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Guest Post: A Rebuttal to Trading Our Corners
by Anthony Avenoso

Ed Note: This is an article from Anthony Avenoso, a reader of the site, as a rebuttal to my article on the idea of keeping Revis and Cromartie. Obviously I donít agree with it, but I felt he spent a good deal of time writing it and wanted to share it since I know there are plenty who disagreed with my opinion that one of the two should go. So I thought it would be fair to present a differing opinion to the readers.

These past couple weeks in the NFL playoffs have been eye opening. The play in these playoffs has been absolutely astounding and has been a reflection of everything right in this league so far. The most stunning development has been just how ridiculously ineffective these edge rushers have been in disrupting the pass game for elite offenses. Itís one thing for Von Miller to drop Phillip Rivers 6 times in a game, but he hardly sniffed Joe Flaccoís jersey. Russell Wilson dropped 400 yards on John Abraham and Ingram was a non-factor against Kaepernick. You simply need to cover dudes in this league.

The point I am getting at is that a pair of elite CBs is necessary. The Jets appear to be developing a core centered around pressuring the QB in a variety of manners but the most obvious among those, versatile interior linemen that are as comfortable edge rushing as well as bull rushing. The combination of Coples and Wilkerson seems particularly effective stunting off one another The point I'm getting at though is that pass rushers in this league seem to have less of an impact vs elite counters (ie athletic offensive linemen) and to a degree QBs with elite release times. This puts a premium on the talent at the CB and Safety position once a team reaches the playoffs. A team cannot overspend on elite talent. The edge of the bell curve and the edge of extremes exists for a reason and people pay for beach front property for a reason. .

The Jets are not in this financial position because they overpaid Revis or Cromartie. The Jets are in a rough financial position because they paid mid tier players "market value" or slightly above. Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, David Harris, Santonio Holmes, and Mark Sanchez are all drastically overpaid for their contributions but have (except Sanchez and David Harris) relatively close to" market value" deals.

This is why I cringe whenever you suggest a more reasonable alternative to the Revis/Cromartie situation with the cap. You say 25 million is too much to pay for elite, then what is appropriate? You say our pass defense hardly dropped off without Revis but in the same breath freely admit we had an insanely soft schedule. Also, who had to throw the ball on us this year anyway? NE's pass defense looked awful partly because they torched teams on offense and teams needed to throw. Conversely the Jets spent the season perpetually down and so teams crushed us on the ground. Additionally, the Jets offense was no threat to score and we spent most of the year playing undersized NTs like DeVito.

The whole point of this was to say that if the Jets are to do anything as a defensive unit, as a team, they need to do so with something elite to show for it. I cannot recommend selling either corner and would instead look for cheap, role specific safety and linebackers hopefully through the draft and look internally for solutions. Whether that be more of a 4-3 look, exploiting the lack of depth in the linebackers corp and emphasizing the solid depth at DL, or simply bringing in better suited role players. But breaking up an elite anything handicaps this organization in the short term, and doesn't guarantee long-term success.

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