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Why Not IR Bryan Thomas
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Why Not IR Bryan Thomas?

Some people have been wondering about why the Jets have not placed LB Bryan Thomas, who is out for the season, onto injured reserve. There has been some speculation that the Jets will replace him with a player on Sunday, which has been rumored to be Practice Squad player LB Eddie Jones. I would personally think that against the Patriots the logical upgrade would be CB Julian Posey who can be used on an occasional blitz. Most likely the Jets either donít know who they want to promote or donít see any reason to pay a player for an extra week in which he will not even be active for the game.

That said, I believe that the reason the Jets have yet to make the move is because they want to protect their contract with DT Matt Kroul. Kroul is now in his third season with the Jets. He was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and spent the season on the Jets Practice Squad. They brought him back in 2010 and he spent most of the season on the roster, but retained his Practice Squad eligibility by only suiting up for 6 games that season. He was released with one week remaining in the season and quickly signed to the Practice Squad where he spent the final week of the regular season as well as the entire playoff run.

Kroul is back on the Jets Practice Squad again, but a special set of rules apply to him because he is a third year player. In order for Kroul to remain on the Practice Squad the Jets must maintain a 53 man roster at all times. So to IR Thomas with no replacement would seem to indicate that Kroul would lose his Practice Squad eligibility with the Jets. Im unsure if they could sign him again once the roster got back to 53 players, but this is most likely why the Jets did not rush to IR Thomas with no official replacement in mind.

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