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Playing Time: Jets vs Bills

I thought some people might be interested in the Jets player participation for the Bills game. I was a bit surprised at how low the sap counts were for the receivers, but you had a few Tebow plays as well as the heavy runs late in the game that likely affected that. Tebow did get his 15% as the Jets mentioned. Offensively I think this is the guys we will mainly see, with the exception of McKnight who I doubt sees much time in most games and Turner who we will see more of once healthy. On defense there is a bit more switching around and it will be interesting to see where things go when Pouha is healthy.

Here are the percent of downs played by our offense and defense in week 1:


Name Percent Snaps
Howard 99%
Ferguson 99%
Slauson 99%
Moore 99%
Mangold 99%
Sanchez 88%
Greene 69%
Holmes 65%
Hill 50%
Conner 46%
Cumberland 44%
Schilens 44%
Keller 43%
Reuland 34%
Kerley 32%
Smith 29%
Powell 26%
Tebow 15%
McKnight 4%


Name Percent Snaps
Harris 100%
Bell 100%
Landry 100%
Pace 95%
Cromartie 94%
Wilson 86%
Scott 86%
Wilkerson 84%
Revis 79%
Coples 51%
Ellis 49%
DeVito 41%
McIntyre 25%
Maybin 25%
Dixon 25%
Mauga 16%
Trufant 14%
Lankster 14%
Thomas 14%

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