29.69% -61.33% -48.27%

Analysis: One week after his first real positive game, Cotchery went back down as he made nothing happen despite 4 receptions on the day. His YPR were 62% below the average, a terrible number for a player who has made a career of being a pretty good yards after catch guy. His long reception of 8 yards was nearly 50% below the norms for the third receiver against this defense. Cotchery was still targeted a lot of times on the day, but there just looks to be no chemistry between he and Sanchez.

Keller 3 75 25.00 41
Broncos (TE1) 3.0 34.4 11.47 21.8
Differential 0% 118.02% 118.02% 88.07%

Analysis: I expected that Keller would be more involved this week and he broke out of his small streak of poor statistical games in a big way. His 25 YPR average was 118% above the defensive norms and he was the most explosive player on the offense. He is going to have weeks like the last few where he just does not do much, simply because it’s the nature of the position unless you are pulled off the line and play only as a wideout as a Antonio Gates usually does, but the Jets look to have a keeper here.

Jets RB’s 2 12 6.0 8
Broncos (RB‘s) 3.8 19.8 5.21 8.2
Differential -47.37% -39.39% 15.15% -2.44%

Analysis: Sanchez probably had some opportunities to use Tomlinson more in the passing game, but he instead decided to hold the ball and look long which usually led to an incomplete pass. Tomlinson did well enough on his 2 receptions, but he is not having the impact the Jets expected in that part of the game. He has done so well on the ground, that I believe it’s a scheme issue more than a player issue.

Rushing Offense

Tomlinson 16 55 3.44 20
Broncoss (RB1) 18.0 71.4 3.97 14.60
Differential -11.11% -22.97% -13.34% 36.99%

Analysis: Just like how you knew Sanchez was going to throw an interception at some point you knew there would be a game when Tomlinson simply did not get moving. LT had a hard time getting to the edges where he has been so successful this year , causing him to have his first negative statistical day. His 20 yard run was an above average play against the Broncos and one of the big plats of the game.
Greene 9 43 4.78 8
Broncos (RB2) 5.4 34.4 6.37 22.4
Differential 66.67% 25.00% -25.00% -64.29%

Analysis:I really felt that Greene was the more physical runner on the day and he did have better stats against the Broncos than LT, but he failed to make the big play impact that many backups have before against the Broncos. The numbers are skewed a little bit by a 50 yard run by the Titans two weeks ago, but Willis McGahee also had a huge game in a backup role. I cant bring myself to say 4.8 YPC is a bad number, but its not a great number against this team either.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Orton 41.18 14.93 6.15 2.94 0.00 2.94 11.76
2010 Orton 66.20 12.29 8.14 3.76 1.41 5.63 12.68
Differential -37.80% 21.46% -24.45% -21.69% -100% -47.79% -7.19%

Analysis: Clearly there were a lot of positives in this weeks performance, namely holding Orton to 37.8% below his normal completion percentage. At the same time there were some negatives as Orton made up for that by being way up in yards per completion, as the Jets continue to get burned down the field in the 10-20 yard area. The Jets put Orton down on the ground far less than normal and failed to record an interception in the game as well. Still a major improvement over the Favre game, but the Jets need to find a way to limit the big pass plays that are hurting the defense.


Lloyd 4 74 18.50 29
2010 Lloyd 6.0 117.8 19.63/td> 38.8
Differential -33.3% -37.18% -5.77% -25.26%

Analysis:Everything was down for Lloyd, the NFL’s leading receiver, by about 30%. This was almost all Antonio Cromartie’s doing who just blanketed Lloyd the entire day. Lloyd’s big reception of the game came against S Jim Leonhard so the numbers against Cromartie were actually non-existent. Another great game for Cromartie who looks far superior to any other defender in the secondary.

Gaffney 6 81 13.50 27
2010 Gaffney 6.2 65.4 10.55 20.2
Differential -3.23% 23.85% 27.98% 33.66%

Analysis: If there was one guy who killed the secondary it was Gaffney. The 28% above average yards per reception was where the Jets nearly lost the battle. A lot of those yards seemed to come against CB Darrelle Revis early in the game. Revis did have tight coverage on some of the catches, but clearly the Broncos targeted him and were able to get the balls in over him. It seems as if every week there is one player who the Jets have a hard time with in the passing game and this week Gaffney was the guy.

Royal 3 37 12.33 24
2010 Royal 5.8 66.0 11.38 26.2
Differential -48.28% -43.94% 8.38% -8.40%

Analysis: The Jets did a very good job on Royal more or less taking him out of the passing offense as his catches were well down from his average. Royal can be dangerous when he catches the ball in the middle of the field in space, but the Jets avoided that situation. CB Drew Coleman has been a pleasant surprise this year and he had the majority of the day on Royal.

Graham 1 17 17.0 17
2010 Graham 2.2 16.8 7.64 15.6
Differential -54.45% 1.19% 122.62% 8.97%

Analysis:They did give up the one pass completion to Graham, but that was his only pass play of the day. The fact that it was far down the field is just another sign that points to the Jets down the field problems, but most of the time the coverage is solid.

RBs 0 0 0 0
2010 RBs 4.6 42.4 9.22 20.2
Differential -100% -100% -100% -100%

Analysis: A total shutout which again shows how great of a job the Jets are doing with the linebackers in coverage. Sure the Broncos held players in to block from time to time, but they never used their backs once in this game. That’s domination.

Run Defense

RB’s 25 86 3.44 4
2010 RBs 26.0 45.8 1.76 10.80
Differential -3.85% 87.77% 95.28% 29.63%

Analysis:There is no real nice way to spin this one. This is just the stats of the running backs and it represented around a 90% increase in the important categories. The Jets at times got gashed, especially early, before stiffening up late in the game, but in general the battle up front was won by Denver more often than not. Denver is the worst running team in the NFL and the Jets, who have been so good in run stuffing, made them look average on the day.

Final Thoughts

There were a handful of bright spots in the game and definitely some silver linings even in the bad areas, such as the fact that Sanchez did lead his team on a 4th quarter drive that tied the game and the defensive line had a number of late tackles for loss when the Jets were trying to recover. As the team heads into the bye week there have been a number of star performers on the team. Tomlinson, Edwards, Keller, Cromartie, and the line backing corps. have all been standouts more often than not. With players like Santonio Holmes, Darrelle Revis, Shonn Greene, and Jerricho Cotchery on the roster its safe to assume that someone will step up over the next 5 or 6 weeks if the early season all stars falter. They have the talent to do it. The only real area of concern thus far is the Safety position as they have been routinely C/D type grades and are so thin that its not like you can expect a contribution out of someone else. You just hope it can not get worse at this point in time.

Final Grades:

Dustin Keller: A+
Corners: B+
Braylon Edwards: B
Linebackers: B+
Shonn Greene: C+
Offensive Line: C+
Safeties: C
LaDainian Tomlinson: C
Santonio Holmes: C- Defensive Line: D
Mark Sanchez: D
Jerricho Cotchery: D

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