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Inside the Numbers- Jets vs Ravens
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Inside the Numbers: Jets vs Ravens

This is something new I am going to try to do this season whenever time allows me to compile the stats. Usually I do this just for a midseason and final year review, but I am going to try to apply it on a game to game basis. For the first few weeks Ill have to use the 2009 stats as a baseline, but by week 3 or 4 should be able to fully transition into the 2010 numbers. What I plan on doing is seeing just how good or bad the Jets units actually stacked up to the normal averages of the opposition. As always comments are always welcome here or via email.

Passing Offense


Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Sanchez 47.62 7.40 3.52 0.00 0.00 9.50 0.00
09 Ravens 58.40 10.84 6.33 3.20 4.20 6.10 9.20
Differential -18.46% -31.71% -44.32% -100% 100% 55.95% -100%

Analysis: Pretty awful. The only positive statistic was that there were no interceptions against a defense that creates a lot of turnovers. Everything else was terrible, including the pass protection which gave up 2 sacks in just 21 attempts. This was way worse than Sanchez’ averages last season and made the Ravens defense look like the second coming of the 85 Bears.


Edwards 1 9 9 9
09 Ravens (WR 1) 4.7 59.4 12.7 23.9
Differential -78.67% -84.84% -28.95% -62.3%

Analysis: A complete no show for Braylon Edwards. If it was not for a special teams penalty he received you would not even know he played. The Jets made no attempt to get him the ball and no attempt to use him down the field. Whether that was him not getting open or the Jets failing to try to attack in the air he never had a serious pass thrown in his direction. To finish with 9 yards is unfathomable.

Cotchery 2 18 9 13
09 Ravens (WR 2) 3.94 53.9 13.7 13
Differential -49.21% -66.63% -34.30% -55.17%

Analysis: Im not sure Cotchery has every had a worse game than this one from a statistical standpoint. To be so far below the defenses averages for a player that has had such a solid career is surprising. The Jets did target him a few times and he had a crucial drop that would have lowered these numbers, but he never played any role in this game.

Keller 2 13 6.5 9
09 Ravens (TE1) 2.6 28.1 10.7 15.3
Differential -23.81% -53.78% -39.33% -41.22%

Analysis: A disappointing start for Keller who is teetering on the edge of being considered a reach in the draft that never fully panned out. He made one of the worst fourth down plays in recent memory on the final offensive play of the game and had already dropped a pass before LB Ray Lewis laid him out. In fairness to Keller he did have a big reception called back by a terrible penalty, but he has to do more in the future.

Jets RB’s 5 34 6.8 9
09 Ravens (RB‘s) 4.38 31.94 7.3 16.63
Differential 14.29% 6.46% -6.85% -45.86%

Analysis: The Running Backs represented themselves well. They were targeted and utilized properly and for the most part made the yards they were supposed to make. The one part missing was the one big gainer that the Ravens usually give up, but this was probably a product of not really using much in the way of designed screens but instead check down type dump offs. Still there is nothing bad here at all.

Rushing Offense

Greene 5 18 3.6 8
09 Ravens (RB1) 17.3 61.3 3.55 15.9
Differential -71.01% -70.61% 1.39% -49.81%

Analysis: This is actually better than I would have expected. Greene, who found himself in the doghouse with two fumbles and a dropped pass, did put up average numbers against this defense. He just simply did not get the carries to inflate his numbers. Did Greene look like his head was into the game? No, but he was not ineffective when he did play. He was simply average with bad hands. He should be fine if he corrects the fumbling. If he does not expect a lot more LT.
Tomlinson 11 62 5.64 21
09 Ravens (RB2) 4.81 14.19 2.95 8.0
Differential 128.57% 337% 91.19% 162.5%

Analysis: As far as players considered the secondary option Tomlinson was tremendous. He destroyed the expected norms from the Ravens and probably should have had a few more chances, maybe down by the goalline. If he plays this well against teams that do not have this quality of run defense he may have that bounce back season at an age where everyone has written him off.

Passing Defense

Comp % YPC YPA TPA % IPA% SPA% 20+/Att
Flacco 52.63 12.40 6.53 0.00 2.63 5.26 10.53
09 Flacco 63.13 11.47 7.24 4.21 2.40 7.21 8.82
Differential -16.62% 8.11% -9.86% -100% 9.43% -27.05% 19.38%

Analysis: Not a great night for the Jets secondary or their pass rush. While the Jets did do a strong job of keeping Flacco’s completion percentage down, they allowed him to hit far more targets down the field than he typically does. I thought the Jets actually had a pretty good pass rush, but statistically speaking they did not as they produced far less sacks than the norm against this team. The fact that the Jets continued to huge blitzes late in the game is probably why the Ravens completed so many big passes as they were prepared for the one on one matchups against players not named Revis.


Note that the receivers will be a little tough to compare since Anquan Boldin comes from a totally different system and team. Ill use his Arizona stats for comparison. He more or less is the number 1 wideout in this offense, but the Jets mainly seemed to put their number 1 corner on Derrick Mason

Boldin 7 110 15.71 38
09 Boldin 5.6 68.27 12.19 23.5
Differential 25.00% 61.13% 61.7% 28.91%

Analysis:Boldin completely tore the Jets apart. The Jets let Boldin, who was basically a possession receiver for Arizona last year, tear them up down the field. Last season he only had two games with a longer catch than he had here and during the game he averaged nearly 30% more yards per reception than he did last season. For what its worth, this was also significantly worse than anything the Jets did on defense in 2009. Their second corner was more or less responsible for giving up around 40 yards per game. This was the result of an excellent gameplan by the Ravens, poor adjustments by the Jets, and poor play by Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson.

Mason 2 21 10.50 12
09 Mason 4.56 64.25 14.08 25.81
Differential -56.16% -67.32% -53.51% -25.44%

Analysis: Lets call this the Revis factor as Revis was matched up on Mason most of the night. Mason’s numbers were all down across the board as he was held to more than 50% below his norms by the Jets. The question coming out of the game, especially after seeing these numbers, is why was Revis almost exclusively on Mason? I believe it has more to do with the coach thinking there would be more chemistry between Flacco and Mason than Flacco and Boldin than Revis not being in game shape as some have suggested. The way the Ravens attacked it likely would not have made a difference as Mason would have gotten the looks and stats without Revis on him. He basically flubbed a ball down the sidelines when he was Revis free.

Heap 6 72 12.0 35
09 Heap 3.31 37.06 11.19 18.25
Differential 81.13% 94.27% 91.78% 7.25%

Analysis:While everyone will point to the Boldin game as the reason the Jets lost, the real killer was Heap who just blew away any and all expectations, nearly doubling his numbers in every category on Monday night. It was an awful showing by the Jets and would have been made worse if he had not bobbled a beautiful deep pass in the end zone which allowed Wilson to recover and knock it away. Baltimore exploited every mismatch with Heap targeting him every time he had the smaller Jim Leonhard and Wilson covering him. This is an area where the Jets will need S Brodney Pool in the future to help out.
RBs 4 18 4.5 16
09 RBs 13.38 58.00 4.34 22.5
Differential -70.09% -68.97% -28.89% 3.77%

Analysis: Just an outstanding performance at limiting the Ravens backfield from playing any role in the passing attack. They gave up one big play the entire game and basically took everyone out of this aspect of the game. The Ravens certainly looked early for these guys and it was just not there at all.

Run Defense

Rice 21 43 2.05 7
09 Rice 15.88 83.69 5.27 23.38
Differential 32.28% -48.62% -61.16% -70.06%

Analysis: Analysis: The Ravens clearly tried to establish some type of running game and got nowhere with Ray Rice. His YPC were down a whopping 61%, an unimaginable number, from the norm. He never got any room to run and was a complete non factor in the game. Credit has to go to the Jets defensive line and linebackers for making him and the entire running game a non-entity. They also tried with the secondary runners, but the attempts were so few and the results so poor I did not include them here.

Final Thoughts

In my postgame recap I said that I did not think the Jets were outcoached. Looking at these numbers I think my opinion has changed on that. The Ravens exploited the Jets defense with Boldin and Heap to a much larger extent than I realized. The Jets also failed to even attempt to use their wideouts, though it is hard to pin all that blame on the coaching staff as Sanchez looked like he was lost out there showing far less confidence than at any point last season.

Final Grades:

Defensive Line: A
LaDainian Tomlinson: A
Linebackers: B+
Shonn Greene: C
O-Line: C
Corners: D
Safeties: D
Dustin Keller: D
Mark Sanchez: F
Braylon Edwards: F
Jerricho Cotchery: F

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