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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Vikings
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Vikings

Lets dig into the stats from the Vikings game and see how our players did compared to expectations.

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+PA%
Sanchez 47.73 9.10 4.34 0.00 0.00 4.55 2.27
Vikings 69.15 8.72 6.03 3.19 2.13 4.26 6.38
Differential -30.98% 4.27% -28.03% -100.00% 100% 6.82% -64.39%

Analysis: From a statistical standpoint this was the second bad game in a row for Sanchez. Accuracy is becoming a concern, but his passes are not being picked off so at least he is not missing to the other team. Sanchez was victimized by some drops this week and the Jets are slowly becoming a very vertical pass team as the last two weeks have been a lot of routes down the sidelines and not a ton underneath.


Edwards 5 70 14.0 31
Vikings (WR 1) 5.00 63.00 12.6 30.33
Differential 0.00% 11.11% 11.11% 2.20%

Analysis:Another primarily positive game for Edwards who is basically reclaiming his status in the NFL as a true number 1 WR based on his gameplay this year. He is becoming a tremendous deep threat and is doing a better job of holding onto the ball than he has in the past, though he did have a drop this past game. A very solid game.

Holmes 3 41 13.67 19
Vikings (WR 2) 2.33 29.67 12.71 21.67
Differential -28.57% 38.20% 7.49% -12.31%

Analysis: A mixed debut for Holmes who was open a number of times and either dropped the ball or was overthrown by his QB. Holmes did get much more involved in the offense than the usual number 2, but I think part of that was the large number of targets he would have been credited with, a stat which I don’t track but probably should in the future.

Cotchery 5 46 9.20 14
Vikings (OR) 3.33 29.67 8.90 16.33
Differential 50.00% 55.06% 3.37% -14.29%

Analysis: For the first time this season Cotchery finally got involved with the offense and outperformed the norms. At least for this week he benefited much more than I would have thought from the addition of Holmes. I really thought Sanchez would stop looking his way, but they just upped the pass attempts and he got his usual looks, but with far better results.

Keller 2 14 7.00 11
Vikings (TE1) 3.33 27.67 8.30 19.00
Differential -40.00% -49.40% -15.66% -42.11%

Analysis: Keller was clearly bothered by the weather in this game and had arguably his worst statistical game of the year. This is back to back poor games for the budding Tight End and I would expect the Jets to use him more next week. He should be their middle of the field target, but the Jets have shied away from that part of the field the last two weeks.

Jets RB’s 5 13 2.6 10
Vikings (RB‘s) 5.33 33.33 6.25 12.67
Differential -6.25% -61.00% -58.41% -21.05%

Analysis: I don’t have the stats of the other teams in the league, but the Jets must be one of the worst screen teams in the NFL. Every week is the same story in that the backs catch a bunch of passes but have nowhere to go after the pass is caught. Tomlinson has been excellent in the run game so he is being tightly covered in the pass game. If they actually got the blockers in front of the backs and called a few real screens these numbers would shoot up in the future. Right now the team is kind of wasting Tomlinson’s skills as a receiver.

Rushing Offense

Tomlinson 20 95 4.75 17
Vikings (RB1) 13.00 59.00 4.54 26.00
Differential 53.85% 61.02% 4.66% -34.62%

Analysis: Tomlinson is turning into quite the workhorse with a far bigger number of carries than would be expected. This was the first game where he did not explode past the average yards per carry, but the Vikings numbers are somewhat skewed in that category because they gave up a 51 yard run to Ronnie Brown in week 2. As the year progresses that 4.75 YPA is probably going to be well above the average.
Greene 10 57 5.70 23
Vikings (RB2) 6 16.33 2.72 6.33
Differential 66.67% 248.98% 109.39% 263.35%

Analysis:Green looks to have finally turned the corner with back to back stellar performances. The coach made the right decision in officially naming LT the starter and putting Greene back in the role he excelled in last season. His TD run at the end of the game was one of the best runs you will see this year. By seasons end he could be the best number 2 back in the NFL, giving the Jets a pretty deadly combo.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Favre 41.18 18.86 7.76 8.82 2.94 11.76 20.59
2010 Favre 61.86 9.95 6.15 2.06 6.19 6.19 7.22
Differential -33.43% 89.52% 26.16% 327.94% -52.45% 90.20% 185.29%

Analysis: This up a week, down a week pass defense is becoming a trend as the Jets were brutalized by Favre in the second half. Favre had his best game of the year and he really hurt the Jets deep. The 185% improvement in the 20+ category and the 89% increase in YPC has to really be upsetting Rex Ryan. WR Randy Moss is clearly a help, but they should never have given up these kind of numbers, especially at home. On the bright side the Jets pass rush really rattled Favre and they are doing a better job than they did last season bringing the QB down.


Moss 4 81 20.25 37
2010 Moss 2.25 34.75 15.44/td> 33.67
Differential 77.78% 133.09% 31.12% 9.90%

Analysis:Like the Holmes statline I believe this is also a big misleading because Favre threw to Moss so often and Moss had become forgotten in the Patriots offense, which is where all his stats come from this year. All you can do is tip your hat to him and Favre on the 37 yard touchdown as it was perfect and its not like Moss was open there. Cromartie was right with him.

Harvin 5 97 19.40 34
2010 Harvin 4 35.33 8.83 16.33
Differential 25.00% 174.53% 119.62% 108.16%

Analysis: Completely unacceptable play. The Jets left Cromartie basically one on one with Moss and there was no excuse for Harvin to get that open and that much free space to run. Most of the coverage mishaps were the fault of Darrelle Revis who should not have been playing. The TD was on Jim Leonhard whose size was exposed again as a larger body would have been able to force Harvin out before the score. The Jets may want to rethink their plans if Revis plays next week. Ryan has put too much faith in certain secondary guys and been burned by those targets a few times this year.

Shiancoe 2 28 14.00 20
2010 Shiancoe 3.67 56.33 15.36 24.33
Differential -45.45% -50.30% -8.88% -17.81%

Analysis:The Jets look to have their early season tight end woes figured out. A lot of credit should go to LB Bryan Thomas who often is running in coverage as well as the insertion of S Brodney Pool into the lineup over Eric Smith. Pool is just more of a presence on the field and I think makes the QB think twice before making the throw.

RBs 1 20 20.00 20
2010 RBs 4.33 28.33 6.54 14.67
Differential -76.92% -29.41% 205.88% 36.36%

Analysis: I just have the Adrian Peterson stats here since he is really the only player they use. The Jets kept Peterson out of the passing offense almost all game until they had a bit of a mental lapse late in the 4th quarter when he ran away from the defense after catching the ball. Though it was a big play the more important number here was lack of attempts as the best way to stop game breakers like Peterson is to limit their touches and the Jets did a good job of that.

Run Defense

Peterson 18 88 4.89 30
2010 Adrian Peterson 23.33 130.67 5.60 39.00
Differential -22.86% -32.65% -12.70% -23.08%

Analysis:People are probably going to jump on the Jets defense because they did not completely stuff Peterson and he had those big runs late, but if you look at the numbers the Jets were very effective. Despite the 4.89 YPA average that was actually more than 12% below average for him. You will see a stark contrast with the attempts that Peterson got versus those of Tomlinson and Greene. LT and Greene were way above the average attempts because the coaching staff had faith that the Jets offensive line was better than the great run defense of the Vikings. Peterson was 23% below his average because Brad Childress did not think they could run effectively on the Jets. LB David Harris should get a ton of credit this week for his stops on Peterson.

Final Thoughts

This was not a dominating performance by any means, but overall almost everyone was slightly above average. The Jets run game looks to be one of the best in the NFL and the run defense is also right up there. There will be some kinks to work out in the passing game and the Jets really need to decide what to do with Revis and the pass coverage.

Final Grades:

Shonn Greene: A+
Linebackers: A
LaDainian Tomlinson: B+
Offensive Line: B+
Defensive Line: B+
Jerricho Cotchery: B
Braylon Edwards: C+
Santonio Holmes: C Safeties: C-
Mark Sanchez: C-
Dustin Keller: D
Corners: D

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