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I just wanted to let everyone know about a few site updates. First off all I have now replaced the 2012 salary files with the 2013 files since all the teams are now interested in 2013 rather than looking backwards at 2012. Iím still a little behind on the futures signings for the Jets and Patriots, but with the rosters around 51 names already it should not have a large material impact on my estimates. Those will be updated within the next two weeks, time permitting.

I also have included the future cap hits up to the 2016 NFL Season for those interested in way in the future planning.The Articles pages have been updated to just reflect the postings from 2013. Simply navigate to 2012 or click the link at the bottom of the 2013 page to get to last years writings.

If you look at the navigation tab you will see that I removed the old Transactions link since I no longer update it. For the time being I am keeping the all time stats, but with Pro Football Reference having better filters for this kind of stuff nowadays that will probably go as well since I never completed it and really donít have the time to finish it.

The other thing you will see is that after careful consideration and email/twitter discussions with a few people I decided to put in a very basic forum on the website. Iíve enjoyed the interaction we have here on the articles I write and for the most part the discourse is usually very solid (i.e. not too much ever falls into namecalling and ďinternetĒ yelling) so I thought it would be worthwhile to see if there was any interest in using it for interaction amongst readers and as an avenue for me to answer cap related or non-cap related questions. I figure this gives everyone else a chance to direct some of the topics moreso than just me putting something online and having everyone else chime in on my opinions and analysis. Plus I always get some good thoughts from everyone via Twitter, email, and the comment sections here and there is no reason to not have a chance to share them with everyone.

It is nothing fancy but you can check it out by clicking on the link and in the welcome post I have a little more info on it. Iím not going to actively use it as a replacement for anything, but I will check it for any comments about the team, cap, site, etc... and hopefully gives your guys more chances to interact with me and everyone else rather than just me writing an article and you guys commenting on it. I know I always get great questions via email and Twitter and this keeps a better record for all to see if you would like to use it.

Thanks again for reading my work and I always appreciate the feedback. Lets hope for a good offseason!


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