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Site Update: Announcing a New Venture

Well it took a few days later than I hoped but I think I have enough done to where I can now officially announce a new cap related project that I am working on:

For the last few months I have been working on building up my own NFL contract database for every team in the NFL. As of Sunday that was about 1950 players and you can imagine how time consuming that process can be. While the numbers will never be perfect I have been able to do a relatively accurate portrayal for the Jets and in the past year also for the other teams in the AFC East gathering data from media reports and personal sources and sometimes just having to bridge the gaps based on my own experience studying the salary cap and the contracts for the various teams.

The website has static features similar to this but the content itself is more reposting blog style, which means Iíll link you to and comment on articles around the league that deal with NFL contracts, stats, free agency etcÖwhen time allows me to update. While it will contain original content as well, such as going around the NFL and doing brief overviews of everyones cap or player valuations, it wont have nearly the detail that you have grown accustomed to on this site when I evaluate the players from the Jets or our main rivals.

The portion of the site that I think will find the most use is the contract database. There are a number of different categories to search. Team Cap and Contracts will link you to my estimates for every teamsí current overall contractual structures. Clicking on the team name will take you to the overall contract information for that player while clicking on a season will take to that squads team cap for the individual year. The tables are sortable so you can rearrange the columns. For the overall contracts you can also quickly see future free agents by team by clicking on that column.

Clicking on the players name will take you to the players individual cap page that details his current contract in a similar manner to everything you see here except without the text describing the deal. Positional spending will give you a real time look, year by year, of my estimates for team cap spending on each position on the field to give you a better idea of where teams actually invest their money.

The top contracts link is the current list of the top 50 overall contracts at each position. Maybe in the future Iíll do cap hits, but for now itís the top 50 players at each position sorted by Average Per Year. The Free Agents link will give a listing for every player scheduled to become either an Unrestricted or Restricted Free Agent at every position for the next 3 years. There is also a NFL Release link that will be updated for the next few weeks and then replaced by a signing tracker. Finally there is a search box which (hopefully) will let you search by name for any player you want without having to follow the links.

This wonít lead to any changes with this site as it relates to Jets content and I will at least for the next season leave the other teams listed on the site since there is a growing group of fans from around the East who frequent that section of the website. Iím a little behind on the updates for the other teams, particularly the Bills, but Iíll catch up on that over the next few days. The numbers are more up to date on the new site itís just getting them in the same format so I can update here too.

So check out the new site and tell people you know about it that are interested in this aspect of the NFL. Itís a work in progress but I think most of you know the effort I do attempt to put into my work and hopefully you can deal with a few bugs here and there while I figure the ins and outs of keeping everything up to date. Im going to split my Twitter feeds for the two sites and I apologize in advance if I use the wrong account every now and then, but I want my @nyjetscap address to stay as jets-centric as possible. As always thanks so much for the support and any tips that you can give me along the way no matter how small they may seem. Weíll pick up on some Jets talk in the next few days as cuts get closer and closerÖ


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