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Playing Time: Jets vs Dolphins

Things are clearly changing with some of the snaps this week. On offense the Jets are clearly platooning Matt Slauson and Vlad Ducasse. Ducasse saw his snap percent increase to 20% this week, which was more from being out there for successful series than anything else. I find it a bit strange since Rex has always focused on continuity on the line being a big factor and he is eliminating that continuity within games. Stephen Hill did see his snap couts go down, though he did come out late in the game due to a hamstring so that may have hurt his playing time a bit. He only participated in 37% of the snaps with Schilens, who looked to be totally out of the rotation last week, making up for Hill's lost snaps. The Jets need to play Bilal Powell more based on production. With Greene healthy Powells percentage was reduced to 44%, down from the 55% the week before. Joe McKnight saw 3 snaps this week and is in the doghouse on offense. With no production coming out of the return game I wonder if his roster spot is secure for the whole season. Jason Smith saw his first extensive action of the year with 40% playing time. To me the whole voiding of his contract is a non story, but he is now over 30% on the season.

Speaking of doghouse, the surprise on defense has been how far Quinton Coples stock has fallen. His playtime went from 51% in week 1 to 24% in week 2 to only 18% in week 3. those are Gholston numbers. There is more to this than I think the Jets are letting on right now. Kenrick Ellis' playing time continues to slide, which is disappointing since he did show some promise in the preseason. As of now the talk of him taking over the job was premature. Despite the excellent performance last week Garret McIntyre's playtime was reduced to 65% of the snaps whie Josh Maugas rose to 24% from 9%. Im guessing it was a scheme thing. Sione Pouha was also not used sparingly compared to last week. Eric smith saw more playing time in the secondary with the Jets using some three safety formations on the field.

Here are the percent of downs played by our offense and defense in week 3, plus the cumulative percent of snaps on the year.:


Name Percent Snaps Cumulative Snaps
Howard 100% 99.7%
Ferguson 100% 99.7%
Moore 100% 99.7%
Mangold 100% 99.7%
Sanchez 96% 93.2%
Slauson 80% 87.2%
Holmes 72% 73.7%
Greene 61% 58.1%
Reuland 57% 45.7%
Cumberland 49% 53.3%
Schilens 49% 36.5%
Powell 44% 41.2%
Smith 40% 33.5%
Hill 37% 50.5%
Kerley 37% 36.9%
Epps 28% 13.9%
Ducasse 20% 12.5%
Tebow 15% 12.1%
Gates 12% 8.2%
McKnight 4% 3.2%
Conner 0% 22.3%
Keller 0% 14.1%


Name Percent Snaps Cumulative Snaps
Harris 100% 100.0%
Bell 100% 100.0%
Pace 98% 95.7%
Cromartie 94% 94.9%
Landry 88% 95.3%
Wilkerson 83% 82.0%
Scott 76% 81.7%
McIntyre 65% 57.4%
DeVito 63% 55.6%
Wilson 58% 77.0%
Pouha 57% 48.1%
Revis 52% 43.8%
Dixon 27% 26.8%
Smith 27% 13.7%
Ellis 25% 33.9%
Mauga 24% 17.0%
Lankster 24% 23.0%
Maybin 20% 21.6%
Coples 18% 29.8%
Davis 2% 2.8%
Trufant 0% 4.2%
Thomas 0% 4.2%

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