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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Bills
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Bills

Im moving on this week to using just the 2010 stats for the Bills with the exception of the QB position where I will use Ryan Fitzpatrick’s starting stats from last year and last week. As always comments are always welcome here or via email.

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+PA%
Sanchez 58.33 11.93 6.96 8.33 0.00 0.00 4.17
Bills 68.48 10.60 7.26 6.52 0.00 4.35 11.96
Differential -14.87% 12.50% -4.17% 27.78% 0% 100% -65.15%

Analysis: Not the greatest game in the world for Sanchez, who was hampered by some erratic throws most of the game. This is the second game in a row with a below average completion percentage, but he is making up for that by not being so off target that the ball is being picked off. Sanchez continues to be very effective at getting into the end zone, but in general he did very little down the field today. His YPC is inflated due to the one beautiful throw to Braylon Edwards, but the last two games he has been extremely good in that category so I doubt it would be any cause for concern and more of a gameplan issue than anything else. The Jets pass protection was the best it has been all season. This is two games in a row with no sacks, but unlike the Dolphins game Sanchez was never touched this week. We shall see how they hold up against the Minnesota Vikings next week.


Edwards 4 86 21.5 41
Bills (WR 1) 4.33 43.67 10.08 23.00
Differential -7.69% 96.95% 113.36% 78.26%

Analysis: Another outstanding game for Edwards who is turning into a big play machine this season. It should be noted that the Bills lost their number 1 corner for this game, but the differences should not be so drastic to allow the numbers that Edwards put up. The Jets staff has to be chomping at the bit to see what can happen with Holmes running alongside Edwards. Someone is going to get single coverage and that is going to be a hard assignment for the defense.

Cotchery 3 26 8.67 14
Bills (WR 2) 4.67 44.67 9.57 17.00
Differential -35.71% -41.79% -9.45% -17.65%

Analysis: Well the Jets made an effort to get him involved early and this was an improvement over last weeks game, but he just is not fitting in the offense. He had a chance for one big play and he and Sanchez just did not connect. The Jets were conservative on offense so you can say that if this was a close game he probably would have only been about 10-15% off the norm, but that is still below average. He should get much better matchups with Santonio Holmes on the field, but it’s a question as to how often Sanchez will look to him now. This must be very disappointing to him because he knows he is better than this.

Keller 4 28 7.00 15
Bills (TE1) 4.33 71.33 16.46 26.67
Differential -7.69% -60.75% -57.48% -43.75%

Analysis: Keller was due for a game like this one and luckily it came against a team the Jets beat up on from the opening snap forward. Keller did have two scores and was held on a potential third so he was extremely effective at the goalline even though that is not in the stat analysis. Keller was also hurt by the Jets decision to stay outside rather than attack the middle of the field where Keller is most effective.

Jets RB’s 4 24 6.0 10
Bills (RB‘s) 2.33 19.67 8.43 11.00
Differential 71.43% 22.03% -28.81% -9.09%

Analysis: The team made good use of Tomlinson in the passing game and getting him the ball, but thus far the backfield passes have yet to really produce average yardage. Its probably more because the Jets rarely call screens and are using their runners more as check downs on every play. Had Sanchez made a better pass to Tomlinson on LT’s one handed grab deep in Bills territory these numbers would have been closer to average.

Rushing Offense

Tomlinson 19 133 7.00 26
Bills (RB1) 13.33 64.00 4.80 15.00
Differential 42.50% 107.81% 45.83% 73.33%

Analysis: I have finally moved Tomlinson into the number 1 spot as the Jets have clearly decided that he is now the best back on the team. That could always change at some point, but his production right now is ridiculous. His YPC was nearly 46% higher this week than the norm with a long run that was 73% higher than the norm. Some credit has to go to the offensive line, but many of the yards LT ran for came from his skills in the open field where he was making guys fall over trying to grab him. This is an amazing turnaround season for the future Hall of Famer.
Greene 22 117 5.32 17
Bills (RB2) 11 38.00 3.45 8.33
Differential 100.00% 207.87% 53.95% 104.00%

Analysis:By far the best performance of the year for Greene who looked to be running with more purpose than he has the last few weeks. His 54% improvement in YPA is excellent and would have been even higher, but he seemed to get the majority of garbage time snaps where the Bills just loaded the line while the Jets ran out the clock. Moreso than the LT carries Id say Greene’s performance was very indicative of the improved line play as most of his runs came through the tackles. Greene was close to breaking a few runs for major yardage and hopefully this is the kind of game he needs to get the season jumpstarted.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Fitzpatrick 44.44 10.67 4.74 7.41 0.00 11.11 7.41
09/10 Fitzpatrick 57.65 11.35 6.55 4.31 4.71 8.63 7.06
Differential -22.90% -6.05% -27.57% 71.12% -100.00% 28.79% 4.94%

Analysis: Really an outstanding game by the secondary and pass rushers this week as it seems the Jets are up a week and then down a week in pass defense. The Jets made life miserable for Ryan Fitzpatrick whose completion percentage was nearly 23% below his average and YPC were also down from his usual. The TD and 20 plus numbers are also inflated since both a score and a 20 yard pass were in total garbage time when the game was completely out of hand. If not for a complete breakdown by the safeties late in the first half Fitzpatrick likely would not have topped 80 yards on the day. This was also the first game of the year where the defense sacked the QB at an above average clip, pretty impressive against a QB that did scramble a lot to try to buy time. The Jets brought more heat from the secondary this week and that seemed to work. Maybe they try more of that next week.


Evans 1 6 6 6
10 Evans 3.00 29.33 9.78 11
Differential -66.671% -79.55% -38.64% -45.45%

Analysis:A big game for Antonio Cromartie who held Evans to what would have been his second 0 reception game of the year if not for a late garbage time catch for 6 yards. I was a bit surprised they put Cromartie on Evans the whole game and even more surprised that the help on him seemed minimal. Cromartie was all over Evans and never gave him much of a chance. This was as good as his showing against Randy Moss.

Parrish 1 7 7.00 7
10 Parrish 3 50.67 16.89 27.67
Differential -66.67% -86.18% -58.55% -74.70%

Analysis: This was even more impressive than the Evans no show as Parrish has been themore productive player this year. CB Drew Coleman, who has always had trouble in coverage really did a good job as this was his primary guy most of the game. He likely had the help that usually goes to Evans, but this was such an improvement for the Jets who were ripped to shreds against the Dolphins secondary targets last week. Coleman is going to earn another start with this type of play.

Other WR 7 106 15.14 37
10 Other WR 4 53.00 13.25 23.67
Differential 75.00% 100.00% 14.29% 56.34%

Analysis:This was the trouble spot for the defense, though 20 of these yards came in total junk time. I felt CB Kyle Wilson played better this week and did a pretty good job against Steve Johnson. Most of the problems here were due to the play of the safeties who are proving to be an Achilles heel of the defense.

Bills TE‘s 1 4 4.00 4
10 Bills TE‘s 1.67 13.67 8.20 8.00
Differential -40.00% -70.73% -51.22% -50.00%

Analysis:The Bills don’t have a tight end of any value and rarely utilize the position so this statline is no surprise. Still it was pretty ridiculous for David Martin to get that wide open to score a touchdown.

RBs 2 5 2.50 4
10 RBs 4.67 16.00 3.43 7.67
Differential -57.14% -68.75% -27.08% -47.83%

Analysis: This has become a weekly trend for the Jets who simply do not allow the running backs to factor into the passing game. The Bills runners are not exactly a juggernauts in the passing game, but they do get targeted and the Jets did not even allow that this week. The LB play has been outstanding in keeping the runners at bay this year and this game was no exception.

Run Defense

Lynch 4 8 2.00 5
10 Lynch Brown 11.00 52.00 4.73 15.33
Differential -63.64% -84.62% -57.69% -67.39%

Analysis:Another week and another number 1 back falls apart. The Jets run defense was so strong that the Bills abandoned even attempting to use Lynch. The team held him to nearly 60% below his rushing average and never let him get going early in the game.

Other RB 5 33 6.6 12
10 Other RB 9.33 34.67 3.71 13.00
Differential -46.43% -4.81% -77.69% -7.69%

Analysis: Analysis: The Jets did not do as well against Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller as expected and I think that partially was due to the Bills inserting Jackson into the game early in a role he has not been used in all season long. If the Bills had any faith in it working they would have tried them more often when the game was in doubt, but they never did.

Final Thoughts

This was a game filled with big contributions from a number of different spots. You had the dominant running game and line play along with Braylon Edwards on offense. You had incredible pass defense and run defense from the main defensive players. This was really the first game of the year where the Jets went to the run first offense that they used last year, a decision wisely made based on the opponent. We saw a few turnarounds this week that will hopefully indicate even better things to come out of both the offense and the defense as the team gets healthy these next few weeks and brings back some of the big name stars. The Jets have the makings of something special this year if they keep up these kind of performances

Final Grades:

LaDainian Tomlinson: A+
Braylon Edwards: A+
Shonn Greene: A
Offensive Line: A
Defensive Line: A
Linebackers: A
Corners: A
Mark Sanchez: C+
Dustin Keller: C+
Safeties: C-
Jerricho Cotchery: C-

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