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NFL Predictions- Week 5

7-8 SU last week, but 9-6 ATS to bring the season records to 38-25 and 34-29 respectively. I’ll use my efficiency numbers to predict from here on out…

Cardinals (-1.5) over RAMS- Arizona is very lucky to be undefeated but thus far they have been far superior to the Rams, who are an improved but still learning team. Cardinals 21 Rams 13

Ravens (-4.5) over CHIEFS- This has the makings of gigantic blowout. Kansas City just can’t get out of their own way and they need to make the switch at QB. Only chance they have is if the Ravens get wrapped up in the crowd noise to start the game. Ravens 40 Chiefs 17

Eagles (+3.5) over STEELERS- Numbers say this should be very close so we will take the points. Steelers are more well rested and the Eagles just came off a big game, but its not as if Pittsburgh has been dominant to start the year either. Steelers 20 Eagles 19

Packers (-7.5) over COLTS- Green Bay has been treading water these last few weeks but they should be too much for the young Colt team to handle, though a backdoor cover is always a possibility. Packers 30 Colts 21

Dolphins (+4.5) over BENGALS- Another game that looks to be close. Miami has been playing far better than the record indicates while the Bengals are much more explosive than originally thought. Miamis defense is going to be a load for the Bengals to handle. Miami with an upset. Dolphins 27 Bengals 24

GIANTS (-10.5) over Browns- The line is a little bit high, but I cant see how theBrowns can keep up with the explosive plays the Giants can have on offense. After a crushing loss last weekend I believe the Giants pass rush will also dominate this week. Giants 31 Browns 13

Falcons (-3.5) over REDSKINS- The Redskin defense is so bad that the only chance they have here is if the Falcons decide they do not want to play outdoors. Falcons romp. Falcons 41 Redskins 19

Bears (-4.5) over JAGUARS- While it would be just like the Bears to lose to a team like this, the Jaguars are so bad that it is hard to see the Bears not running away with this. Bears 27 Jaguars 16

Seahawks (+3.5) over PANTHERS- I have no idea why the Panthers are favored in this game. Yes they played Atlanta tough, but right now they are a bad football team with a sulking QB. Not a great combo. Seahawks 20 Panthers 14

49’ERS (-9.5) over Bills- Yeah all that money in Mario Williams is looking to be a brilliant move. 49’ers take advantage of another bad AFC East opponent. 49’ers 37 Bills 17

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Titans- Maybe the Vikings are actually a decent team in 2012. The Titans don’t look like one right now, though they cant do anything but improve due to the QB injury. Vikings 34 Titans 16

Broncos (+7.5) over PATRIOTS- Perhaps one of the final Manning vs Brady games. Broncos are far better than people are giving them credit for being. Broncos win the game. Broncos 28 Patriots 24

Chargers (+3.5) over SAINTS- This could be one of the least watched Sunday night games of the season. Saints are terrible and the Chargers are not exactly exciting. Chargers 26 Saints 20

Texans (-7.5) over JETS- Talk about a stinker. This may be Sanchez’ last stand and maybe Rex Ryan’s as well. The “lost” word is being used to describe Ryan and the team and if they don’t respond to him this week and just get blown away the owner may force the change. Texan RSS Subscription Twitter

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