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Updated Rules in the New League Yaar
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Updated Rules in the New League Year

In an effort to keep everyone up to date with the way the new process will work this looks to be the calender(as always these are my interpretation of the rules and may not be 100% correct):

July 26:

Voluntary training, conditioning and classroom sessions
Trades among teams
Signing of Drafted Rookies
Signing of Undrafted rookies
Negotiations with all free agents, but no signings allowed

July 28th

Teams may release their own players

July 29th

Teams may renegotiate terms with their players under contract
Teams may sign any free agent

July 30th

All players remaining on roster with offseason bonuses will be deemed to have earned bonus

July 31st

Jets open Training Camp- no physical workouts for free agents signed; rookies are allowed to workout

August 4th

New League Year Begins; all players must can be involved in physical activity

August 20th

RFA Signing Period Ends; Teams have 4 days to match an offer sheet

August 23rd

Last date player can report to camp and earn accrued season
"June 1st" Tender date

September 8

Final Date to claim veteran salary cap exemption

September 20th

Final date to sign David Harris to long term contract

Cap Rules:

No Dead Money will count towards the cap if the player was released prior to March 11th

All players released after March 11th will be treated as a June 1st cut with future prorations accelerating into 2012.

A team may take up to three $1 million dollar exemptions for veteran players on the team by borrowing against a future cap. The credit is will be applied on a weekly basis if the player is removed from the team. In other words if the Jets used a $1 million credit on Calvin Pace and he was cut in week 8, the Jets would get a $470,588 credit for 2011.

The borrowed seasons will be reaccrued to the cap during the 2014-2017 NFL seasons. The team can choose the way the money is allocated. For example if the Jets take $3 million in credits in 2011 they can reduce each season by $750,000 or one season by $3 million. Its completely up to the team.

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