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Stephon Gilmore Picture

Stephon Gilmore

Position: Cornerback

The Buffalo Bills signed CB Stephon Gilmore, selected with the 10th overal pick in the 2012 NFL draft, to a 4 year contract worth $12,084,150. The contract is fully guaranteed and includes a signing bonus of $7,228,472. Base salaries of the contract are $390,000(2012), $939,280(2013), $1,488,559(2014), and $2,037,839(2015).

As a top 10 pick the Bills will also hold an option on Gilmore for 2016. The option must be exercised following the end of the 2014 regular season and early May of the 2015 League Year. If the option is picked up Gilmore will receive a base salary that is equal to the average salary of the number 1 thru 10 paid Cornerbacks in the NFL in 2015. That salary is guaranteed for injury and will be fully guaranteed if Gilmore is on the roster when the 2016 League Year officially begins.

Year Cap
2012 $2,197,120 $12,084,158 ($9,887,038)
2013 $2,746,398 $9,887,038 ($7,140,638)
2014 $3,295,679 $7,140,638 ($3,844,959)
2015 $3,844,959 $3,844,959 $0