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Post Game Thoughts: Jets vs Lions

Well Iím back, at least sort of. As Iím sure most of my readers have figured out Over the Cap has taken up a lot more of my time than I had ever imagined which has unfortunately kind of made Nyjetscap kind of dormant. That being said I will be doing my best to do some post games and other Jets specific things on the site even if the cap charts will redirect to OTC. This is the Preseason so these will just be some mixed thoughts but I should be able to do my usual post game breakdowns that Iíve done for all these years. Onto week 1Ö

The big story coming out of tonight is of course going to be the QB battle. The positives with Mark Sanchez were simply that he looked and acted more confident. He threw an awful interception that he had some crazy thoughts on (ďthe lineman jumped out of the gymĒ which wasnít the case at all), but he didnít seem fazed by it the way he has been in the past. That also came through in an interview when he actually sounded confident in himself not simply restating what the coaches say.

After watching tonight I have to think that the Jets staff is either leaning towards Mark or trying to showcase him for a trade. Rex left him out for an extra series in the hope that he would get a TD, which he did, because the line on him was going to be awful if he did not. If they didnít want him they wouldnít have bothered because that would have been an easy burial. From an actual play standpoint he didnít look any different than before. He had a Pick 6 to a defensive lineman and should have had another pass picked off except the defender dropped it when he geared up for a hit from Kellen Winslow. Engineering one TD drive doesnít change that and his problem has always been sustaining any type of game.

Geno Smith didnít look ready to play. Thatís certainly not uncommon for a rookie but there was nothing he did that would make you think that this is the guy. It was the basic rookie stuff. Holding onto the ball, staring down receivers, too long of a throwing motion, etcÖI donít think his ankle injury is too serious and Id expect him to play next week but Iím not sure if he will get the start and originally I was sure he would. I thought his body language was bad in particular as the starters started going out of the game. Usually rookies seem excited but he just seemed to have the hands on the hips, shake the head kind of look at times.

Maybe Smith was a bit upset that Sanchez got the start. Maybe people who have been to camp can say differently but it seemed clear as day that there is no relationship between those two. Smith acted like he didnít want to be bothered when Sanchez would come to the sideline and essentially keeping himself out of the QB/coach grouping. Sanchez seemed to return the favor later on. It was weird to see as usually QBís help one another. Sanchez did that for Greg McElroy later in the game. I get the whole competition thing but if both players are going to be on this team they have to coexist better than what I was seeing almost everytime they showed the Jets sideline on TV.

While McElroy played against backups backups he was the most poised QB on the team. He was actually the only player who looked like he had control of an offense. I was impressed the way he stood there and took some shots while trying to deliver the football. Last year those would have been easy sacks. But overall he did look much more in command than both Sanchez and Smith. It was good to see improvement.

The Jets running game was brutal. There had been much talk about how great of a camp Powell was having but he couldnít do a thing out there. The Jets expected, probably foolishly, to build the offense around Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson. They need Ivory healthy. Powell wonít make the team if he plays like he did tonight. The offensive line didnít really help and the Jets look like they need to find some depth there. The offensive line backups were manhandled and it looked scary to consider anyone having to step in and replace a starter. FB John Griffin unfortunately got injured on an illegal tackle. It looked bad and Iíd imagine he will land on IR.

Defensively I thought the team looked pretty good. The only play that seemed really bad was a big pass to Calvin Johnson where I swore the Jets had David Harris in zone against him, but I was having dinner and may have just seen it wrong. Harris did make a nice backfield stop. Quinton Coples came right out and made an impact play which is good to see. He is so talented and really performed well in limited opportunities last season and Im excited to see if that translates when he plays more snaps.

Dee Milliner had a nice debut. He had good coverage on a TD attempt and used the sidelines well a few times. Sheldon Richardson had a few stops and played a good deal of minutes which Rex likes to do with his young guys. Kyle Wilson looked bad and the Jets really need to consider him at Safety. Maybe if he can play the QB instead of the WR he will have a better chance of success because he just gets lost at times.

Of the backups I donít think anyone really flashed to the point where you say to yourself ďwow this guy is going to make itĒ. Clyde Gates probably established himself a little more and Zack Rogers had a nice punt return plus can play receiver where the Jets have no depth. Hopefully he gets more of a look on punts next week. I also thought Ben Obomanu distanced himself from Braylon Edwards a little. Jaiquawn Jarrett, Isaiah Trufant, and Danny Lansanah were the defensive unknowns who stated the best case for chances next week.

And of course no preseason post is complete without some comments about the announcing. Itís really brutal and I canít understand how a team in NY canít do better than Greg Buttle. To hear about players making plays that they are not making and to cap it off with a discussion about how ď12 men working together is what makes the offense clickĒ is almost insulting. I didnít think it could get worse than the UDFA point he made last season when he talked about how the Jets had Victor Cruz but drop problems led to his release and that he became a star with the Giants, but Iíd say ď12 men operating as oneĒ did just that.

I guess we will see what next week brings. Teams are always sloppy in the first week so hopefully the Jets will show improvements against the Jaguars. Iíd love to see an unknown jump off the screen at me specifically at the RB position where the Jets are weak but need the position to do well. Even with the low expectations for the team itís fun to have it back again. Go Jets!

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