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Playing Time: Jets vs Steelers

A few surprises on both sides of the ball. Offensively there was some clear changes. Tebow lost 10% playing time against the Steelers, which is a bit strange. I think it may have been Ryan looking to avoid controversy more than anything, but if you are going to claim you have this amazing weapon its strange to see him never used despite the fact that you are getting beat up. FB John conner's numbers took a nosedive as he only participated in 15 plays, but that may have been the situation calling for more passing. The biggest drop came from WR Chaz Schilens who wet from 44% playtime in week 1 to 10% in week 2. I didnt even notice him on the field so maybe he got injured, but if not it tells me the Jets are only keeping him around because they foolishly guaranteed him salary.

On defense the most stunning thing to me was the use of Landry and Bell again. 100% of the snaps with Eric Smith active. Maybe the Jets want Smith to slowly get back into the game, but he only saw action on 7 snaps this week. If that continues next week it may show a bad plan from the offseason. All the big names saw the usual action with the younger guys getting demoted. Kenrick Ellis' snaps fell dramatically with the retun of Sione Pouha, though he did still play on 30% of the same. Rookie Quinton Coples was a non-factor dropping from 51 to 24% this week. I do get a feeling that the Jets think he is talented but has the makings of an underachiever if everything is handed to him. Mike DeVito and Garrett McIntyre both saw their playtimes increase and I though both made the most of it, especially McIntyre who did stand out. DeMario Davis saw his first action of the year coming in on 4 plays. The Jets have been much slower to mix him in than I thought they would

Here are the percent of downs played by our offense and defense in week 2, plus the cumulative percent of snaps on the year.:


Name Percent Snaps Cumulative Snaps
Howard 100% 99.5%
Ferguson 100% 99.5%
Moore 100% 99.5%
Mangold 100% 99.5%
Slauson 83% 91.5%
Sanchez 95% 91.1%
Holmes 86% 74.8%
Hill 71% 59.5%
Cumberland 71% 56.3%
Greene 41% 56.3%
Powell 55% 39.4%
Reuland 43% 38.2%
Kerley 43% 37.1%
Conner 26% 36.7%
Smith 29% 29.1%
Schilens 10% 28.5%
Keller 0% 23.2%
Tebow 5% 10.5%
Ducasse 17% 7.9%
Gates 12% 5.6%
Epps 10% 4.8%
McKnight 2% 3.0%



Name Percent Snaps Cumulative Snaps
Harris 100% 100.0%
Bell 100% 100.0%
Landry 100% 100.0%
Cromartie 97% 95.5%
Pace 94% 94.5%
Wilson 92% 89.3%
Scott 85% 85.4%
Wilkerson 79% 81.3%
McIntyre 79% 52.5%
DeVito 61% 51.0%
Pouha 83% 42.6%
Ellis 30% 39.4%
Revis 0% 38.6%
Coples 24% 37.3%
Dixon 29% 26.9%
Lankster 30% 22.3%
Maybin 20% 22.3%
Mauga 9% 12.5%
Trufant 0% 6.8%
Thomas 0% 6.8%
Smith 11% 5.4%
Davis 6% 3.1%


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