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Jerod Mayo

Position: Linebacker

Jerod Mayo signed a 5 year, $48.5 million extension with the New England Patriots on December 17, 2011. The contract contains $25 million in guarantees. Mayo received a $6 million dollar signing bonus in 2011 and will receive a $12 million dollar option bonus in 2012. He will earn gameday roster bonuses totalling $500,000 per year. Mayo can also earn $300,000 per year bonuses for making the Pro Bowl. Base salaries of the contract are $750,000(2012), $1,250,000(2013), $3,250,000(2014), $6,250,000(2015), $7,250,000(2016), and $8,750,000(2017). Please note that there are no PB bonuses in these cap charges. If Mayo makes the Pro Bowl in 2011 I will adjust accordingly.

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