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Brett Favre

That's Why You Get Brett Favre

Jets 56 Cardinals 35. Read that again. 56 points. 6 touchdowns through the air, most of which came from outside the red zone. That is why the team obtained the services of Brett Favre. What was witnessed on Sunday was something special for the fans of the New York Jets. Forget the turnovers. Forget the fact that this was the Cardinals. This was the kind of QB play that the Jets have only dreamed of since that fateful day in 1999 when Vinny Testeverde went down to an ankle injury that ruined the Jets season. And those that were in attendance on Sunday and those who were watching at home finally got that moment that has escaped us for so long.

Jets fans have been waiting for this kind of offensive explosion for so long its hard to believe it really happened. When Herman Edwards took over for this team in 2001 everyone expected to see it from Testeverde. It never happened. Chad Pennington came along and dinked and dunked his way into Jets history, but no matter how hard he tried there was nothing he could do to put up 40+ points on a team. Fans embraced Chad and the league was different back then anyway. Teams featured a star runner whose job was to carry a team deep into the season. QB numbers were down and 1400 yards on the ground was becoming the norm for an upper echelon running back. Somewhere things changed. We saw shades of it in 2004 and by 2006 it was back to being bombs away in the NFL for almost every team in the NFL. Every team but the Jets.

The fans have been waiting for this day for so long they were just ready to explode as soon as it happened. This is a group that was overjoyed for weeks on end about a deep incomplete pass from Pennington in a preseason game in 2005. Yes a preseason football game. This is a group that would be giddy whenever Kellen Clemens threw a ball 30 yards down the field in 2007. Nevermind the fact that it was probably to the wrong team, there was at least a live arm throwing the ball.

On Sunday, after years of waiting, we finally got the real deal with Favre’s performance. Things got off to a rocky start with Favre this year. The team ran out of gas in Miami and nearly lost. The three runs at the goal against the Patriots. The slaughter in San Diego. Those memories were all erased against the Cardinals. Aggressive downfield playcalling coupled with a big time QB has shown us glimpses of what could be this year.

Its just one game in the schedule, but this showed just what the Jets are capable of offensively. Bad offenses do not put up 56 points on an opponent at any point in a season. An occasional 30 in a game. Maybe a team can squeak out a 40 against a bad team that has given up. Never 50. And we can thank Brett Favre for it. He brings a dimension to this franchise that has been missing for far too long. Now, its up to our coaches to find ways to continue to open up the offense rather than reel it in like they did early this season, but nobody in the NFL can doubt what the offense is capable of anymore. The Jets are capable of being a deadly passing attack, they just need to find the way to make it happen every week. But for the next two weeks at least the excitement is back in Jets football.