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Post Game Thoughts: Jets 14 Bills 37

Disappointment is all you can say after this game.


The offense proved to be just an abomination today. You saw it early when Geno Smith was sailing passes left and right. He just was not ready to play this week and with the offensive line putting on one of the worst displays of the season the Jets had nowhere to go. Smith was benched for the second time this season due to ineffectiveness and I am convinced that the Jets will not hesitate to draft another QB next season if one is sitting there in round 1. You never want to write off a rookie QB but you also need to do your best to protect your interests and in this new CBA the financial investment is so low that the draft screams for you to stockpile talent.

Smith looked clueless. Maybe he was affected by an early hit that knocked him out for a play but he spent as much time throwing to Bills as he did throwing to his teammates. He had a difficult time adjusting to the weather conditions and seemed completely flustered by the Bills pass rush. He may have had just one good throw on the day- a pass to WR Santonio Holmes that set up the Jets first score. The game was as bad as any game Mark Sanchez had as Smith just imploded in the 2nd quarter. Matt Simms played somewhat better in relief (though escaped an interception when dropped by Leodis McKelvin) but when you waive a white flag like the Jets did I don't think you can read too much into the performance of the backup.

The offensive line just looked broken. Brian Winters is worse than Vlad Ducasse at guard. I understand why Winters is playing over Ducasse since Ducasse has no future with the team, but he's awful. Why the Jets did not retain Matt Slauson is something I will not understand. It just seems that the Jets don't have any answers from their line. Willie Colon looks finished at times. Nick Mangold is either overcompensating for his Guards or he has really slowed down. I know he's been banged up the last few seasons but he may be asked to take a pay cut next year unless this improves.

Chris Ivory pulled off a big run in garbage time but the run game was nothing today. Ivory didn't have the juice he had against the Saints and they couldn't lean on him even if they wanted to. Bilal Powell has been MIA for a few weeks now. The only player on the day worth mentioning was WR Santonio Holmes who had two nice receptions on the day, specifically one on a badly underthrown pass that he adjusted on to grab.


Once again the Jets secondary was a disaster. Rex Ryan talked this week about how teams could not throw deep on them anymore because of the presence of Ed Reed but all the Bills did was throw deep. When the Jets do not collapse the pocket the pass defense is just terrible. Antonio Cromartie is just finished. He gave up another deep one today and its over for him. When Cro signed a 4 year extension, which was relatively short compared to other players, I said he was a player you had to be afraid of when he lost it. Most corners have some ability to cover even as they get older and many even can transition to Safety. I never thought Cromartie had that ability because he is just pure athleticism and nothing else. Once it was gone he was done and Im not sure if he will have a job in the NFL next season,. He's one of the worst in the NFL and it kills me to say that because he has been one of my favorite Jets since the team traded for him.

Dee Milliner looks lost again and he is about ready to replace Kyle Wilson as the point of anger for fans. Milliner was always in a bad position. He is replacing a legend at a position that generally has a big learning curve and that makes you very easy to criticize. I do not think you can give up on a CB this quick but Milliner has to show great mental toughness until the 2014 season. Because of the expectations he is under a microscope and fans and media have a right to criticize. If he can brush it off he can recover but if it impacts him he could be a wasted pick.

The run defense was about the only positive on the day. The Bills did little in that regard and the Jets have very good players up front. Sheldon Richardson made one really good stop and Muhammad Wilkerson was there all day as well. Wilkerson also had a batted pass. While I don't consider the line to have been great by any means I do think they were the on unit that was ready to go today.

Special Teams

Nick Folk missed his first field goal of the season but Im not sure how much you blame that on him. The wind was awful and I'm not sure it was even worth a long attempt. Ryan Quigley probably had his best game punting as he did well punting with the wind.


The Jets spent most of the week discussing the greatness of Ed Reed and then taking the team to Dave & Busters, but maybe next time they want to spend time thinking about the opponent. In general the Jets have always looked unprepared following their bye week. Teams often give players a lot of leeway but I tend to think Rex is one of the few that encourages getting away. Whatever they do it isn't working. The Jets looked unprepared and lost on the field. If they did everything right against New Orleans they did everything wrong against the Bills. When the Bills took control in the 2nd quarter the Jets imploded. Some of that is on coaching.


I always get a lot of grief when I do my power rankings and rate the Jets so low every week, but its game like this which are the reason why. The Jets have one or two quality wins under the belt and have more or less either struggled to beat some mediocre teams or been blown out by bad teams. The Jets simply did not compete today and I don't know how you can view a team like this as a playoff team.

The AFC is terrible and maybe the Jets will sneak in but its fools gold if they do. The team is terribly flawed and hopefully will not read too much into making a run at the playoffs. Even if the Jets finish at 9-7, John Idzik needs to view them as a 5 win team because that is what this team really is. The talent level is simply not that good.

I tend to think that the development of Dee Milliner is really crucial to the Jets. The only group on the team that is set right now is the defensive line. If Milliner can hit then they have a presence in the secondary. If not then they have no secondary. They need him in the future to stabilize the secondary so they can focus on an offense that is terrible from 1 through 11.

I have never seen a team before be this up and down from week to week. I've suffered through bad teams. I've seen teams take advantage of bad schedules. I've seen teams fall apart in December. I've seen teams lose games they should have won (the 1991 Jets being the worst example of this). But I have never seen a team look like a good team one week and the worst team in the NFL the following week for 10 weeks straight. It is unexplainable.

I don't know what to make of the Jets going forward. Do they find an offense and win a game or do they continue to struggle and finally lose two in a row? I think most fans just want some consistency. Do they want to get emotionally invested in this team or should they just prepare themselves for the roller coaster ride the Jets have been on all season? Hopefully the Jets find that consistency over the next 6 weeks. Go Jets!

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