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Post Game Thoughts: Jets 10 Titans 14

I donít even know why I botherÖ.


There are no words that can describe this offense. Itís a disgrace. All season long the head coach said ďif it was one man it would be easy to fixĒ well Rex it is one man. Mark Sanchez can not play at this level. He is done. There is no confidence in his game. His throwing is horrendous. The interceptions are laughable. People picked on the arm of Chad Pennington for years but you watch him throw those deep passes and itís the same thing. Sanchez looks like a junior high schooler trying to play in the NFL. Its that bad. The Jets last three opponents allow just under 27 points per game. Their offense has scored 34 points total in those 3 games. Thatís beyond pathetic. You can not excuse it. You can not sugar coat it. They are awful. This is more than injuries. This is all about a Quarterback who can not play at this level. The decision making is unreal. Triple coverage. Quadruple coverage.

I donít know how they cant make the change. I donít care what anyone thinks about Tim Tebow he could not be worse than this. At the least he is so inaccurate that he isnít going to throw interceptions. You can not win in the NFL with this kind of offense. You cant. Sanchez now has 7 games this season under 150 yards passing and 8 multi-turnover games. Its one guy Rex. You arenít world beaters with Tebow or Greg McElroy, but you at least have a fighting chance. Mark Sanchez has thrown this season away and it only happened because this coach allowed him the opportunity over and over and over again to hang himself. Marks play brings the whole team down. You cant keep doing this. Its insane.


You have to be perfect with the Jets offense and these guys were not. They had one really bad play where they loaded the line the two linebackers just looked lost was Chris Johnson broke off a game changing TD run. Bart Scott played outside for some reason while David Harris moved slow and got blocked out by Sione Pouha who just got annihilated at the point of attack. When the Jets finally took the lead they had another breakdown. They targeted Kyle Wilson in coverage and then just let Jake Locker run the option right into the end zone. Again you have to put some blame on the linebackers who are just so slow compared to the rest of the league. The defense did catch a break when Locker missed a wide open receiver that may have iced the game, but they gave up 14 points and unfortunately with this offense 14 is too much. The Jets need more athleticism on the defense and watching them play you realize how good the defensive coaching is, but they were good enough to win this game.


I think its time to say that Rex needs to go. If this is his decision to keep the QB playing he has to go. As a head coach you have a responsibility to ownership, the organization, the 53 men on that team, and the millions of fans to do your best to win a football game. Playing guys because you feel bad benching them is not doing your best. Its chasing a dream that has no logic behind it. Today just hammered home the point of how ridiculous ďthe decisionĒ was a few weeks back on the QB. McElroy hasnít been active since then. Tebow got a series this week. There was no consideration. All the stories about sources saying there was a split were just that---stories. You cant be worse than Mark Sanchez was today and Rex kept him in. Its not like he is saving Mark. Does anyone honestly believe he can have Mark start the game next week at home in front of whomever shows up to that game? No. Clearly he cant. The crowd forced his hand the last time because he felt bad for Sanchez and it would do the same here. Rex chased a dream and it was not in the best interest of anyone.

The decision making is awful. The timing on the first pull of Sanchez. Dressing 6 WRs on a team that cant throw the ball. Refusing to run at the end when you absolutely cant throw the ball. Burning time outs. Not making a change when you have to make one. Its awful coaching. Just awful. If Rex Ryan was Herman Edwards he would be run out of town. Its clear he is in over his head now that the talent level isnít there anymore. The Jets will not win with him unless this stubbornness to change disappears. I cant see why it will change but it has to if he is going to stay.


Well I guess its kind of fitting for the season to end on such a comical note with Sanchez fumbling a low snap and imploding during the game. The team just needs changes. They need changes in the front office. I make plenty of excuses but this is a results business and their decision to extend Sanchez and guarantee him this money has screwed the organization over. Sanchez is damaged goods. I cant see any possible way to trade him. The Jets will have to eat his salary and move on. He is not a starting quality QB.

The way they have developed him is awful. Everyone focuses on the changing pieces but its not that. What team doesnít change pieces? Other than the Wayne Howard/Austin Howard cluster at RT he has had enough on offense to be competent. The problem is that they pull him in a million directions. When the Giants went with Eli Manning they went all in. They decided to screw the playoffs and let him take his lumps and grow. They were consistent in their approach to the game with the deep passing game and reliance on the run. The Jets have been all over the place. They want to pass then they hold up flash cards to tell him not to. They want him to open it up then be a controlled passer. Then they want Wildat offenses. Now they want to play games where he throws for 100 yards a game. Itís a shame but the peak of his career was in 2010. The fact that the team around him was good kept his confidence high but it has all just caught up with him since then. You cant have a coach that has no on field relationship with his QB, but thatís the Jets way that they work .

So much of the game is mental and Sanchez doesnít have it and wasnít taught to believe in himself. All these guys have talent. Joey Harrington had talent. David Carr had talent. But they couldnít handle the expectations and moreso they couldnít handle failure. These are players who are the best in the state at the high school level. In college they are about as good as it gets. Sure there might be some losses along the way but for the most part itís a perfect situation. Town hero. King of the campus. Savior of the program. The NFL is the first time they deal with true failure and its how they respond to that failure that separates a Peyton Manning from a Tim Couch. Mark first dealt with failure in 2011 and handled it terribly. Its gotten worse this year and its carried over into the way he throws the football. I donít think thatís fixable at this stage.

Under no circumstance did the Jets deserve the playoffs this year. They arguably would have been the worst playoff team of all time had they made it. People on Twitter reminded me of the 7-9 Seahawks and Iíd say this is close. That team would have had a worse record but this Jets team is inept on offense. The Seahawks I didnít think were that inept on either side, but its close. The Jets are a bad team. You cant say otherwise. They get blown out by good teams and are now losing to bad ones. That isnít going to be fixed by keeping this team the way it is. Getting a better QB will help the situation but another year is just going to make the defense older and slower. I think the owner needs to make radical changes. It means to bring in experienced decision makers both at coach and GM. Ownership has been enamored by the no-experience front office for far too long. This is NY. We are now on our 4th first time head coach with Woody as owner. The Jets need to look at coaches and GMs who have maybe taken their lumps and picked themselves back up. Repeating a failing idea over and over again isnít going to get this franchise any close to a Super Bowl no matter how much Rex ďwants itĒ or ďbelieves itĒ. Its time to change things up. Lets hope they do it.

Go Jets!

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