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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Bengals
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Bengals

After missing the Texans game we are back for a look at how the team stacked up against the Bengals

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+PA%
Sanchez 57.14 10.38 5.93 3.57 3.57 7.14 7.14
Bengals 60.29 10.80 6.51 4.41 3.53 2.94 9.12
Differential -5.23% -3.89% -8.91% -19.05% 1.19% 142.86% -21.66%

Analysis: All negatives across the board for Sanchez, but this was much better than I assumed. The -5.23% in completion percentage is actually a good mark for Sanchez, who in the past is usually in double digits under in this category. His YPC and YPA were not terrible by any means and just slightly below average. Really what was missing this week was the longer passes. They were there during the game, but Sanchez just missed them. Had he completed just one more 20 yard pass his numbers would have almost all been slightly positive instead of negative. The worst thing he did on the day was the high sack total, none of which was the fault of the offensive line and just a case of him holding the ball too long. All in all a game that seemed much worse than it actually was.


Edwards 2 20 10.0 15
Bengals(WR 1) 4.7 70.1 14.9 28.0
Differential -57.45% -71.47% -32.95% -46.43%

Analysis:Even if Edwards has caught the big pass from Sanchez late in the game his stats still would have been below average. Some of the day may have been the QB’s fault, as Edwards was open once or twice where Sanchez just missed him, but its not as if he was that open all day. Edwards is prone to games like this and it may be a gameplan issue as Edwards is more and more only used down the field. Maybe they don’t trust his hands short and are worried of a tipped interception.

Holmes 5 44 8.8 16
Bengals (WR 2) 4.7 49.9 10.6 18.7
Differential 6.38% -11.82% -17.11% -14.44%

Analysis: The Bengals did a good job of keeping Holmes in check after he had played like a superstar the last few games. Holmes never was able to make big yards happen after the catch which is reflected in hi low lower than usual long catch and YPC. He was due for a game like this and you have to give the Bengals patchwork secondary some big props for the coverage

Keller 4 49 12.3 21
Bengals (TE1) 3.6 39.9 11.1 19.6
Differential 11.11% 22.81% 10.53% 7.14%

Analysis: After a few weeks of being a no show in the offense, Keller put up some respectable numbers against the defense with a slightly above average day. He found his way open a few extra times than usual and was able to gain about 10% more yards per catch than normal. While these numbers are nowhere near his early season numbers this is a step in the right direction.

Jets RB’s 3 25 8.3 11
Bengals (RB‘s) 3.7 25.1 6.8 12.6
Differential -18.92% -0.4% 22.84% -12.70%

Analysis: I think the important category to look at here is the YPR that was nearly 23% above normal. The Jets are finally figuring out the ways to use their RB’s in the passing game and with the actual running woes that will be more important than ever. If not for the ball bouncing off Tomlinsons facemask in a weird miscommunication problem, those two negatives in receptions and yards would have both been positives. The Jets will hopefully look more towards this position.

Rushing Offense

Tomlinson 13 49 3.8 9
Browns (RB1) 17.2 80.4 4.7 24.0
Differential -24.42% -39.05% -19.36% -62.50%

Analysis: This may be the last week where I make a distinction between Tomlinson and Greene as now they have more or less rotated to a committee system with neither player being considered the 1 or the 2. I don’t know if that is Greene playing himself into the job or LT playing his way out, but that will probably be a more fair way to approach this in the future. A terrible game for Tomlinson who has now become ineffective in the run offense. He’s a full yard below the average almost every week and this is not just a RB problem but a line problem. I have heard people complain that its because teams are stacking the box with 9 guys every play, and while that is true at times it is no different than last season and last season Jones and Greene went wild running the ball. Greene stinks this year too so it is a blocking thing more than an age thing.
Greene 18 70 3.9 9
Bengals (RB2) 4.7 20.4 4.3 12.2
Differential 282.98% 243.14% -10.40% -26.23%

Analysis:As you can see from category 1 this is why I am going to combine the two players as its every week that Greene is nearly 300% above average in carries. The important number of YPC is terrible and every week the Jets runners are terrible in being able to get into the open field and get double digit yards. That was not the case for LT early in the year but has been for Greene all season. I can buy that LT’s issue in that category are age. For Greene that may be physical.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Palmer 44.74 7.94 3.55 2.63 5.26 7.89 2.63
2010 Palmer 60.91 10.98 6.69 4.57 3.30 4.31 6.60
Differential -26.56% -27.64% -46.86% -42.40% 59.51% 82.97% -60.12%

Analysis: Carson Palmer is not any good, but this was a nightmare for him. The one thing that stands out is the 83% above average sack rate which is not normal by any means for the Jets. This was caused by the fact that the defensive line absolutely dominated the Bengals line and the fact that the secondary never let anyone breathe. Palmer completely lost the down the field pass and his YPA was nearly 50% below his norms. The Jets had been doing a good job keeping completion percentages low this year, but teams would make up for that with a few big gainers. That was not an issue this week. Arguably the worst game by a QB against the Jets this year.


Owens 3 17 5.7 8
2010 Owens 6.2 89.7 14.5/td> 33.4
Differential -51.61% -81.05% -60.83% -76.05%

Analysis:Darrelle Revis had some impressive games last season and shut Calvin Johnson down this year, but this may have been the best game of his career. Owens started running his mouth before the game about Revis and clearly felt disrespected that Revis called him a slouch last year. Revis came out and destroyed Owens holding hi to 81% below his normal output. His long catch of 8 yards represented a 76% drop from his usual games as well. Owens continued the war of words after the game which is amazing, because this was as one sided a game as you will ever see.

Ochocinco 4 41 10.3 12
2010 Ochocinco 5 58.7 11.7 19.5
Differential -20.00% -30.15% -12.69% -38.46%

Analysis: While not as great as the Revis showing, Cromartie certainly made a respectable showing here. Chad never broke free deep down the field and it showed in his YPR and YPG category. He was close on 1 TD that would have slightly inflated the numbers had it been called a score on the field, but he still would have been below average everywhere except receptions. Cromartie seemed to play better as the game went on as the Ochocinco catches seemed to be early in the game and he was then rendered invisible.

Shipley 5 38 7.6 12
2010 Stuckey 3.9 53.3 13.7 28.3
Differential 28.57% -28.75% -44.58% -57.64%

Analysis: This is an area where the Jets have had issues, but on Thursday the Kyle Wilsons and Drew Colemans of the world played great. People probably do not realize how effective Shipley has been in this offense this season. All his important stats were at least 28% below average and it was due to the exceptional tackling showing that the coverage was in the right spot. Shipley is a great YAC player and he never got that in this game.

Gresham 2 36 18.0 25
2010 Greshem 4.2 33.0 7.9 12.7
Differential -52.38% 9.09% 129.09% 96.85%

Analysis:These numbers look worse than they really were. The big reception he had came off a broken play when LB Jason Taylor just could not get to the QB in time and the QB found Gresham hanging around the line in traffic. I believe S Brodney Pool may have missed a tackle in the scamper, but the reception was not the fault of the safety. The rest of the game, where he was the safety responsibility he never caught the ball. He did drop one pass but would have been hit as soon as he made the grab so there is no guarantee he would have held on. I admit I was nervous when he got the first pass of the game, but he was never heard from again after that in the pass patterns. A step forward for a team that had stopped nobody lately in this area.

RB‘s 3 3 1.0 3
2010 RB’s 2.8 17.8 6.4 16.7
Differential 7.14% -83.15% -84.27% -82.04%

Analysis: They don’t use their backs for much, but this was domination by the Jets, whose Linebackers sniffed out every pass to the backfield all day, holding them to 80% below their norms in every major category this week.

Run Defense

Benson 18 41 2.3 14
2010 Benson 20.0 74.7 3.8 13.2
Differential -10.00% -45.11% -39.02% 6.06%

Analysis:After having some issues last week against Arian Foster, the team got back to business by holding Benson to 39% below his usual yards per attempt. Benson was pretty much totally ineffective in the offense and the ground game was a non factor. About the only negative was the fact that he did break off a 14 yard run. The Jets do seem to have a play a game where they allow the runner to match his usual big run or get slightly above that, which is strange since they are holding the player so far below normal the rest of the time. It could be a substitution package that teams see and take advantage of or just a mental breakdown every game where they need to big run to snap out of it.

Final Thoughts

You need a great defensive game to beat New England and this was one of the best of the year for the Jets. While the Packers game maybe saw less scoring, from a statistical standpoint there were areas in that game where you were unhappy with the defense, such as the coverage on Greg Jennings. There was no area to be concerned with this game. Offensively the Jets did not fire. When the passing game des not work well the offense is doomed. If not for the end around to Brad Smith, which is almost never effective, the production would have been zero. Unlike last year the Jets can no longer lean on the running game or offensive line to win games. They need Sanchez and his receivers to deliver. This game they did not.

Final Grades:

Corners: A
Defensive Line: A
Linebackers: A
Safeties: A
Offensive Line: B
Dustin Keller: C+
Santonio Holmes: C-
Shonn Greene: C-
LaDainian Tomlinson: C-
Braylon Edwards: D
Mark Sanchez: D

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