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NFL Predictions- Week 6

10-4 SU last week and 8-6 ATS. Records are now 48-29 and 42-35 respectively. Here we go…

Steelers (-5.5) over TITANS- Im not sure if Pittsburgh is going to be good this season but Tennessee is awful. Only chance they have is if the short week affects the Steelers more than them. Steelers 34 Titans 20

BUCCANEERS (-3.5) over Chiefs- Maybe the Chiefs will be better without Matt Cassel or maybe they will just continue to play lousy football. The whole team needs a housecleaning. Buccaneers 23 Chiefs 17

RAVENS (-3.5) over Cowboys- Cowboys are in a real funk right now and the way the Ravens defense is playing it will be difficult for them to win this game. Tony Romo may not be the problem, but he is going to get all the blame if they keep losing. Ravens 23 Cowboys 14

Rams (+3.5) over DOLPHINS- Should be a close game between two decent defenses. The Rams being on the road scared me a little, as they have been a bad road team for some time, but at the same time Miami may not like the pressure of thinking they can win. Rams 20 Dolphins 17

FALCONS (-8.5) over Raiders- I can’t see how this game is going to be close unless the week off completely changed who the Raiders are. Should be a huge win for the Falcons. Falcons 41 Raiders 13

Lions (+5.5) over EAGLES- Mike Vick is in danger of losing his job next season if he can’t stop with all the turnovers. Hes in a bad funk. Detroit is about to see its season fall apart if they lose again. With the Eagles offense struggling they should win outright. Lions 24 Eagles 20

Bengals (-2.5) over BROWNS- Neither team plays much defense but the Browns don’t have the offense to take advantage of it the way the Bengals will this week. Bengals 28 Browns 23

Colts (+3.5) over JETS- Difficult game because both teams have played some teams that skew the early numbers. It would be unlikely that the Jets win easy as this looks to be a close game. Jets need the defense to play well to win otherwise they will lose by a touchdown. Ill take the points but hope the Jets pull it out. Jets 24 Colts 23

CARDINALS (-5.5) over Bills- If Arizona cant score against the Bills than they have to start looking at a new QB. Bills already look to have quit on the season with the GM being stuck to defend his horrible offseason moves and spending. Cardinals 31 Bills 16

SEAHAWKS (+3.5) over Patriots- No the Patriots will win this game, but I think the Seahawks will hold it close due to their defense and maybe come out with the late cover. Doubt New England will be in any real danger at any point in time. Patriots 20 Seahawks 17

49’ERS (-5.5) over Giants- San Francisco is just blowing the doors off teams right now and their defense is not going to let the Giants just come out and throw all over them. Will be a tough physical game, but 49’ers will pull ahead late. 49’ers 27 Giants 16

Vikings (+2.5) over REDSKINS- I don’t see how Washington is favored this week. They are giving up close to 30 PPG while the Vikings give up less than 16. The Redskins offense is better and Minnesota relies on special teams, but I cant see the spread here. Vikings outright. Vikings 26 Redskins 20

TEXANS (-5.5) over Packers- Green Bay plays better than their record, though its only a matter of time before they start playing down to the record. Houston may be the most well rounded team in the NFL. Texans 24 Packers 17

Broncos (+2.5) over CHARGERS- Denver laid an egg early last week but San Diego should be a nice breath of fresh air after the early schedule Denver faced. Denver should take control of the West with a win this week. Bronco

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