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Post Game Thoughts: Jets 19 Patriots 49

I already had my rant this year after the 49íers game so I have no idea what to even do hereÖ.


This was just a comedy of errors. Everything started well enough with the Jets putting together a nice drive early in the game to try to take at least a 3-0 lead but QB Mark Sanchez made one of his typical ďwhat is he thinkingĒ throws deep in Patriot territory and the rest is just history. You just couldnít make up the stuff that went on with Sanchez. The team had a botched play where I guess the fullback failed to take the handoff. Sanchez tried to channel his inner Tim Tebow by tucking the ball and runningÖright into the backside of his Guard who was locked up with Vince Wilfork. Thatís well over 700 pounds of body right there and the $19.5 million in guarantees QB didnít have the vision to see it. Sanchez looked like he got sucker punched and was out on his feet giving the ball to the Patriots defense to waltz into the end zone with. Itís the kind of play that will be repeated over and over on Sportscenter for the rest of the year and probably make some of the late night talk shows. It was that bad.

There is just nothing good for the Jets on offense. They cant pick up short yards. They canít hold onto the football. They cant block. At some point people are going to have to start to take a critical eye toward Nick Mangold on the line. He is paid a bazillion dollars and does not get the push needed to gain those critical 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 plays. Its not just on him but when you watch the surge that the Patriots linemen get in those spots and compare it with the Jets it is night and day. You can not be paid that kind of money and make no material impact on the game.

Its just a bad unit. It was a bad unit under Brian Schottenheimer and itís a bad unit under Tony Sparano. Part of the blame falls on the general manager. They made the decision to allow the offense to live or die with the QB and when it became apparent last year that the QB could not do it they tried to change the way the offense was run. The problem was the talent level was not designed for that style of play. Now its just a collection of random players that donít mesh well at all. Some might be good for a run game. Some might be ok for a passing game. Together they are good for nothing.


The lone positive is that Muhammad Wilkerson is really developing into a player. The negative is that nobody else really is. The Patriots picked apart the Jets team basically converting on every third down and running all over the Jets whenever they wanted. The Jets are just so unathletic that they cant keep up with these style of offenses. Luckily there are not a lot of these offenses but when they meet up with them they are completely exposed. The play in which New England broke the game open saw Bart Scott stuck in coverage with no chance of closing the gap and Safety Eric Smith not being much better.

This is the problem with Thursday night football. Its an awful creation by the NFL. While its no excuse for the performance today and I was certainly into Thanksgiving football, in general the games donít have the real feel of an NFL game. Part of the reason why thatís the case is because inferior teams, which the Jets are, need a week to prepare to even have a prayer against a team like the Patriots. When you put them in against a quality team itís a blowout. The talent level disparity is too much to recover in a few days and play a competitive game.

The defense simply needs more speed. The linebackers are so slow. Everyone picks on the Jets receiving corps, but is there a slower group of linebackers in the NFL than Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, David Harris, and Bart Scott? Every time those guys are on the field a team like the Patriots is not going to let them get off the field. Sione Pouha, dealing with a back injury, is a shell on the line. Mike DeVito is a lunch pail player that s fine on a good defense but cant make an impact on a mediocre one. Games like this need to send a message to the front office about this team. They have trended down for 4 years and cant compete with good teams. They can not continue with this group and have to turn the page.

Special Teams

This group hasnít been good for a few years outside of the Joe McKnight return and they are bad now. Mike Westhoff has put off retirement too many times and I think even if he changes his mind about it the Jets need to let him retire. Its about getting new blood in the organization. A lot has changed in the last few years and the Jets specials have not been as good since then. There comes a time when the room needs a new voice. The Jets need a new voice.


Going into this game I posted an article about how the Jets can not rise up to play against mediocre, let along good, football teams. They play scared. They play tight. I donít know what occurs in the playoffs but if there is any regular season expectation itís a mess. This is the fifth game this year they have lost by at least 17 points. That ties the 1-15 1996 team and these Jets still have 5 games left to beat that mark. That says all you need to know about the preparation for the team. The Jets have lost 3 of their last 4 games by at least 21 points. How is that even possible in this league?

I donít even know what to make of the QB position. Sanchez needed a mercy killing in this one. Tebow didnít play one snap. If he was hurt thatís fine but why make him active? What in the world would you do if Sanchez got hurt? The coach is too loyal to everyone. He has Bart Scott, whose feet look like they are stuck in concrete covering Aaron Hernandez and running backs. What is he thinking. I get that he likes Bart Scott. I get that he hates the fact that the media and fans look at Scott as a guy that has made zero positive impact for two years running. I get that he doenst want his guy to go out this way, but Rex is the coach of the New York Jets not the buddy of Bart Scott. The guy cant play anymore. Hes a short field situational player. Nothing more than that. This is why the team needs a strong GM to put his foot down and say this guy has to be benched.

What they do each week is a joke. The staff is clueless. You go for it on 4th down and 1 and when you convert you kick a field goal? The situational awareness is just ridiculous. The player wastes time by not going down and then the staff has no confidence in the QB to try 1 throw with 7 seconds left. They never ran a hurry up despite being down by 5 scores instead playing as if they just wanted to win a fake ďsecond halfĒ scoring contest than competing for a game. Not only that but Rex even brought back his old 12 men on the field penalty we were so used to seeing in the past. You know he is all screwed up when that is going on.

Rex has his supporters among the media and the fanbase. But this team has nothing. They give him nothing when it counts. Somehow that second half will be spun into a team with no quit. It was a team with no life. If this was Herman Edwards, who nobody in the fanbase liked, it would be 100% unanimous that he had to go. You cant not be a player coach, and Rex is a player coach, and lose like this and remain. This is two years in a row the team did not respond to a players coach. Its time to clean house.


Well hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving prior to the Jets game. The Jets season isnít over just yet if the players respond at all to the coach. The remainder of the schedule is a cakewalk and what the Jets feast on. They need the Colts to lose this week to the Bills and if that happens they are in just as good a position as they were going into this game. Thatís not a spin on the season just the way the crazy season may go.

To be honest the Jets need to finish weak for the future of the organization. The Jets cant have some hollow finish to get to 8-8 and somehow convince the owner that had they eliminated a few ďfoot faultsĒ they would have made the playoffs. Itís a bad football team and beating up the Rams, Jaguars, and Titans wont change that. Woody Johnson needs to look at the Kansas City Chiefs. They were an awful team that hit a little spark at the end of the season. Because of that spark they hired the wrong coach. Kept the wrong GM. Maintained the wrong players. Now they are the worst in the NFL and they threw a season away because they bought into the nonsense. The Jets can not throw an offseason away by allowing the Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum dynamic continue. One has to go. Both probably should go.

The 2012 Jets are a bad football team. Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes would have made them better but is there really one loss where you would say they would have changed the outcome? Maybe the first Patriot game. Thatís it. The rest of the games would have been losses regardless. They cant look at those two as an excuse. Bring them back if you must next year but if you can get anything for those players and get them off the books do it. As crazy as it sounds the Jets need to be looking at 2014 now. If 2013 ends up ok thatís gravy, but they can not allow chasing dreams in 2013 to continue to effect the future of this franchise.

Itís a shame what happened to this team. 2009 and 2010 were not an accident. They were part of a plan when Tannenbaum took over this team in 2006. But the team got too cocky and threw all their support behind a QB that couldnít play. When they realized the whole system had to be changed because of the QB they realized it couldnít be done. The result is the garbage you get on the field on Thanksgiving. Something needs to change and it needs to change sooner rather than later.

Go Jets!

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