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Playing Time: Jets vs Dolphins

The story again this week will be the non-use of Tim Tebow, who played in just 6% of the snaps again. His use over the last 4 weeks has been just 8% per game on average and for the first time this season Mark Sanchez did not even miss a play. The Jets have nobody to blame but themselves for this Tebow nonsense and they need to just come out and say that he is not in their plans as QB and it hasnt worked the way they hoped. Dancing around the issue makes it worse for all involved. Other than Tebow the only thing to notice on offense was that Chaz Schilens and Clyde Gates were back in the rotation, likely due to the blowout nature of the game. Hayden Smith, who the Jets promoted on Saturday to the active roster, only played 1 snap and was clearly there only for emergency.

I cant say enough how much the Jets have botched up the season of NT Sione Pouha. If I was Pouha's agent I would be furious because at this point it puts his career in question. Pouha, who has been injured all season, inexplicably was activated for the game after sitting 3 games out even though the bye week was staring the Jets in the face. Pouha played in only 34% of the snaps and clearly had no reason to be playing. The Jets should have IR'ed him the second that new designation became available to them. He has been completelty ineffective due to the injury and putting him out there Sunday served no purpose other than to risk more harm to the player. Aaron Maybin was essentially benched from the game, playing in only 8% of the snaps. Miami did not throw much, bu my guess is his opening his mouth may have cost him playing time. DeMario Davis played almost every snap at LB and I dont think we will really see Bart Scott playing much from this point forward. Isaiah Trufant impressed enough to keep the job over Ellis Lankster as Trufant appeared in 48% of the snaps to just 13% for Lankster, the second week in a row there has been a big disparity. Not sure what Lankster has done to fall out of favor or if they feel he can only play outside, but that is the new depth chart rotation. Since a few people have asked about CB Aaron Berry- he has yet to play a defensive snap for the team.

Here are the percent of downs played by our offense and defense in week 8, plus the cumulative percent of snaps on the year. I also added a new feature which tracks the prior 4 weeks to give a better idea of the direction the playtime is headed for each player:


Name Percent Snaps 4 Week Avg. Cumulative Snaps
J Hill0%18%8.4%
H. Smith1%0%0.2%


Name Percent Snaps 4 Week Avg. Cumulative Snaps
Bell 100% 100% 99.8%
Harris 100% 98% 99.1%
Landry 100% 95% 95.5%
Cromartie 92% 97% 95.4%
Pace 93% 91% 93.5%
Wilson 69% 88% 84.0%
Wilkerson 80% 81% 82.5%
DeVito 77% 65% 60.9%
Scott 0% 32% 57.7%
Coples 64% 69% 53.2%
Davis 98% 61% 33.0%
Thomas 79% 48% 30.1%
Pouha 34% 9% 30.0%
McIntyre 13% 13% 29.1%
Ellis 0% 15% 26.9%
Lankster 13% 26% 23.9%
Maybin 8% 25% 21.2%
Trufant 48% 37% 20.7%
Revis 0% 0% 16.6%
Smith 0% 9% 12.1%
Dixon 0% 0% 10.1%
Mauga 0% 4% 8.8%
Muir 25% 16% 7.7%
Allen 0% 8% 4.3%
Harrison 0% 6% 3.0%
Bush 3% 5% 2.5%
Bellore 0% 2% 0.9%
McKnight 0% 0% 0.4%
Dowtin 3% 1% 0.4%

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