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Post Game Thoughts: Jets 3 Dolphins 23

Time to accept that the Jets are a really bad football team.


I'm not sure if its fair to even call the display we saw today "offense". The Jets show no semblance of being a professional team. From 1 to 11 they are brutal. Not only do they have limited talent but they don't give effort. That is a recipe for absolute disaster. The coaches see it as well which is why the made a QB switch today, except maybe it goes deeper than that.

Geno Smith looks like a walk on tryout at this point. He is completely rattled by the pressure and speed of the game. That said I thought it was a very bad sign that the team was not rallying around him the way they did Mark Sanchez years ago or even Greg McElroy for a week last year, but the Jets inserted Matt Simms and it was more of the same. In fairness to both guys the skill players are awful and create no separation whatsoever. About the only positive on the day was that Simms throws the ball hard enough to avoid the opposition from picking off what should be easy interceptions. It's not much but at least it's something.

The most disappointing part of the game was probably the play of the offensive line. You would expect D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, and Austin Howard to at least make a team look respectable, but they didn't and haven't for the last three weeks. I still will not be surprised if the Jets are not shopping Mangold in the offseason. It's way too much money tied up in the position and he's not a special player anymore. These players have to be able to stabilize a game getting out of control and open up something for the running backs but the team was just getting engulfed.

The wide receivers are terrible. I think we are all counting down the days to the release of Santonio Holmes. He is going to go down as one of the Jets worst contracts of all time and that is saying something. The remainder of the group wouldn't even be rotational players on an average team. They do almost nothing right. I mean on one of the few positive plays the team had David Nelson had a chance to block either left or right and he chose.nobody. He tried to circle back and chip a guy but that's the talent level the Jets have to work with. Awful.


I am sure that there will be plenty of excuses made for the defense because everyone loves the defense and they were on the field all day, but this is not a good defense. It's a good defensive line that tired out at the end, but overall it is not a good defense. The Jets got hammered early in the game and were only saved by Miami shooting themselves in the foot with missed field goals and badly overthrown passes. Twice Miami should have converted on 4th down, both probably resulting in scores, and Ryan Tannehill just missed his guys. That's not good defense, that's a bad opponent.

The secondary is so bad. I know everyone will point to Darrelle Revis being gone, but even if Revis was here it would not matter. Sure he would box up one guy, but what about the other 3 or 4 routes? Antonio Cromartie had another awful day. He can't play anymore. I don't want to hear excuses about injury. He's been bad since day 1 and if he is healthy enough to return kicks out of desperation he should be healthy enough to play defense. I'm not sure which was the worst play of the day: the play where he was running to the goal when Mike Wallace was running in the other direction or the TD where he shoved the receiver to give him extra steam to get to the end zone?

Dee Milliner got benched again after he proved that not only could he not cover but he also could not tackle. That's some combo from the draft pick. Players at the position take time but after the bust of Kyle Wilson and expectations from Revis I can't blame anyone for giving up already on him. As of today there is just nothing there to watch that gives you a positive feeling. Now he just has to put aside all the criticism he will hear throughout the offseason and improve.

The Safety support doesn't exist. Ed Reed can't play anymore. It's that simple. The Jets are starting players cut from the Jaguars and the Texans. That means they could not start for the two or the three worst teams in the NFL, but the Jets were more than happy to give both jobs. The Reed signing was low risk, but that's only if you are prepared to not play him once the season is over. I don't know what purpose he has playing anymore.

The only bright spots came up front. Muhammad Wilkerson continued to be excellent. Sheldon Richardson made some plays. Quinton Coples wasn't invisible early. These guys were gassed at the end of the game and that's understandable. They at least showed up to play an NFL game, which was more than can be said for the rest of the team.

Special Teams

Nick Folk did make a field goal. He was the star of the game.


Yeah, I'd say Rex is done. Today was desperation day. He makes the change at QB. He throws Cromartie in at kick returner. He tried whatever he could to get a spark, but the team didn't respond. Say what you will about the talent level on the team, but when a players coach does not get effort it is time to move on from the player's coach. The same thing happened with Herman Edwards in 2005. They tuned him out and the Jets wisely cut him loose.

To not have David Garrard active, or simply declared starter, was inexcusable. Rex had to know going into this game that there was a good chance Smith was going to get pulled. He faced this same situation with Sanchez last year. You have to have the professional QB ready for that spot with the season fading away. He didn't because he wanted to carry the younger player.

The results for Rex have really been awful the last three years. Since a win on December 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011 the Jets have gone 11-20. Of those 20 losses, 9 are by more than 20 points. That's Kotite level of play from this team. That's not good coaching. That not getting something out of your team. It's wonderful that he plays the Patriots tough at least once a year and pulls of an upset here and there, but the Jets get blown out all the time. They are not competitive far too often under Ryan the last few years.

I hate to say it but developmental talent is not exactly blowing up under Rex. Revis improved under Rex. Richardson and Wilkerson are both strong under Rex. They have failed to develop a QB. They have failed to develop a running back. They have failed to develop a wide receiver. They have failed to develop and outside linebacker. They have failed to develop two cornerbacks. They have failed to develop a Safety. Rex did a great job with a solid veteran team hamstrung by a rookie QB. What would you look at that makes you think he can develop an entire team of 22 players basically building from the ground up?


The season is over. This is one of those years that would have been easy to swallow if the Jets didn't luck their way into a win against the Buccaneers in week 1. They would have been out of playoff contention long ago. You would have gotten one or two nice wins that give you a nice feeling for the week, but the expectations were set too high and now it kills to see it happen.

This isn't 2008 where you had a talented team with an unexpected collapse. Everything that has happened was expected from day 1 this year. Now we see that the Jets do have bottom 5 talent, but their record is probably not going to get them to the top of the draft. That kind of stinks because the Jets need an impact offensive player or 3.

The one shining light is that the Jets will have mega-cap space in 2014 once the cuts are all made (you can fool around with them with our cap calculator). Will they bring in veterans to take over the team? I don't think they will as that route is often chasing fools' gold, but at least it's a positive for the future. Neglecting offense for so long has probably made it mandatory for the Jets to draft offensive players. I feel even more strongly that Sanchez will be back here as a stopgap starter next season and that the Jets will try to convert a number 10 or 11 draft pick into two low round firsts. They need quantity at this point.

I just hope the Jets don't go out and get embarrassed next week by the Raiders. I've been to those kind of games before and they are the worst games to lose where the opponents completely take over the stands. My feeling is that Rex should start Garrard next week to give the Jets a fighting chance. Maybe Simms will look better with a full week of practice, but they need a competent player to at least make them look like a team out there, even if that competent players hasn't played in a few years. Right now what the Jets are doing is unacceptable and only the Falcons are putting forth less of an effort each week. That has to change and Garrard is the best chance they have. That's pretty sad.

Go Jets!

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